11.11.05 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

This was shared by a dclsg fan as good news, and I have to admit that I was very relieved when I read it. 😛

SeungGi will NOT be in the 1n2d’s follow-up program (whatever that might be).

*Just to clarify, since SeungGi had originally promised to stay with the program until his military enlistment, fans have been worried that KBS might not let him go when 1n2d ends in February, especially with talks about making 1n2d season 2.


Lee Seung Gi is selected as a man who best matches the image of “Heodang Santa Claus” by korea.com


The filming location of the ‘Time for Love’ video teasers!


credit: dimple


Would you like to hear SeungGi sing ‘Time for Love’ live?

Make sure to tune in to 1n2d tomorrow! 😛

According to a spoiler from dimple, there will be a live performance (probably a short one) of ‘Time for Love’ in tomorrow’s episode.


Is SeungGi still roaming around Jeollabuk-do for 1N2D filming?

Someone tweeted at 12:40pm KST that she saw SeungGi filming in the maple tree forest in front of the Munsusa (Temple) in Gochang.


1 Night 2 Days: Episode 358 Recap by dramabeans

Lee Seung Gi captivates his fans on 2011 Asia Song Festival by korea.com

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32 Responses to 11.11.05 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Thank you soooo much, tryp96, for this fantastic info!! I am going to plant myself in front of the TV for the 1N2D episode for sure!! 😉

  2. Yon says:

    Wow! Wonder it’s the PD or the members who asked him to sing?

    Must catch the show tomorrow!

  3. rain says:

    hi tryp! i just wanna ask about the contest that you posted last week.who won the album of seung gi?

  4. leyzlie says:

    ohho.. exciting, definitely will tune in to the show! Now, i can’t get enough of myself imagining what is the set up on the show… lalalala!!

  5. seungjoo says:

    Woww…so exciting !! But how about the narr part? Is HHJ coming too? *hehe…just kidding*

  6. sarah says:

    Thanks for the info Tryp!! We always watched the raw video then.. For ages(i mean 2 to 3 weeks we can enjoy the eng sub vids..)since kbs world is two episode late.. But it worth the wait..^^ have a nice weekend..! ^^
    Off topic.. I really want to ask.. But its fine if you dont answer it.. ^^Just ignore my question.. Im just curious..is Dimple.. One of the staff?! She’s giving us soo much info.. Its awesome if she is.. Oh just imagining.. Working with SeungGi..ahihi ^^ thanks for her and to you we`re updated..!^^

    • tryp96 says:

      No, she’s a regular fan, who just happens to have time & luck to attend almost all of SeungGi’s events, including Strong Heart recordings, and is well-connected with the other fans (or should I say ‘rumor sources’ :P).

  7. geeze says:

    yehey…..let the guys take a rest and do other respective shows….
    i just wish that there won’t be season 2 of 1n2d if its the same format can they change the title coz am probably sure that the season 2 will be compared to the 1st….
    and i worry that 1n2d season 2 will end up struggling to beat the 1st season….
    but i wish to see them together in another show but when is Hodong returning…..
    ah maybe after Seung go come back from army…then i want to see them altogether in 1 show…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t they(head of the variety department)say there won’t be a season 2 but a brand new program to be replace?

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t think they can make up their mind. Just a couple of days ago, they said the follow-up program could be totally different from 1n2d, or it could be something similar. But many fans will be happy as long as SeungGi is not attached to it.

      • rumbalumba says:

        many fans will be happy as long as Seunggi is not attached to it? you make it sound like the next program is like poison or something that needs to be avoided.

        there’s also the fact that the next program might still include Jiwon, Sugeun, and Jongmin, and maybe even Taewoong. but we know that it wlll still be the staff of 1N2D. so it’s like 1N2D but with a different name and a different concept. so it’s not a really different show. what if the next program might even be less punishing than 1N2D? who knows.

        im not saying Seunggi should do the program, but to say that he should not do it and should avoid it, is also not right. who are we to tell? with 1N2D everyone was ribbing it before saying it was fake, that they were copying Infinity Challenge and those times the ratings were not even double digits. yet when you look at it now, everyone knows 1N2D.

        variety shows do make a difference in someone’s career. i strongly believe that Seunggi couldn’t have gotten that Shining Inheritance role if not for 1N2D. they were banking on his 1n2d popularity. not to say that Seunggi did not deserve it, but we know that his popularity from 1n2d didnt give him any help because that’s just baloney. and his visibility and image on 1N2D let him make all these lucrative CF deals. so in retrospect, Seunggi actually needed 1N2D more than 1N2D needed him. it was his vehicle into the drama and CF world. heck, he even promoted his songs in 1N2D. just look at Kim C. his song ‘Confession’ reached the Modern Rock Charts #1 and he is from an indie band,.whatever Seunggi does, more luck to him.

        anyways, just my 2 cents.

        • tryp96 says:

          I was merely relaying the sentiments expressed by the dclsg fans through their comments, which I also happen to agree with.

          No one is saying SeungGi shouldn’t do it or he should avoid it; his real fans will support him no matter what he does, as long as it’s of his own volition. I don’t know where that fan heard the rumor that SeungGi would not be in the next program, but if it’s true, that would possibly mean SeungGi himself had decided not to be in it, and KBS agreed and was letting him go. So that makes many fans (myself included) very happy.

          And no one is saying that the next program is like poison that SeungGi should avoid. I’m sure that the program has the potential to be very successful, and I wish it the best of luck. It will be too bad that SeungGi won’t be in the program to reap more benefits from it, but if SeungGi has decided himself not to be there, it’s a loss we can live with as his fans.

          As his fans, who are we to say what he should or should not do? SeungGi is a smart guy, he knows himself well, and he knows what he needs to do or should do. We as fans can only trust him and support him in whatever decisions he makes. But of course, not everyone is the same, neither is every fan. Some people are fans of SeungGi only because of his music, some people are fans of SeungGi only because of his dramas, and some people are fans of SeungGi only because of his variety shows (mostly 1N2D) . But there are also people who are fans of SeungGi because of him, the whole person. So of course different fans can have clashing opinions over what they consider is the best for SeungGi’s career, and that’s just a fact of life. But again, as fans with different interests in mind, who are we to decide what would be the best for SeungGi?

          Yes, I’m sure everyone knows how much SeungGi has benefited from 1N2D, but does everyone appreciate how many sacrifices SeungGi has made for 1N2D? And judging by how desperately KBS tried to grab onto SeungGi when SeungGi expressed his wish to leave the show, I would say KBS knows how much 1N2D has benefited from SeungGi as well.

          Just my 2 cents.

          • littleairen says:

            But there are also people who are fans of SeungGi because of him, the whole person. — i am this fan. ❤

  9. ummm says:

    Do you know how dc fan has heard about seunggi’s 1N2D follow up program rumor? just curious

  10. AnnMichelle says:

    When things can (and do) change so much and so quickly in the ent world, why should Seung Gi be bound to an outdated career plan? Seung Gi has given himself wholeheartedly to 1N2D. When the time comes to say goodbye, he totally deserves the blessings and well wishes from everyone.

  11. anonymous says:

    Just my 2 cents —

    @rumbalumba. did i miss something? WHO (a sane person) ever said that Seunggi does not benefit from 1n2d? ANy non-stupid person knows that 1n2d is the most popular variety show in korea and that of course, variety shows, dramas, anything that has high ratings will benefit a someone’s career, especially in korea. best case in point – uhm taewoong. there is NOT a single seunggi fan who doesn’t get that 1n2d has been a good thing. but to frame things simply and one-dimensionally, and not get there are pros and cons, disadvantages and advantages to anything, situation, choices, projects, etc. makes no sense.

    and really, seunggi needed 1n2d more, more than 1n2d needed him? Girl, times change. get with the program. it would be one thing, if Seunggi was ungrateful for the opportunities 1n2d afforded him. actually a lot of k-stars have left certain shows, management companies, act different… after they get popular. seunggi is not perfect by any means, but because he has remained thankful for these things, people love him more. there are some members that may need 1n2d more, but seunggi definitely hadother options and everyone knows very well that he’s shown commitment.

    • fangirl says:

      Hi Tryp. Ablove, that’s me, fangirl. xoxo 🙂

    • rumbalumba says:

      i just don’t get the “fans are worried that KBS might not let him go” part. even if he were bounded by a contract, his contract is only good for 1N2D. that means that KBS can’t use the contract to hold off Seunggi at all. if he were to quit, KBS won’t be able to do a thing. in fact, he already quit but the backlash was so big so he decided to not quit. heck, even Hodong quit. at the end of the day, it’s Seunggi’s decision so whatever it is that he wants to do, KBS can do nothing about it. even if they don’t want to let him go (of course, they don’t), what can KBS do? they can’t sue him or force him to stay because they don’t have anything to use against him. even if Seunggi said he promised to stay until his military enlistment, the new program won’t be 1N2D and it’s not like KBS can use those as a verbal contract.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hi rumbalumba,
        Did you really not know or you just try to get a rise out of SG’s fans? What KBS can do to hold on to Seung Gi? Gosh, use your common sense. Think hard about what a powerful TV station can do to an entertainer’s career. Hate to break it to you but not everything is above board.
        And, why don’t you just let go of the 1N2D Seung Gi? You have said many times that Seung Gi is not funny, or not as funny as other members in 1N2D. A more constructive thing for you to do might be to join 1N2D fan sites to discuss the future plans of the show.

      • tryp96 says:

        To rumbalumba, I just have one question for you to ponder. Who do you think it was that started the rumors that led to all the backlash SeungGi suffered in the beginning of this year?

      • Ay says:

        I read somewhere some time ago that Seung Gi was banned from MBC until earlier this year because he could not participate in an MBC program due to his commitments with KBS. So what could a powerful TV station can do? A LOT.
        Fans are glad that Seung gi is not involved in 1N2D anymore because that would mean he can free up his schedule to pursue new horizons, which is vital to entertainers. That’s the reason KimC gave when he left the show. While the filming takes place only on a weekend, there is proably work to do before and after the filming, not to mention the drain in the body and mind as a result of the filming.
        As fans, all we need to do is to support Seung gi WHOLEHEARTEDLY in all his pursuits.
        Just my 2 cents.

        Ps. Oh, and my friend got me the CD direct from Korea. Although i did not win the tickets to the concert, it was enough to keep me ecstatic!

  12. kimchi says:

    As a fan, whatever Seung Gi does – I will support him all the way. But out of curiosity, (I think what rumbalumba meant was) why would other fans be happy if he won’t be in 1N2D season 2 anymore? I’m not taking sides here, I’m also confused why other fans are worried about that. ^_^

    • AnnMichelle says:

      My understanding is that there were discussions between Hook and KBS about his leaving 1N2D in the beginning of the year. And when that news was leaked, the backlash, or mob lynching, started. Eventually SG had to make a declaration to placate those ‘fans.’

      I feel that irregardless of fans’ personal opinions, SG’s management company felt it’s time for him to free up his schedule and move on to other things. Judging by the hectic way his 5th album has been promoted (or not promoted) as one example (of many), I personally agree with that position.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Kimchi:
      First, the 1N2D is not the same show anymore, if KIM C, MC Mong and HD are still in the team, I won’t want SG to leave. But now, it is very complicated situation and they already decided to end this show in Feb, there is no point that SG should stay for the season 2 or another show.
      Second, the 1N2D hurts MCs too much, you can see how they get aging so fast in the pass few years, popularity or CF chances are not the goal of life, to keep healthy and happy is, so why should SG keep doing it?
      Third, SG has said 1N2D brings him a lot of chances and yet because of 1N2D, he loses a lot of chances as well. If he is not in 1N2D, who knows what will happen in his career? Maybe better or maybe worse. Nobody knows. So we don’t need to calculate how much he gains from 1N2D or how much he will lose if leaving it. I personally think he should be an actor more than a MC, maybe he or Hook thinks the same way, so they decide not to go to the next show after 1N2D, I personally feel happy because it means he will have more dramas or even movies in the future. I get knowing him from drama, so I am really happy he can spend more time on it.
      Finally, it is their decision, most likely it is the right one, so why not feel happy for it?

    • kimchi says:

      ah I see…I personally love 1n2d but if that would be the case then its really understandable why fans want him out. As I’ve said whatever Seung Gi does – I will support him all the way. Of course I also want the best for him too.

  13. torrtis says:

    I love 1n2d, but for LSG I’m more interested in him developing as a singer/musician, while he seems more interested in developing as an actor.

    Kim C was given blessings when he left. For running man Song Joong Ki had no problem leaving to spend more time on his acting. But when LSG and KHD wanted to leave 1n2d, hell broke lose. High ratings is a double edged sword, with a lot of lucrative benefits for KBS involved. So of course fans would be happy when he gets off this sharp knife edge. So I really see no issue in fans feeling relieved his involvement will end in February without any malice towards the replacement show.

  14. Cat-L says:

    I am Seung Gi’s fan, so I will support him in all his decisions. Whether he wants to concentrate on acting, singing or MC, I will support but I just want him not to overwork. Have work but must have fun n health. He is a human, he needs space n personal life. Whether he gain from 1N2D or vice versa, not important, obviously it is a Win-Win position or not d relationship won’t last so long. I only SG to be happy so let him decide n no pressure to him. I feel like his mother, I happy to have such a son though!

  15. Yon says:

    For me, I will always respect SGi’s decision. If he decides to do the programme replacing 1N2D, I will support him & the programme.

    If there is no SGi in those programme(even if it’s 1N2D season 2, I doubt I will watch every episode.. I may just watch as & when I’m free or remember to watch. No disrespect to the other members but I’m sure most of the fans here watched it mainly for SGi).

    Having watch SGi during his 1st episode in 1N2D, yes.. SGi has matured & aged quite alot, there are friends who told me he doesn’t look like 24years old. He looks older.. 😦

    We also know that without 1N2D, he may not have such high profile in Korea. But he put his heart & soul in the programme, going for every single recording & even appeared on the day he has an examination! Hasn’t he given back more?

    And in order for a programme to improve or move on, new blood should be injected. Does the same members appearing together again will bring the same rating?

    Filming 1N2D can be a super tiring project for SGi. During the week that if he has SH recording, he may not get enough rest & have to rush to for 1N2D filming the next day. If he has to make a choice, I think he would try to do SH (even though the rating is close to KBS Win Win nowsaday). Whether it is the programme after 1N2D or Strong Heart, I believe they will choose the programme that needed his help the most & not the one that garnish more rating.

    But I can understand why KBS would try very hard to have him on their programme as well. He is every tv station dream ‘worker’, someone who give 200% in whatever he do.

    • woaini says:

      now.. strong heart is famous program… not only korean…but asian.. and world.. seung gi.. said.. i heard from other country… how could.. a one program.. have many star guest..
      #sorry my english is bad T_T

  16. sam says:

    whatever seunggi decides to do, i will support him and wish him the best. I guess more than anyone of us here, he knows best what to do regarding his career and what he really loves doing. I would surely miss 1n2d when it ends but nothing’s ever constant but change.

  17. ann says:

    whatever his decisions will be lets just support it, i know we all want what’s best for him, but what’s best for Seunggi, he should judge that himself. to stay or not to stay on that follow up program, its up to him or Hook, but it seems Hook is always asking SG opinions before they make decisions. lets just support him uncondtionally. as for me if I would have it my way ofcourse ill miss heodang seunggi, i wish he concentrates on his music and do drama this year.

  18. Cheekie says:

    @Ay Yep.. it was in fact because of his commitment & loyalty to 1N2D’s that caused him to be banned from appearing on MBC since he refused to quit 1N2D’s to do an MBC drama. This was definitely a LOST only on MBC’s part since it didn’t really have an negative impact on SG’s career. Of course this was years ago, and only after MBC saw how much benefits the other two stations are reaping from his popularity ratings wise did they lift the ban, enabling him to make a cameo appearance in the MBC drama Best Love.

    @rumbalumba. Seems like you always wanna remind us how much benefits SG and other members got from 1N2D, but you rarely ever mention how the show has earn and maintained its popularity in the first place. You even said it yourself..there was a time when the ratings didn’t even make it pass double digits before being branded as being the nation’s variety show with the highest ratings. How do you think the show got there? There’s no disputing the fact that SG’s fame sky rocketed through 1N2D- but you seem to forget why, do you think he was afforded so much love from just looking cute without making any contributions? From the very first appearance SG made and every episode since then til now, SG has given his heart & soul to 1N2D (even before it was popular), SG has always made the show his priority amongs his other projects and sometimes even above it. Yes..1N2D’s is the program that gave him the opportunity before it all started, but let’s not forget- every single bit of love SG and the other members has received from it has been very well EARNED by their own hard work. In fact, I would say the show’s popularity is very much credited to the amazing “brotherhood” chemistry between the members and creativity of the producers. Or am I wrong? As a fan, for you to to say SG needed 1N2D’s more than they needed him and split hairs between who reaped more benefits from it is just silly. There’s an ending to every party, should there come a time when any member wanna branch out, I think they should be able to freely explore this option without the burden of having to consider how much the show has given them and worry about the aftermath backlash of it….because it’s clear everyone involved, the members and the production both benefited from it equally and rightfully so- just in different ways.

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