#1 Selling Korean Album in Japan – ‘Tonight’

This is the weekly sales chart (10/22 – 10/28) from MusicKorea in Japan.

A dclsg fan found out about this from a news article on another group (the one ranked 2nd on the chart). Now, if they could do a press release to brag about “placing 2nd following Lee Seung Gi who overtook SNSD,” why couldn’t Hook do a press release to share the good news as well?

Don’t they think the fans would like to know about it and be proud of it?

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9 Responses to #1 Selling Korean Album in Japan – ‘Tonight’

  1. Anonymous says:

    i guess hook want to be “low key” to the max.

    • Michelle says:

      Such a strange company LOL. I cannot imagine how bigger SeungGi would become if he’s under JYP *_*. But he seems to respect and love his Hook ent alot. What a loyal guy!

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess they will not do that because this is just for one site ranking, doesn’t mean that SJ has a better selling than SNSD in Japan. SG has the good image of be honest, maybe this kind of news might bring his image down.

      • none says:

        dude, give it a rest, honestly. LSG is quite accomplished as a solo singer…maybe his MC, variety and awesome acting kinda tends to overshadow that success. Hook has a tonne to brag

  2. SilentTouch says:

    I was thought about is it possible this company faced internal problems or lack of manpower so they cut the number of people work for Seung Gi to prepare his 5th album? They seems like always working all stuffs without a well preparation.

  3. So happy for Lee Seung Gi!!! And I too wonder why Hook Ent has not broadcasted it for the fans’ benefit.

  4. ara says:

    So many good news, can’t stop smiling today! 🙂 🙂

  5. torrtis says:

    And sales counts towards Hanteo. Maybe he should do a year of promotions in Japan before enlisting. That might be better for his return subsequently.

  6. Dimples says:

    Just AWESOME!
    Thanks a lot, Tryp. 🙂

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