Lee Seung Gi’s 5-Minute Music Broadcast Ep 4

Slave! HQ version:

credit: seunggitown

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19 Responses to Lee Seung Gi’s 5-Minute Music Broadcast Ep 4

  1. airenyamyam says:

    weeee!!!im so excited!! Thanks tryp!!! 😀

  2. qy says:

    hi tyrp!
    you posted the wrong video. this is ep3 not ep 4…

  3. qy says:

    thanks tryp for the update 🙂
    the fans are so high!
    wont there be a next ep? there’s no preview and no na pd.

  4. geeze says:

    whew super anticipated these song but i wanna see his concert version it will be more funky i think….

  5. Wonny says:

    WOWWW~he should’ve sang thing song in music bank or something…the feel n energy with the audience is so great… 🙂

  6. Boo Jia Min says:

    So handsome, cool, cute AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!

  7. How many times I’m I on there… So relieved I didn’t do anything stupid!!! haha I told you tryp that slave was the one to look forward to! Wasn’t I right? lol Where’s Na PD and Shin PD 😦

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    Thank you so much Tryp! Wow, this is so great. To Rachel, I was so mesmerized by SG I forgot to look for you, hahaha!
    Hook should totally make this into a promo for the concert!

  9. ann says:

    Is this the last 5 minute broadcast? I was expecting Na PD to show up in this cut , cause of his “slave” contract in 1n2d hahahah
    But seriously he should promote and sing this in Music Shows im sure its gonna get alot of votes and audience participation.
    And Seunggi can totally pull off SEXY.
    Is there anything he CAN’T DO??!!

  10. sam says:

    At first looked a little bit nervous than usual and a bit awkward but he was totally into it afterward.I would love love love to see the dance choreography of this in his concert. I imagine it would be a great opening number to set the tone? And yes, he can totally pull off sexy, just need a teeny bit of practice, our prince!

    is there another broadcast where he sings Alone in Love or Love time- by the way which is the real title? I get confused. Maybe that’s where Na PD would appear.

    Thanks tryp!! This is a welcome break from all the … debates going on around esp today. Love it!!!

  11. Gen Wong says:

    My favorite, hands down! Seunggi is so hot! But where’s PD Na???

  12. cheekie says:

    My favorite performance!
    I have to say, SG 5th album is one of my best purchases this year, worth every dollar.

  13. jude says:

    wow! i never expected this much but i was blown away with his perf.. How i wished he could sing this song to various music show such as Inkigayo and Music bank.. No doubt audience surely will vote for him landslide..

    For all his Mnet’s perf I really really love this Slave perf of Him.. I want to see more of Seunggi singing live with this genre/style of music very uplifting & I can sense some rockiness of Seunggi in it.. I forgot to mention his sexiness? I’m loving it all the way!!! now im beginning to dream half awake that if I can be on his coming concert.. More hotness like this number will be there w/c is im soo envious to those who could come..

    Tryps thank you so much.. Seunggiah I was really blown away…..

  14. I have waited till all the parts of the 5-minute showcase have been broadcasted before I post a comment on what I observed about Lee Seung Gi in the showcase.

    I may be in the minority but after watching Lee Seung Gi’s performance in the showcase, I cannot help but notice that perhaps because of the up-close-and-personal nature of the showcase, Lee Seung Gi’s facial expression and body language seem a lot more guarded and restrained than when he was on stage in his concerts, even though he did sing his heart out for every song and he sounded and looked simply DIVINE while doing it!! 😉

    In fact, he himself has said in the radio interview in Yoon Do Hyun’s Music Show KBS Cool in 2008 that even though many people would think that singing in front of thousands of people is nerve-wracking, but to him singing in front of about 30 or so people who were present in the recording studio is MORE nerve-wracking and we can guess it is because of the proximity to his fans. As the saying goes – too close for comfort.

    Thus, I am reminded of what he said in that radio programme when I watched him in the showcase for the 5th album. It is the same observation I made when I watched him perform in his comeback performances on Music Bank and Inkigayo. Maybe because of the proximity to his fans, his naturally shy nature seemed to be more obvious. After all, he is within touching distance with his screaming fans in the showcase and I wonder what went through his mind when he watches, and listens to, his fans’ faces and screams of adoration, especially since all? of them were ladies. 😉

  15. jn91 says:

    Thanks, Tryp for posting this! I missed it yesterday (that stupid plug for my computer is broke last night, plus exam), but I just watched it and I loooveee it soooo much! Seung Gi oppa totally rocked the stage! Slave is my favorite performance! I just can’t get enough of this performance, especially Seung Gi oppa’s sexy side! *faints* Can’t wait to replay the video~! *off to replay the video* Thanks again, Tryp! 🙂

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