SeungGi’s Spell, Part 12

Someone tweeted: “already appreciating SeungGi’s goodness” 😆

source: twitter

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7 Responses to SeungGi’s Spell, Part 12

  1. Vara says:

    Hahaha! Even children addicted to Lee Seung Gi too!! So cute ^^

  2. ♥ nicoleko66 says:

    hahaha! this remind me of my 9mth twins niece and nephew playing with my iphone that has a seunggi’s casing. my niece seem to love it more. she will always touch seunggi’s face. lols!
    n the nephew, he is mean! he will throw my phone on the floor. he just love to see things falling down from high-level. !$!%@^@^$@&#

  3. love0488 says:

    woaahhhh hahhaha they’re so cute,,,,

  4. animnida says:

    when i grow up i wanna be Seung gi samchon Seung gi samchon….he he he he…
    that’s what they are thinking….

  5. Wonny says:

    Hah, liking seung gi is fine but thy shouldnt let the babies watch the tv from so upclose…

  6. Gen Wong says:

    I’m used to seeing little fangirls…but I think little fanboys are way cuter! 🙂 grow up to be like Seunggi kids!

  7. To be perfectly honest, I think babies being babies, they would not JUST be looking at Lee Seung Gi because there are other people in the same frame as Lee Seung Gi, coupled with the fact that there is no possible way for them to comprehend, at their age, who or what kind of person Lee Seung Gi is. 😉

    But give them a few years and constantly feed them with anything and everything Lee Seung Gi, then perhaps we can re-visit the idea that Lee Seung Gi has in fact fans among toddlers as well.

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