SeungGi’s sexy wave dance

I think this is from the concert DVD: 😛

credit: nicoleko66, weibo

[BTW, has anyone ordered the Japan version from YesAsia? I keep getting emails from them about delays in my order. What’s going on?!]

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24 Responses to SeungGi’s sexy wave dance

  1. SLTeh says:

    Hi Tryp, I received my order 2 days ago. I have watched it yesterday but do not have this scene…
    (I’m from Klang, Malaysia).

  2. chicty says:

    Ahaha he was practicing the dance for “losing my mind”. Tryp, you better order from amazon japan, they’re so fast in shipping 🙂

    • cat-L says:

      yes, i regretted ordering from YesAsia. Was contemplating to buy from Jap Amazon, but they are in Japanese & i not ‘comfortable’ with the translation. So in order not to order the wrong thing, I chose YesAsia.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, Will Amazon Japan ships things to North American? How much they charge for that? Thanks in advance. By the way, if you have any questions regarding yesasia’s service, maybe you can go to Chinese Weibo to ask them.

  3. ann says:

    i see so its from losing my mind, i used to watched fan cams of that performance why is it I didnt notice this wave? hmm i may have missed something 😦

  4. airen09 says:

    really funny…still cute…but I think if someone else did that it would be annoying…it fits to SeungGi …he’s so cute(:

  5. cat-L says:

    Hi Tryp, I ordered from YesAsia also. Received an email to say will ship out on 16 Nov!!! i am from Singapore. YesAsia stil waiting for the DVD to arrive their warehouse.

  6. seunggicharm says:

    this is really daebak!hahaha..Seeing him dance that way makes me melt like chocolate!waaaahh…*sigh* more sexy dance!hahahaha

  7. gloss says:

    ooooh wow wheeee! i’m smiling myself silly watching this. and as sexy as it is, there’ll always be cuteness too.. hehehe. aghhh come to singapore alreadyyy.

  8. Anonymous says:

    another place for buying online stuff from japan is cdjapan.its in english and so far from my previous experiences,it has a good services and,the cd/mags posted in a box.they also very fast in answering the email and even can have a live chat via twitter, here the link for the concert dvd,
    for the 1st week,the dvd concert sales according to oricon is placed at 8 with 2,315 copies

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