11.12.09 From SeungGi

*updated with English translation*

OMG, I can’t believe this!!! I think we were in the same building as SeungGi when he wrote this message! 😆

2011 이승기 희망콘서트 D-1 2011-12-09

아이렌 잠자고 있나요?
지금 막 모든 콘서트 준비를 마치고 집에 왔습니다..^^

후아.. 역시 콘서트 전에 설레임과 이 긴장감이란..ㅋ

방금 체조경기장에서 연락이 왔어요..
작년에 이어 이번에도 최고 규모의 무대라고..ㅋ
다들 똑같은 한 번의 공연이지만 정성만큼은 우리가 최고입니다!

지금도 철야 작업을 하고 있는 후크선장님을 비롯한 후크식구들과
모든 공연 스텝들에게 아이렌의 큰 박수가 필요합니다~~^^

이젠 저만 잘하는 일만 남았네요..
물론….잘하겠지만^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

그리고 이번에는 5집앨범의 노래를 비롯, 군데군데 처음불러주는 곡들이 있으니
최고의 무대를 준비한 만큼 여러분께서 복습한번더 해주는 센스!!잊지말길^^

만약 마이크 넘겼는데 심하게 더듬어주는 뻘쭘한 상황을 없길바래용!!ㅠ

체력들 많이 비축해서 오시구요 올해에도 12월 10일 11일..
이틀… 또 한 페이지의 추억을 만들어요.

내일은 현장 총리허설이니 전 이만 잘게요.
좋은 밤 되시구요 콘서트날 봐요 아이렌!

source: leeseunggi.com

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

2011 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert D-1 2011-12-09

Are Airens sleeping?
I just came home after wrapping up all the concert preparations.. ^^
Wah… So this is the thrill and so-called tension before the concert…

We got a call from the Gymnastics Stadium just now…
It said that following last year, this year’s stage is also the greatest in scale… ㅋ
Even though it’s a concert like the others’, ours is the best in terms of elaborateness!

Hook family, including Captain Hook who’s still working all night, and all the concert staff deserve a big round of applause from the Airens~~^^

The only thing left right now is just for me to do well..
Of course…. I can only do it well ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And this time, there are songs that I’ll be singing for the first time in public, including songs from the 5th album,
so please let me review once again the sense from everyone for having prepared the best stage!! Don’t forget ^^

I hope there won’t be any humiliating situation like stuttering terribly when handed the microphone!! ㅠ

Saving up so much stamina for December 10 and 11 this year..
Two days… We’ll make another page of memory.

Since there’s an on-site full rehearsal tomorrow, I’ll go to sleep now.
Have a good night, and I’ll see you on the day of the concert, Airen!

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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21 Responses to 11.12.09 From SeungGi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, are you in Seoul now? Are you going to this concert???

  2. Oh, wow!! You were in the same building as SeungGi at the same time??!! Whoa!! Is it some kind of telepathy? Maybe the concert date being so near, your thoughts must be on SeungGi so much that your sub-conscious mind telepathically sent out these signals that caused you to be at the same place at the same time? Is it a sign that you might just get to meet him in person?? Wouldn’t it just AWESOME if its true?? Hehehe… 😉

  3. aniven says:

    weeee!! you’re in Seoul…

    so that explains why there seems to be no updates on your blog for about 36 hours now?? lucky you tryp! i wish to see his concert too before he finally gives the military service a go!

    enjoy your yet another wonderful break and please keep us all posted 🙂

    and… translations in english please c”,)

  4. aniven says:

    that was quick!

    Thanks Tryp 😀

  5. trish says:

    Wow, lucky you to be in his concert. I am hoping to see him in concert soon too. Enjoy your trip and looking forward to another update from you about this trip. Thanks for a quick translation of this message and all the updates on Seung Gi. I am glad that I found your site!

  6. deyani says:

    Thank you for the translation, Tryp. So lucky you’re in the same building as Seunggi. ^_^ Glad to hear you’ve arrived safely in Seoul, too. Keep warm, as I hear Seoul is really cold now. But I’m sure all Airens are warm due to excitement of seeing Seunggi in person.

    So envy of everyone who’s going to his concert, believe it will be the best one ever. Awww he’s going to sing songs that he never sings before in public? Excited he may sing “wherever” and “bad guy”. Wonder if Ra. D and Han Hyo Joo will come as surprise guests? That will be daebak.

  7. kajalsg says:

    wooh!! Goodluck to him!!! and to all the Airens, ENJOYY!!!!! :))))

  8. eva says:

    Hello Tryp96! I’m glad to hear that you made it safe here in Seoul…and yes, it’s cold and will be getting colder especially this weekend. I’m so excited for the concert and hope to hear from you soon. Take care and stay warm 🙂

  9. deyani says:

    Tryp, I saw the news http://starin.edaily.co.kr/news/NewsRead.edy?newsid=01085686596476880, it looks like that Koyote will be guesting at Seunggi Concert on Sunday. Am so excited that the 1n2d brothers will be there supporting Seunggi.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Thank you so much for sharing the news. I like Jongmin more and more!

    • sarah says:

      Im soo happy to hear that Koyote will also be as guest performer on our SeungGi’s concert..^^ and I agree with AnnMichelle Im loving JongMin too on 1n2d.. ^^ I love it on the last ep`s of 1n2d when he’s team up w/SeungGi..^^
      Thanks for the info Deyani!^^

    • ilovemyself says:

      waaaa such a great news…it like a dream comes true….CLOVER & KOYOTE….
      enjoy your day Tryp and wait for more news from u

  10. love0488 says:

    woaaaahh so lucky of you tryp^^ I so want see JongMin and JiWon too TT__TT hope to see them in the near future^^ Goodluck and God Bless all our Airens family there^^ Lee Seung Gi manse~!!!!

    Love lots from Philippines

  11. Leogal says:

    Enjoy urself tomorrow to those going for the concert and pls more photos and update..

    Fighting Seung gi – ssi

    Loves from Singapore

  12. airen09 says:

    wish to be there..but to everyone whose gonna be there with SeungGi have a good time and may all the pleasure be yours…Godbless to our ever loved SeungGi!!!

  13. SLTeh says:

    Wish all our Airens ENJOY every moment with our Emperor Seunggi!

  14. sarah says:

    I read this last night.. and then like after a few hours I’ve seen the english translation.. but I was too sleepy to send my Thanks to you Tryp! You are really fast Tryp!!^^ Thank You!^^ Its always love to read his personal letter for Us,his fans.. I can feel his excitements and at the same time pressure that He wants to show his best performance ever! such a kind soul that he mentions all the hardwork everyone(the staffs/Captain Hook) is doing to create a memorable memories for everyone who will witness the concert.. and Im really
    soo envious..haha^^ but cant do anything but
    to wish you guys or especially you Tryp to enjoy evry moment of it..!!^^

  15. Anonymous says:

    i wish i could be there
    Have a great time Tryp!!!
    i had been in Seoul once but that time i wasn’t Airen
    so i promise myself next time I’ll be there in the name of Airen

    hope you have a great time all the lucky Airen !!!

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