2010 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert DVD Korean Version

HQ DVD cover photos:




The DVD is currently available for preorder at YesAsia and Gmarket.

source: interpark

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10 Responses to 2010 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert DVD Korean Version

  1. Thanks for these awesome photos, Tryp! I just placed an order on Gmarket! Yahoo!! 😉

  2. kajalsg says:

    hi, is it confirmed that it has Eng subs ? 🙂

  3. Singar77 says:

    Hi Tryp,
    I am from Singapore.
    Please advise where should I place the DVD preorder, at YesAsia or Gmarket. Thank you.

  4. dhannylyn says:

    thanks alot^^

  5. dhannylyn says:

    just pre-oredered^^

  6. vote for Lee seung gi for best solo artis,best actor,best mc,and also best korean Variety Strong Heart at Korean update Award……………. http://koreanupdates.com/kuawards2011/

  7. pickles says:

    I bought the dvd on gmarket and it just arrived today! 😀 I was super excited, and it was really really REEEALLY daebak!!!! Now I really want to kick myself for being unable to make it for both the 2010 and 2011 Hope Concert. 😥 I MUSTTTTTT GO FOR THE 2012 ONE!!!!!

    But I was pretty disappointed that the DVD did not include the performance of 사랑할수록 with Boohwal!! 😦 I was waiting and waiting to watch that performance, cause it already looked soooo great on the fancams! Sigh, but other than that, I’m super satisfied with the DVD! 🙂 Love love loveee the behind-the-scenes! Seunggi really really works sooooooooo hard!! ❤ ❤ <3!

    • Frankie says:

      Hi pickles,
      Are there English subtitles for the interviews, behind-the-scenes parts? If so, I am going to get it! Thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi! Yes, there’re english subtitles! 🙂 the track titles are in korean though, but doesn’t really matter since I’m sure we all want to watch the entire dvd! 😀

  8. nichole says:

    Has anyone from Malaysia bought this DVD?

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