11.12.11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Backstage Photos

OMG, envy to the max!

credit: naver cafe

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9 Responses to 11.12.11 Lee Seung Gi Hope Concert Backstage Photos

  1. L7 says:

    Those lucky people!!

  2. sam says:

    that girl, she gets a shot like that and she covers her face?? I mean, id give anything to be in the same room with seunggI…

    • Wonny says:

      I think she is just too happy to be taking pictures with seung gi, no?

      And I’m not sure if u can call her a girl now, isn’t that her two kids, omg, the little kid is so adorable with seunggi,

      Anyway it looks like a family potrait there, just imagine the girls face to be seung gi’s future wife, lol

  3. airen09 says:

    the girls aren’t lucky..they are blessed to see SeungGi!

  4. sarah says:

    Yay!! Spell the word ENVY..?!thats me.. :p at least Tryp, you did have the chance to watched his concert for like three times..? I guess..?! Compare w/us who could’nt.. But I this encounter w/SeungGi is different? Its so exclusive..haha ^^ Lucky fans indeed..and look at the cute little fan girl.. ^^
    thanks Tryp for sharing!^^

    • sarah says:

      Short of word..haha ^^ ” i think this”
      Im always like that.. ^^ cons of writing with ur phone..hehe^^

  5. NichiyoN says:

    wooooooahh :-o.. thy r so lucky ^^..

  6. Anonymous says:

    He’s so hot there 🙂

  7. woah I’m so jealous!!! I want to meet him & ( give him a hug) if possible- still it must have been awesome to have met him XD

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