11.12.03-04 @HOOKGJY Twitter Update

*updated – 4 tweets*

From Captain Hook at 10:47pm KST on Dec. 3:

Right now, 2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert’s final stage of rehearsing is underway at the practice room in Mapo. Concert D-7, Captain Hook’s ticket event will be held today.

At 10:59pm KST on Dec. 3:

In Lee Seung Gi’s 5th album, how many songs did Lee Seung Gi participate in by writing music or lyrics himself? The first 20 people to answer the question correctly will each be given 2 concert tickets. In addition, all the students who answer the question correctly before 12 o’clock will be specially given unconditional tickets.

At 11:05pm KST on Dec. 3:

Students, please tweet a picture of your student ID with the ID number covered up. Before 12 o’clock. ㅎㅎ

At 1:49am KST on Dec. 4:

We are going to wrap up the rehearsal now. Thank you to the many Airens who participated in the event. The winner announcement will be posted on Lee Seung Gi’s homepage on Tuesday afternoon. Tickets will be distributed directly on the day of the concert. Thank you.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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1 Response to 11.12.03-04 @HOOKGJY Twitter Update

  1. geeze says:

    whew…pray for his health and seung gi’s and the whole production successful concert…..
    to the one’s going….pictures please….

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