11.11.04 Music Bank K-Chart – Lee Seung Gi

Aren’t We Friends

Time for Love

SeungGi is fighting a really tough battle here, but I’m so proud of him for doing so well despite the lack of promotion due to his crazy schedule!!!

credit: dclsg

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26 Responses to 11.11.04 Music Bank K-Chart – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Dia Haksaeng says:

    so amazing..even without promotion he can get it…so proud of him.

  2. angelin liu says:

    I’m so proud of him..keep FIGHTING Seung Gi oppa! I always support you.. ♥\(´▽`)/♥

  3. Yon says:

    Actually SGi has won already..
    He is 1 person whereas SNSD is a group with 9 members.

  4. I just saw the Music Bank episode featuring the battle between Lee Seung Gi’s Time for Love and Girls’ Generation’s The Boys. Lee Seung Gi garnered 9356 votes, while SNSD obtained 15349 – a difference of 5993 points. Considering Lee Seung Gi has not yet appeared on Music Bank, it is impressive that firstly his song ‘Time For Love’ got to be in the battle for the Top 2 positions on the Music Bank K-Chart, and secondly, the difference, at least to me, is meagre, especially considering the promotions SNSD has done for ‘The Boys’, including over 15 million hits of their YouTube video of ‘The Boys’.

    So, yet again Lee Seung Gi, with his exceptional collaborators on the album, has attained success in what he does – this time, it is singing.

    However, to be perfectly honest and fair, I believe that WHATEVER Lee Seung Gi does, his loyal fans will be behind him and so I believe his fans have to be credited for the success he has attained as a singer, actor and emcee. But I believe it is a loyalty and respect that Lee Seung Gi has rightfully and deservedly earned through his unchanging and unwavering sincere hard work and exemplary characteristics known the world over. For someone so young, he has achieved so much in such a short time but his achievements were not attained simply through his effort alone and so I would like to express my admiration for Lee Seung Gi’s fans for their undying and fiercely loyal support, encouragement and belief in Lee Seung Gi, to the extent of them buying 100 copies of his album each!! Now, THAT is loyalty! 😉 I am not so loyal to spend so much to show my support for him and considering Lee Seung Gi himself may never get the chance to get to know every single one of the fans who have spent so much of their own money, as well as, time and effort, to show their support for him, I am even more amazed at how selfless his truly loyal fans are. Such AMAZING fans he has!! 😉

    • sarah says:

      I love your comnent! Very well said..and we have the same thought! Fighting SeungGi yah and all Amazing Airens all over the world..^^

      • Hello there, again, Sarah! Thank you once again for your kind appreciation of my humble comment. You are such a dear! 😉

        And I am totally with you with your cheer – Seung Gi fighting!!! Seung Gi’s fans fighting!!

    • Yon says:

      Hi Kay

      I don’t think I can buy so many as well. If we save the concert trip $, we can afford to do that. It’s a decision we have to make.. Concert or mass purchase of album. As long as we did our best, SGi will understand. ^_^

      • Hello there, Yon, fellow Singaporean fan of Lee Seung Gi!! 😉

        I can’t agree with you more on your comment that considering Lee Seung Gi was against the SNSD group of 9 members, then Lee Seung Gi HAS won! 😉

        And I totally agree with you that Lee Seung Gi being the humble and down-to-earth person that he is, I too believe that he appreciates ALL his fans’ support, regardless of how much time, money and effort we could spare to show our support. 😉

  5. Btw, tryp96, I have been wanting to ask this question but only now remember to ask it.

    Do you know how many Lee Seung Gi’s Korean fans, Airens and others, there are? In this blog, you have listed the number of Airens worldwide but I wonder how many Airens there are in South Korea. Please accept my thanks in advance for your answer. 😉

    Or if anyone else who knows the answer and helps me to answer this question, please accept my thanks in advance as well. 😉

    • tryp96 says:

      I actually have no idea how many Airens there are worldwide. Which number are you referring to?

      As for the number of Korean fans, it’s not clear either. There are several active fan groups, including the daum cafe, DC LSG gallery, SeungSunLove cafe, emo cafe, SBS LSG gallery, and etc. The largest one would be the daum cafe, with over 137,000 members. But groups like the DC LSG gallery don’t require registration, so the number is unknown.

      • Wow, thanks so much tryp96 for the super-swift reply! You are truly awesome! 😉

        Another WOW!! This time its for the number you gave for the daum cafe members of about 137,000 members!! And I can only imagine the number of fans in DC LSG as it doesn’t require registration. 😉

      • Ooops, sorry, tryp96!! I forgot to answer your question about the number of Airens worldwide. I am referring to the Flag Counter of ‘Airen World’ on the right side of your blog here, which I assume lists the number of Airens worldwide. 😉

      • Oh, WOW!!! Then, tryp96, it is like the number of fans that you have!! 😉

        Because I am sure there are literally millions of blogs in the Internet on Lee Seung Gi and for so many to visit your blog, it is nothing short of AMAZING!!! WOW!!! 😉

        You have proven that we don’t need to sell albums or act in dramas/films to have so many fans because you have won fans, like myself, through your tireless, undying and fearless support and dedication of, and affection for, Lee Seung Gi, by posting everything and anything on Lee Seung Gi so swiftly and so consistently for our info and reading pleasure. Now THAT is loyalty and LOVE of the highest degree!! My sincerest appreciation, tryp96, for your remarkable effort!! You are simply AWESOME!! 😉

  6. jn91 says:

    Congratulation, Seung Gi oppa~!! Agree with Yon, Seung Gi is already won~! Lee Seung Gi 5th album Daebak! Seung Gi fighting~!! 😛

  7. revolu says:

    This actually makes me a little sad. Why? Cause its clear that Seung Gi promoted this song in the first place, Seung Gi could have actually stood a chance against SNSD. But no of course hook released a different song other then the title song and neither song will probably do well on the charts. Its a poor PR choice in my eyes. Not to mention they decide to go music programs 3 weeks AFTER they release the song and album. Just poor poor PR decisions…..

    • Revolu 😉

      I feel your affection for and concern for our dear Lee Seung Gi and I think you are so kind and considerate to think about what should have been done to help and support Lee Seung Gi in his career. 😉

      However, as an eternal optimist, allow me to share my thoughts on this matter. As in many things in life, hindsight is 20/20. In other words, if we could have an insight into what the future will be should a particular course of action be taken, we would all be perfect and life would be perfect. But then we are blessed with that ability, and thus we have to make do with what we have and can do. 😉

      And I believe that keeping a positive mind always helps and as such I am posiive that regardless of how late the promotions are for Lee Seung Gi’s latest album, ‘Tonight’, it will not put a damper on showcasing Lee Seung Gi’s immense talent at all. In fact, it may be even better that Lee Seung Gi gets to actively promote his new album AFTER the feverish and rush of promotions by SNSD, Kim Hyun Joong, Tablo, among others, all at almost the same time.

      Anyhow, seeing as how Lee Seung Gi has perhaps a gazillion fans (I mean that in the most positive way), I believe they will be ‘the wind beneath his wings’ and allow him to soar high into the sky with his successful new album! Lee Seung Gi FIGHTING!! 😉

  8. ilove1n2d says:

    Although I wanted to watch LSG to win this week, but am need to be realistic.
    – his album just out on 27/10
    -next week is his comeback stage, so am just wait for next week. Who knows maybe he will set a record.hehehe

  9. ara says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. SLTeh says:

    Seunggi-ya, fighting!!!
    Airens & Fans fighting!!!

  11. nsaliza says:

    Lee Seung Gi & all Airen around the world… hwaiting!!!..^^

  12. Tonks Perez says:

    Congrats…this simply shows how much Airens work hard….sooo much love for uri SeungGi which is well deserved….Can`t wait to see his comeback stage!!!Seunggiyah!!Fighting!!!Airens keep it up!!!

  13. lee seung gi oppa says:

    Lee seung gi for me is the # 1 forever you dont worry oppa fighting !!!

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