11.12.11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert After Party

These were tweeted by some dancers attending the after party:

“With Dancing Machine SeungGi Oppa”

“With Absolute Friend SeungGi”

Later, one of the dancers tweeted that they went to a noraebang. But SeungGi went home.

credit: twitter

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5 Responses to 11.12.11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert After Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    He looks great!! Living the pics

  2. I think SeungGi really looks tired in these pics. His eyes look bloodshot and his smile seem rather strained. No wonder he went home instead going to the noraebang. Hope he gets lots of rest after an exhausting 2 days of singing, dancing and entertaining his fans. Poor dear! 😉

  3. love0488 says:

    Still looking great though tired… he’s such a good friend to his dancers,,, Managed to go out with them after so much stress from the concert,,, so nice of him,,, Take some rest Seung Gi oppa^^ fighting,, Congratulations on your successful concert…

  4. Tishi says:

    congratulations, oppa!

  5. airen09 says:

    is SeungGi oppa needs a caretaker?, for himself…can I apply?
    oppa, congrats…and be well(:

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