11.11.17 @2011LeeSeungGi Update


Tweet #4 @ 3:52pm KST on Nov. 17

‘2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert’ SPOT has been revealed! Unfortunately! There are still a lot of people who don’t know about the concert, so to let them know the news, RT endlessly! Got it? ^^ ‘2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert SPOT’


‘2011 이승기 희망콘서트’ SPOT이 공개 되었습니다! 안타깝게! 아직도 콘서트 소식을 모르고 계시는 많은 분들이 소식 알 수 있게,무한알티! 아시죠?^^’2011 Lee Seung Gi 희망콘서트 SPOT’


Tweet #5 @ 11pm PST on Nov. 17

[2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert D-23] November 14… So what happened at Eulwangri Beach?….!+_+ It will be revealed in 60 minutes!!^^ http://pic.twitter.com/J75r5ZpX

[2011 이승기 희망콘서트 D-23] 11월14일.. 을왕리 바닷가에선 과연 무슨 일이?….!+_+ 60분 후에 공개됩니다!!^^ http://pic.twitter.com/J75r5ZpX

source: @2011LeeSeungGi
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to 11.11.17 @2011LeeSeungGi Update

  1. sarah says:

    Thank you Tryp for all the translation..!!^^
    I hope SeungGi will tweet personally at least once..ahaha ^^ but I guess he`s soo busy with all these concert preparations..

    2011 Hope Concert Fighting! ^^
    Dear Tryp,maybe you will have info if the tickets are already sold out..that would be awesome to know..^^ just like on his FM in japan..Or its selling the best..?^^ thanks thanks!^^

    • tryp96 says:

      No, unfortunately, like it was mentioned in one of the tweets, not a lot of people know about the concert. And everyone wants a VIP seat. So there are still a lot of the cheaper seats left.

      • sarah says:

        Thanks Tryp for replying!^^ sigh..thats a bit sad to know.. But there is still 3weeks or more days before the concert..sooo we just need to crossed our fingers that all the tickets will be sold out.. ^^
        I understand that everyone wants to be in the VIP seats..haha^^ it is first come first served right..?! Ah,but in the end if they are late,they would buy the cheaper seats..and just enjoy SeungGi’s performance..even in faraway seats..^^
        Take care Tryp!thanks again!^^

  2. N says:

    woahhhh….piano on a beach…hotness….that should be in a music video or something…

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