11.12.11 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

Hope Concert interview & footage

credit: dclsg

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4 Responses to 11.12.11 Entertainment News – Lee Seung Gi

  1. In this interview, our dear SeungGi’s eyes say it all – he is tired but he soldiers on and put up his best face forward because he is such a professional! My heart goes out to him for his courage, dedication, commitment, perseverance and sheer hard work and iron will to do his ultimate best, all for his fans! God bless your kind soul, Lee Seung Gi, and may you always be happy and healthy! 😉

  2. Gen Wong says:

    This was just a 3-minute clip, but I got goosebumps and got teary-eyed too! I could tell the concert was amazing, Seunggi looked handsome and the crowd was daebak. Congrats to Seunggi and the lucky Airens who got together for a memorable concert. Seunggi really is the ultimate entertainer…singer, variety star, MC, CF model…and really excited to see actor Seunggi soon in a new drama! How can one person be so good in a lot of things???

  3. Leogal says:

    Thank for uploading the videos, Tryp. You are such a draling.Jealous for not being there , but thses videos is worth seeing. Miss hima nd make me love him more.
    The fans wre awesome and he is such talented guy.
    Congrats on the successful concert , Seung Gi -ssi.
    Hope to see you in seoul one day…..

    Love from Singapore

  4. dhannylyn says:

    he do looks very tired but still he has alot of energy to be interviewed and go on with the concert.
    where does this guy get all his energy from???..

    be cheering on you Seung-gi ..fighting!!!

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