11.11.23 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Someone tweeted this at 12:43am:

Right now, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Geun are at the Kkanbu Chicken restaurant in Samsung-dong. Mom is bragging that she saw them. ㅋㅋㄲ

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Lee Seung Gi frankly confesses how many girlfriends he has had by korea.com

Lee Seung Gi’s music was criticized by senior artists for ‘lacking depth’ by allkpop

Lee Seunggi’s recent photoshoot for Pizza Hut revealed by koreaboo

Lee Seung Gi appears in Myeongdong and the crowd goes absolutely wild!!! by kpopfever

Lee Seung Gi bitterly, “The song I wrote was criticized for lacking depth” by kpopfever


11.11.22 Nielsen ratings: #8 Strong Heart 11.0 (Seoul 12.9)

11.11.22 TNS ratings: #9 Strong Heart 11.1 (Seoul 13.6)

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7 Responses to 11.11.23 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Thanks so much tryp. You know what, I like the current SH better than the previous version. Really have to tip my hat to SG, and all the SH staff. They’ve really transformed the program (I used to think that’s mission impossible) into one that fits Seung Gi’s style and showcases his MC capability. And he’s done it as such a young age. Simply amazing.

  2. I just posted a comment in the ‘11.11.22 Strong Heart Ep 105 – Lee Seung Gi’ post, by attaching the link to the Kpopfever post above on the criticisms Lee Seung Gi received on his effort in writing songs for his 5th album.

    It is heartbreaking to know that he is criticised even though he gave his all for the songs but I am sure being the mature and sensible person that he is, I believe Lee Seung Gi will see the criticisms as learning points for him to grow, develop and improve his talent in his craft and first love – singing.

    As for his honest admission that he is very lonely because he is not in a relationship, once again my heart breaks for him, poor dear. ;(

    But what stood out more for me is when he said the first thing he looks at when he looks at a girl is her face. I think it speaks volumes of the kind of person he is – shy, reserved, innocent, gentle, calm. He does not come across as a man who is obsessed with the female body because he pays attention to a girl’s face and what can we see in a person’s face? Our face can tell so much about ourself – whether we are sincere or fake, true or lying, happy or sad, interested or bored, kind or mean, innocent or devious, etc, etc… There is a saying : The eyes are the windows to the soul and every single twitch and movement in our face speak a thousand words of what may be in our mind and heart.

    And so, I am so relieved to know that Lee Seung Gi is someone who pays more attention to the face rather than the other parts of the female body. 😉

  3. bizharbinger@gmail.com says:

    Hi! Just want to share preview for Seunggi’s interview tonight.

  4. Dear Tryp, may I know where I can view this interview? Is it available over the Internet? Thank you! ;

  5. Oh! SeungGi had 2 girlfriends? And he said before he had done the deep kiss and so he probably did it with 1 or both former girlfriends? 🙂
    And he wants a pretty girlfriend? So do all men, so he is very normal. 🙂

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