11.10.30 1N2D Ep 227 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*13 clips + HD link of Ep 227*


SeungGi’s ‘all-kill’ on music charts

the master of promotion without a CD player

heodang’s words of wisdom

No potato knife? I have one at my house!

SeungGi cries… for a new ‘Aren’t We Friends’ MV? 😆

But why didn’t they air the real MV at the end of 1n2d today?!

SeungGi reacting to KJM’s food

SeungGi’s daebak rice

flying tears

eating chicken

stars’ talk

credit: dclsg


Ep 227

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11 Responses to 11.10.30 1N2D Ep 227 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Super happy says:

    love the episode today……

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Thanks so so much, Tryp! You are just amazing!

    Love SG’s throaty, totally innocent laughter after he said potato peeler (?) I have one at home! Also his pure joy and pride feeding others the rice he made – so earnest and kind. Dying to know what they were talking about in the final clip but the image speaks for itself: the guys are so close and comfortable with one another.

    • toy says:

      Are they talking about the computer game Starcraft?! It’s nice to know he has a pastime like regular guys

  3. sam says:

    don’t you love how much the show promotes his songs? and i sooo wish i could taste that rice he shed so many tears for! haha.

  4. leyzlie says:

    i love every single clip! LOL with the opening, the tone at the end of his lines are the same..I Want to know the recipe with his daebak rice so I can cook it at home.. hihi The feeling of eating that chicken.. *sigh..
    thanks tryp for the vid clips.. smi,ling all throughout.. =)

  5. ilove1n2d says:

    thanx Tryp.. I only manage to watch the first 30mins before I change channel to watch 3 final epsds of Oprah Winfrey Show final season. But, during the ad, I manage to watch the preview for next week; the preview for next week look so tense.i wish I can understand.
    – I love how LSuG informed on LSG new album/song & EJW announce on the all-chart kill. Love how their brotherhood support.
    – Love how UTW attempt on be friend with the dog.he must really miss his Baektong.(I owez wish one of the member will give him new dog, although am sure that new dog can’t replace his lovely Baektong)
    -LSG cooking…. everyone expression tell everything…
    Can’t wait for the subs episode.
    While watching Oprah final episodes am thinking on 1n2d final epsd next year.both programs have a similarities. Both programs make people feel close to each other and love by their viewer. Hopefully for 1n2d final episode, they make it big..do it in the stadium, invite all the previous member (the team must work hard to let KBS approve them to let MC Mong be there for one final episode & the members also work hard to get KHD to be there only for a few hour)….the stage is just for them. Am sure, even if the production crew to make it the payable event where everyone need to buy a ticket, the ticket will be sold out…..kekeke…am thinking too much

  6. sam says:

    ok im sorry im commenting again but may i please just say how much i love seeing seung gi in simple plain tshirts? and i hope he wins a lot this time around. anybody knows whats the theme of this episode? and were they eating half cooked chicken??? because that does not look cooked to me. wouldn’t they get salmonella or something?…

  7. torrtis says:

    While watching this today I missed sang geun when they had a closed up shot of a lazing indifferent dog. Wonder how’s he doing?

  8. ann says:

    i was watching running man after i watched 1n2d today and was pleasantly surprised that they played Seunggi’s song during Monday couple’s morning mission ” Shall we date?” SBS giving some love to Seunggi 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I was caught by surprise too!!! Its great to know that love for uri Seung Gi knows no broadcasting boundaries… 🙂

      • mmeshahsg says:

        Most of his songs in this album are good for his next year’s drama (if he is back into acting next year). Hope he can get a chance to tell us a cute and loving story as in the lyrics of these new songs through his next drama… that’s a killer! (Hmmm….How I wish…. kekekeee)….

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