SeungGi Hotteok

The specialty food ‘Seed Hotteok’ on the street of Busan Nampo-dong that’s well loved by Busan citizens for the last 30 years has officially entered the food court in the basement of Lotte Department Store in Gwangbok on November 25.

After a visit from Lee Seung Gi on the popular TV program ‘1N2D’, a lot more people have come to look for ‘SeungGi Hotteok’. It has become so popular that over 1000 hotteoks can be sold in one day.

However, using Lee Seung Gi’s name just like that can run into legal issues. So the Chinese characters of Seung Gi (勝祈) meaning ‘wish for victory’ are used as the store name. Each hotteok is priced at 900 won.

[Isn’t that sneaky?! In the press picture, SeungGi’s hangul name definitely stands out more than anything else.]

source: asiatoday
English translation/summary:
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1 Response to SeungGi Hotteok

  1. Wonny says:

    These thing clearly emphasized n depended on the seung gi’s popularity to sell their product, n everybody would know even tho thy just change the name n everything..

    I wish that they would consult with hook in order to open their shop, coz seung gi’s name is already a brand name, much like yoo jae suk n lots of celeb out there…sg’s is already the top cf model out there, so ppl will benefit juz by saying his name..

    If not for his image, hook may have already sue the company that sells them, not like other celeb out ther..did hook really didn’t receive any royalty or payment from them?

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