11.11.25 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi’s candid confession, “Just 2 relationships”

credit: daum cafe

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8 Responses to 11.11.25 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. 2 relationships for someone his age – 25/26 years-old – is to me very normal and it is not how MANY relationships that he has had that interests me but how LONG was each relationship, WHEN was his FIRST relationship (as in, how old was he when he was in his first relationship), and WITH WHOM (both times with someone younger/older)?

    His answers to those questions will say a lot more about him than just how many relationships he has had. 😉

  2. Boo Jia Min says:

    He is always very careful and mindful of his interactions with the female population…
    Seung Gi oppa said in a radio program of Tablo that when he was in primary school, a girl confessed to him. But being young, he only felt troubled by the confession, thus he decided to just ignore the matter.
    However, later that girl started to spread rumors and talk bad about him. Hence, from then on, he is always very mindful of himself to not let girls that he don’t ‘like’ get the wrong impressions. Seung Gi oppa also said before that he used to be very proud that he does not have any female’s number and that he used to believe that boys and girls can’t really be just friends.
    Therefore, I guess these might be the reasons why he only had two relationships so far but I like that sincere and thoughtful side of him. 🙂
    This might also explain why his thoughts, behavior and songs are all so mature and sincere. 🙂

    PS. Two relationships for a 25 yrs old is actually pretty normal…
    I am 21 yrs old but I have not been in any relationship before… I always thought relationships should wait until I graduated… Am I abnormal???

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Dear, of course it’s normal. It shows you, like SG, are a very careful and considerate person. Those people do not enter a relationship to just pass the time. They understand that as with anything worth doing, building a relationship takes a lot of effort and commitment.
      Best luck to you, and SG, to find your future loved ones…

    • Boo Jia Min dear! 😉 How could you call yourself abnormal? Not at all, darling! There are so many people who have never been in a relationship even in their 30s but are perfectly happy and normal.

      I agree totally with AnnMichelle that there are people who take relationships very seriously and are very careful about being in a relationship because every relationship takes work, commitment and loyalty and thus should be treated as if it is the changing of outfits. I am one of those people and so I am happy to know that SeungGi is just like that.

      And you are so right about waiting till you graduate because when you are a student, your focus should be on your studies. Then once that challenge is over, you can focus on finding the right one – and I mean, THE RIGHT ONE, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry.

      I myself have only been in 2 relationships, the second one ending with marriage with the love of my life, my darling husband, who is 8 years my senior. My first relationship was with a guitarist in a band and I was the vocalist and the relationship lasted for 3 years. We went our separate ways amicably because we realised we had different paths to follow in life and I met my husband a year later through work and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. We will be celebrating our 10th wedding annniversary on Dec 1. 😉
      Pssst… I was ‘untouched’ when I married my husband because I am a Muslim and religion is the basic foundation of my life and so I have something to offer my husband that I have never offered any other man in my life before, which makes him feel special, according to him, although before we got married, he never expressed to me his wish for me to be ‘untouched’. He accepted me just the way I was. 😉

      I am confident you will meet THE ONE for you, dear. Just don’t think too much about it and let nature take its course. Meanwhile, enjoy your life as a singleton and read up and learn about how to be a good partner in a relationship to prepare yourself for the time when you will be. 😉

      All the best, Boo Jia Min dear! 😉

    • Sorry Jia Min dear! I forgot to say THANK YOU for your comment about SeungGi!! I am also very happy to know how thoughtful, careful and considerate SeungGi is in his interactions with the opposite sex. He is truly a rare gem because so many men are the direct opposite of him when it comes to relationships. I know because of my family and friends’ experiences with thoughtless, reckless, inconsiderate and lecherous men, who treated them so deplorably and disrespectfully.

      Like I mentioned in my comment in the post which has a photo of SeungGi and Han Hyo Joo in an embrace for the official photoshoots of the drama Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, I said that SeungGi has so much respect for Hyo Joo evident from how he BARELY placed his hand GENTLY on Hyo Joo’s waist instead of having his whole arm around her waist and also from where his eyes were looking – OVER Hyo Joo’s shoulders. Body language can speak volumes of what is in a person’s heart and mind and SeungGi’s body language CLEARLY spoke of his respect and consideration for Hyo Joo in that embrace.

      Thus, I am not surprised that he said he has only been in 2 relationships because he definitely comes across as someone who takes relationships very seriously. The lady who wins his heart will be so blessed. 😉

    • myseunggiya says:

      Of course not! I actually admire people who are not into a relationship, not because there’s no one out there, but because being single is a choice. I believe a person can get into a relationship if he/she really wants to. But since a person opt not to have one isn’t a bad thing at all. And it’s good to know that your first priority is your study, your parents must be so proud of you. 🙂

      In the case of LSG, there’s a lot for him to consider before getting involve with someone, and he takes that into priority. With his busy schedule, a woman he’d chose should definitely have all the patience in the world. But I really pray he can find that one person who will love him sincerely. And that goes for you too, after your studies of course. 🙂

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