11.12.10-11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fancams

*The videos taken inside the concert have been removed or set private per SeungGi’s request.*

Latin Dance!!!

Will You Marry Me (acoustic)

Time for Love



Aren’t We Friends

After Concert

SeungGi the cutest Santa

credit: dclsg/as labeled

SeungGi leaving the concert venue (probably on his way to the after party):

credit: weiwei

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29 Responses to 11.12.10-11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Fancams

  1. Am I weird when I say that watching SeungGi dance the whole dance routine while dressed in the Santa costume does not make me feel happy but rather heart-wrenching? Maybe I am just imagining things but I don’t believe that acting cute in the dance routine in front of thousands of people is something easy for a man like SeungGi to do. Performing and entertaining – singing, dancing and playing musical instruments in front of thousands of people – is no easy feat even for the most experienced performers/musicians. And it is all the more difficult if the performers need to do certain things they would not normally do in order to entertain the people who have have set aside their money, time and effort to be the audience.

    And so we need to appreciate the effort SeungGi has put in to entertain his audience despite the difficulties and challenges I am sure he has had to face to put up the best possible performance for his fans, on 2 consecutive nights no less. He is a true professional and loves his fans so sincerely. Such a wonderful young man! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thanks so much for all the clips, Tryp! You are such an angel! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Gen Wong says:

    Million thanks Tryp for sharing the clips! These are truly precious. We feel blessed to have this wonderful blogger who generously shares every little news, timely updates, and brings us closer and makes us love Seunggi even more! You just don’t know how many people are happy because of you, Tryp! Many, many thanks! You are as amazing as Seunggi! Seunggi is surely lucky to have a fan like you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    thank you, thank you so much!!! you really made me so happy:) i wish i could also watch his Whenever performance.. its my favorite song in his 5th album… thanks again!!

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Gen Wong, because you echo the thoughts of so many of SeungGi’s fans, which is why I said that Tryp is such an angel. If there is an award that can be given to the fan who is awesome as SeungGi himself, then Tryp is the runaway winner, no doubt about it! Thanks from the bottom of our heart, Tryp, for all that you have done out of your sincere love for SeungGi and his fans. God bless your kind soul, Tryp, and may you always be happy and healthy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Anonymous says:

    I always feel shy everytime I’m a comment here. Bec Im already 35 and Im still like a teenage girl swooning for Seung Gi. There’s alot of korean star I Liked before because of the dramas Ive watched. but after the drama I stopped liking them or look for them. But with Seung Gi I didnlt stopped just like that! When Ive come across how talented and good person he is,I stopped liking others and I end up just liking him. You guys are so fortunate to have this kind of man your age,at my time? Few, but not like him. Just keep on supporting him and I’ll support you guys all the way! Fighting Airens! Your unnie,noona or ate whatever it is. I Love You Lee Seung Gi! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Anonymous says:

      i have the same feeling as you but i’m worse coz i’m already 38, married and with 2 kids…but i’m still fan-girling…hehehe…Love you…seunggi. :-))

      • SLTeh says:

        ooooh…i’m having the same feeling..but i think i’m even worse than both of you bcoz i’m
        already 48, married with 2 teenage children & still fan-girling…& can’t stop visiting Tryp’s
        blog for update news of our SEUNGGI!

  7. Leogal says:

    I have the same feeling too ladies , im 33. I agree with u . Im going crazy with seung gi since watching him 2 days 1 night. I fall in love with his smile and dimple.
    Although we are about 6 hrs , i will continue supporting him.
    Go Go Airens.
    Love you Seung Gi. Fighting all the way. Hope to see you face to face.

    From the merlion city

  8. shiyun says:

    omg he’s so freaking awesome! I end up crying because i saw how much effort he put in!!! I laughed and i cried when i saw the santa dance! AWESOME! โค

  9. Anonymous says:

    The santa dance is too much for me to swallow … the apron, the dance steps, the singing .. all too much for me … !! …

  10. moon says:

    OMG!!! incredible Tryp!!
    million thanks for your sharing!!!
    hix, almost cry (’cause of happiness) now!
    it’s very valuable to anyone who had not chance to attend the concert!
    many many many thank you….wish you all the best! ^ ^

  11. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much tryp!!!! Omo!! Smiling and feeling very touched! Awesome clips! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. MmeShahSG says:

    Hello Kay darling,
    Agreed, this is not easy for our dear Seung Gi to do. However, he did this as part of fans service (in order to liven up the atmosphere). FYI, based on the audience reaction for both nghts, they enjoyed and appreciated his effort. There is no need to feel heart wrenching.

    • Hello MmeShahSG dear! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thank you for your kind words! I agree with you that SeungGi did it for the love he has for his fans and I am sure his fans pay him back for his effort with their enthusiastic response and deep appreciation of his effort. But I guess I can’t help but feel for SeungGi because I just love him so much and when we love, we empathise with what the other person might be feeling. But he is such a professional to do what he did and that is why he so loved! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. aniven says:

    aaaaawww sad! is it just me? i can’t open the clips and says the videos are private..

    well anyway reading all the comments and reviews from his concert makes me wanna move my plan in visit korea once again from may to November or December so just to experience his daebak concert!!

    I’ve been to Super Junior concerts (SS2 & SS3) in Manila but for dear Seunggi, I would really love to fly all the way there to Seoul! hope I can have a decent break from work next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Tryp and to all Seunggi lovers in making us all posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Anonymous says:

    I cant open the clip too! Sad as I really want to see it. Any want can help on this?

  15. judeppsjude says:

    Me too i can’t play hte vids it says the video is private why baby why?anyone pls help me..

    • jude says:

      is there any way we can watch the video? too bad:( Hook is not releasing the DVD yet they’re so strict to fans who tried to steal some vids & pics.. I can’t really understand Hook. They could think not all fans can went to the concert why they’re not letting the fans to take some vids or pics.??If they really don’t want to allow some fancam why don’t they release a DVD? that’s the only bonus Seinggi fans could get.. I mean it’s not really a bonus since fans are willing to buy whatever price it takes just to experience his concert only on out monitors & Tv screen.. Haii:(

      I could still remember the 2009 Hope concert they plead to fans to delete the fancams co’z they will be releasing a DVD yet they don’t comply to their promise.. Hook really doesn’t know how to play on a big market.. They should get some management 101 first and to think of it only Seunggi is a big star to manage in Hook..yet they couldn’t do well..

      Sorry guys for the rant .. I mgiht sound some anti but not w/ Seunggi just for his management Hook.. I also might get many unlike or i’ll get banned to tryps blog but Its really getting into my nerves…
      Thanks to Airens who always being there for Seunggi and barely swallowing everything just for the sake of love & support to Seunggi..

      • I can understand your frustration considering this year’s concerts will not be made into DVD format and I fully agree that since cameras and videotaping were not allowed during the concerts, then fans will have no way of keeping memories of the concerts because there will not be any DVDs of the concerts also. I too do not understand the rationale behind the decision NOT to produce the DVDs of the concerts because SeungGi’s fans the world over would be more than willing to buy them especially for those who could not attend the concerts for various reasons. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • ann says:

        I share your sentiments, its fine if Seunggi doesnt want fam cams uploaded , I totally understand that but Hook not making a DVD out of this concert is beyond me! If I can I would love to go to his concert , but unfortunately I cant, so I was hoping they would release a DVD of 2011 Hope, its like depriving international fans from enjoying Seunggi’s music.

  16. Yon says:

    I personally like all his performance.. Because he gave 200%, I enjoyed every moment of it, so I didn’t feel heart wrenching when he wore the apron & sang the song.. Everyone gave him loud scream to show that he is doing well & he is sooooooooo cute!!!!!what he wants is audience’s response & we gave him..

    Even if he doesn’t perform next concert, it doesn’t matter.. What I enjoyed most is during the performance. One of the night I was sitting really near to the stage so I could see him very upclose…

  17. maritess says:

    can someone tell me please how can i watch those videos??? cause it’s says that it’s private i’m really a big fan of seung gi oppa please…

  18. triangel25 says:

    May I know how can I watched those private videos?

    I login into my u-tube account, but stated that the video is private..


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