11.11.29 @2011LeeSeungGi Twitter Update

Tweet #15 @ 5:09pm KST on Nov. 29

[2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert D-11] Winners of the promotion event are @eamiso @mufceva @JNHLSG @presentSG @dltmdrlducls, a total of 5 people. ^^ Congratulations to all the winners, please send us your email addresses by ‘mention’.

[2011 이승기 희망콘서트 D-11] 홍보이벤트 당첨자는 @eamiso @mufceva @JNHLSG @presentSG @dltmdrlducls 총 다섯분입니다^^ 모두 축하드리며, 당첨자분들은 멘션으로 본인의 이메일 주소를 보내주시기 바랍니다.

[Congrats to Rachel! Her hard work really paid off. :D]

Tweet #16 @ 5:10pm KST on Nov. 29

[2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert D-11] Thank you all to everyone who participated in the promotion event, and the many fans who are passionately promoting the concert in places beyond our sight. ^^

[2011 이승기 희망콘서트 D-11] 홍보 이벤트에 참여해주신 모든 분들, 그리고 보이지 않는 곳에서 열정적인 홍보 중이신 많은 팬 여러분들 모두 감사드립니다.^^

source: @2011LeeSeungGi
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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16 Responses to 11.11.29 @2011LeeSeungGi Twitter Update

  1. Thank you tryp!! Can’t believe I got one 🙂 Nice one!!
    I’m going to Seoul today to promote….. I think all the other Airens need a prize too!!

  2. geeze says:

    congrats rachel…well done…

  3. Mickuan says:

    congratulations to Rachel!!!!

    • Thank you!! I’ll def post a picture when I get it. It really isnt me who deserves it but hook said they couldn’t give all 20 of us who are involved in the ‘Tom and Jerry’ promotion event the signed poster so I think they picked a few of us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi can I know how did you guys promote? I am really curious. Also congrats!!

    • I donated 6 of his 5th albums to the ‘Tom and Jerry’ promotion event and gave them out to special people interested in the concert. I also gave out 6 posters, and a special made LSG cupcake to a little girl who is a fan. I also made the two concert promotion posters that Tom and Jerry had on their chests counting down to the concert.

      The Tom and Jerry costumes was an idea of the person running the Airen daum cafe and about 10 of us went everyday promoting. I got a chance to be ‘Jerry’ one day and the reaction was really good! 🙂

      Everyone invloved in the daum cafe ‘Tom and Jerry’ event should be awarded really. My friend who runs the daum cafe got a call from hook personally saying they were so touched by our efforts and want to give us a group prize, but that isnt possible as it was an individual event to give out the signed posters.

      • mmeshahsg says:

        OMG Rachel… Since yesterday, I was thinking on how you guys did the contest. Thanks for sharing and OMG!! i got chills reading your post above. What a brilliant idea! You guys are awesome and no doubt for a well-deserved win. Congrats!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        SeungGi have the Bestest fans!! You Guys really deserved the prize! Fighting Airens..!^^ Fighting! SeungGi´s 2011 concert..!

  5. Boo Jia Min says:

    Hey everyone,
    I want just want to say the Goldendisk award voting system is up!
    Let the voting for our dearest Lee Seung Gi and his awesome 5th album starts!

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