11.12.14 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

According to a dclsg fan, there will be a special segment about SeungGi on a Japanese morning show, MEZAMASHI TV (めざましテレビ). It’s titled ‘A close look at Korea’s younger brother Lee Seung Gi’. The program will air from 5:25 am to 8:00 am JST on December 15, on Fuji TV.


The 2010 Hope Concert DVD Korean version will finally be released tomorrow. It’s been the #1 selling DVD in real time. With all the preorders, the DVD has already been sold out in most of the stores.

credit: dclsg


11.12.13 Nielsen ratings: #14 Strong Heart 10.0 (Seoul 11.1)

11.12.13 TNS ratings: not in top 20 (Seoul #14 11.1)

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26 Responses to 11.12.14 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. This news is only one reason why Hook Entertainment should try to make the 2011 Hope Concert into DVD for SeungGi’s fans. Other than that, there are probably at least a few hundred thousand other reasons why the 2011 Hope Concert should be made available on DVD – the at least a few hundred thousand SeungGi’s fans the world over who couldn’t attend the 2-day concert. 😦

    And ever since SeungGi posted the request to his fans for the photos and videos taken by fans of the 2-day concert not to be circulated in the Internet, I have been torn between expressing my feelings and thoughts about that request or just to ignore them. In another post, Jude has expressed his/her feelings of sadness over SeungGi’s request, while Ann has mentioned her feelings of confliction over the request as well and I believe they are not the only fans who have the same exact feelings. I am one of those fans.

    After reading the request translated by Rachel, I couldn’t help but feel sad as well as disappointed that SeungGi made the request. Even though I can understand why SeungGi made the request and he has every right to make it, as a fan, I can’t help but feel sad and disappointed that he made the request because he did not want certain things to be publicly seen. I feel sad and disappointed because I feel that by making that request, SeungGi seems to be more concerned about his image, which is, of course, his right to be concerned about, but still, I can’t help but feel sad and disappointed that SeungGi did not express his trust that his fans would not circulate any photos or videos that put him in a less than flattering light. I honestly do not believe any of SeungGi’s true and loyal fans will ever do anything to jeopardise SeungGi’s love and affection for them. So, if SeungGi HAD NOT requested for his fans to “Please stop yourselves” if they are circulating photos and videos of the concert, and has instead said something else, like he TRUSTS his fans will show him their respect and love when sharing photos and videos of the concert and he EXPRESSES the HOPE that any unflattering photos or videos NOT be shared because he will be embarrassed, then I believe that none of SeungGi’s fans would feel sad or disappointed. If SeungGi had said that, I believe not only will SeungGi’s present fans be touched and moved by his frankness and honesty and avoid making any of them feeling sad and disappointed, I am sure SeungGi would also have won even more fans. I am sure SeungGi knows that not every one of his fans were able to attend the concert and since there will not be any official DVD made of the concert, he could have expressed greater compassion, generosity and consideration of the feelings of those fans.

    I am just expressing my personal feelings about this matter and I know that there will be fans who will not agree with me. But one thing I am sure of – I believe that SeungGi’s true and loyal fans will not easily desert him even though they may have been hurt or disappointed by his words/actions. However, I believe that we have to be fair to SeungGi’s fans for feeling the way they do and not berate them for how they feel, because we are all human, after all. SeungGi’s loyal fans care, admire and love SeungGi too much NOT to care about SeungGi’s words and actions but BECAUSE our care, admiration and love are deep and true, we will be accepting and forgiving of SeungGi’s words and actions because we know nobody is perfect. 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      It is common sense that audience of any shows should not take pictures or videos and spread them. Please understand it is an industry standard, not a special request by LSG. Although as a fan who couldn’t go and enjoy his show, I really want to have a chance to see some parts of it.

    • deyani says:

      This might not entirely Seunggi’s personal request, but his agency’s request. I notice that some of Seunggi’s messages in the past didn’t seem like he was the one writing the messages. It seemed like someone pushed him to write those sentences. So please understand and respect their wishes.

      They may have bigger plans about what they want to do with the clips of the concert, as suncine said, maybe they want to use some of them for Seunggi’s Japan stage performance / Japan debut.

      And Seunggi, congratulations, wow no 1 selling DVD in real time ^^ Yes, i think it’s because of the numbers of pre-orders. Pre-orders & sales from YesAsia & Gmarket synnara count to Hanteo Chart, so it’s good that we international fans can contribute to the chart too =)

      Tryp, are you still in Korea? Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

    • Sidney says:

      To kay:
      Did you order his 2010 concert DVD? Yes? Great! If not, please do order it. That’s the way to show your great support for SG. Also note that in addition to SG, you would be supporting all those professionals, i.e., musicians, dancers, stage hands, designers, etc. who do this for a living, who made SG’s concerts a success.
      I don’t know why Hook decided there would be no DVD for this concert. But, as a law abiding citizen (thinking about intellectual property laws here) I know there is no excuse, no, even being great fans is no excuse, to violate laws and rights of all those professionals.
      Maybe you should step aside from yourself and consider this from those perspectives.

    • ♥ nicoleko66 says:

      I did not fancy reading this para seriously.
      “I feel sad and disappointed because I feel that by making that request, SeungGi seems to be more concerned about his image, which is, of course, his right to be concerned about, but still, I can’t help but feel sad and disappointed that SeungGi did not express his trust that his fans would not circulate any photos or videos that put him in a less than flattering light.”

      You might not know that this is not the first time SeungGi made such request. SeungGi left a note saying that he trusted his fans. However, pictures and videos is almost everywhere online. When sentences were not put across direct and clear, we tend to give ourselves some leeway to bend it. I guess he felt really upset seeing all his effort all thrown onto the web just like that previously.

      It is not about the image that he care, is about the copyright laws that we, airen have to bear and I believe SeungGi doesn’t want any of us to get all the consequences. You might not know how many of us receive copyrights warning for posting pictures and videos online every now and then,

      Last year, I was not able to make it to his concert due to work commitment. I made it a point that I will made it this year and is was really a short stay. I was in korea only for 3-4 days. Now, I am back at work.

      Sorry for the long para, I am seriously not a person that like to write long story since I am always writing long audit report in the office. =x During this year’s concert, SeungGi thanked his crews who didnt slept for a week! Hope airen will consider and appreciate their professionalism, how much they have contribute to the concert. They worked really hard to do a great concert. We, Singapore airens had thanked them and brought them food. I hope you do not doubt us, doubt SeungGi. He is appreciating the crew’s effort and contribution.

      • Fave says:

        Hi Nicoleko66, I am from Singapore & I miss visiting your blog and looking at your wonderful LSGi photos. Glad that you are “making an appearance” here at Try96’s blog. Did you enjoy yourself at the concert ? Hope that all those who attended can write their fan accounts for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend. I would be most grateful !

        • ♥ nicoleko66 says:

          Hi Fave, it has been awhile since we last chat. so sorry. i was kinda working behind the scene most the time this days. hahaha! I visit tryp’s blog daily and oso pass on news to her from weibo and jap sites to share. she is a great girl, pls continue to show lots of love and support to her! =)

          Yes, we did enjoy ourselves. about 14 singapore airen were at the concert venue and took a group picture together in front of the rice wreath that represent singapore. I hope you can join us the coming year (really praying hard that I can made it next year). It is a great and unique experience that you wouldnt wanna miss!

          You may be interested in visiting this two sites:

          • Fave says:

            Dear Nicole, I am glad you and the rest had a great time at the concert. I really will try to go next year (my dream!). Yes, I agree fully that Tryp is a great girl. I don’t think I can live a day without visiting her blog at least once! I am probably one of her biggest fan and really like to applaud her for her love and support for Seung Gi. Also, thanks for your links to the two sites. You are really a great girl yourself too!

      • Anonymous says:

        I will add to this, one of the camera crew left a comment in one of the articles about the concert. He enjoyed SeungGi’s concert personally as well and he said he was really touched by SeungGi saying thank you to all the staff at the end of the concert. He mentioned that he never heard from anyone in other concerts and he wishes to work with SeungGi again. When I saw this comment and saw your comment, I thought I share this with you… Also one more comment from one male blogger who attended the concert because he won free tickets. He commented that he was suprised SeungGi’s fans come in all ages and he was amazed how SeungGi seems to care for his fans and his fans care for him. And SeungGi prepared so much for his fans and he made the concert really enjoyable. After the concert, he said SeungGi became one and only entertainer he wants to support:) Sorry I just mumbled on..

  2. Boo Jia Min says:

    Is there any way to watch the Japanese morning show, MEZAMASHI TV, in Singapore?

  3. suncine says:

    Perhaps this is more to do with his push to japan next year. He would probably use some materials from the concert for his Japanese stage performance.As this is a major market entry , I think it is understandable about his request.

  4. tryp96 says:

    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with SeungGi making the request for fans not to spread pictures and videos from the concert. As someone else mentioned, it is common sense AND industry standard. I don’t think SeungGi was just referring to ‘unflattering’ pictures or videos, or just worrying about his image. (And why are we even doubting SeungGi’s character over this small request of his? Instead of accusing SeungGi not trusting his fans to do what’s best in the situation, maybe it’s us who need to put more trust in SeungGi’s character.) We do have to remember that SeungGi IS a celebrity, and there are copyrights issues involved here. I know that I share a lot of pictures and videos on this blog, but I’m well aware that I’m actually breaking a lot of rules/laws in trying to spread some SeungGi love. I’m probably on Hook’s black list already for doing what I do on this blog. 😛

    Also, we have to think about how much time, effort and money SeungGi and Hook spent on this concert. They have every right to do whatever they want with the concert materials. It’s unfortunate that Hook is not planning to release a DVD. Of course there are lots of good reasons why they should release a DVD, but I’m sure there are lots of reasons why they aren’t releasing it. Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons could be that they want the concert to be an extra special experience for the lucky fans who could be there to witness it. I know it’s especially hard for international fans to attend the concert, but I personally believe that if there’s a will there’s a way. Or we just have to accept the unfortunate reality of life. [In my own case, when SeungGi’s X-Concert in LA (in November 2009) was canceled at the last minute, I cried. But I told myself that it just wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to schedule a trip to Seoul for the 2009 Hope Concert in December, and I missed out on the daebak experience. (There was no DVD that year either.) So in 2010 and 2011, I really went out of my ways to get vacation time for the concert (I even threatened to quit my job, that’s how far I went), and the experience was even more enjoyable because I saw it as a reward for missing out on the previous concerts.]

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to write a whole essay on this. All I’m trying to say is that when SeungGi makes a personal request not to spread certain copyrighted materials, I will do my best to respect his wishes. And I hope all his other fans will too.

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    You said it too right, Tryp! I think SG (i.e. Hook) is more than tolerant and gracious in what we fans have been doing about “sharing.” So when SG made a perfectly reasonable request, how can we not honor it? This was also the first time I heard about the rumors. As an eyewitness to the events, and the cheering of tens of thousands fellow concert goers as supporting evidence, every minute of the two concerts is enjoyable and delightful. I will move heaven and earth to go to the next one!

  6. suncine says:

    While I do understand the disappointment for those who missed out on those moment from the concert and being unable to share with the experience of those who were present .Certainly it is just natural to have love to be at least have a glimpse of that captured on clips .Having said that, there is a lot of work behind the scenes for a live event. There is privacy matter and legal aspect to think about as well as it involved a lot of people. beside SG alone. And it is for this reasons that such request is always announced before any live performance.

  7. shiyun says:

    how do we order the 2010 concert dvd and how much does it cost?

  8. As I had expected, there are so many comments from SeungGi’s fans in reply to my comment above! Its great! 😉

    I waited till now to see/read the responses/comments before I decide whether or not to respond. I knew that my comment would generate some kind of response but I could see more than that – that such a comment can bring out the best and worst in people. Thank you to every single respondent for your kind time and effort to respond. 😉

    If I could kindly remind everyone, I said that I feel “sad and disappointed” but NOWHERE did I say I am ANGRY. And if I could remind everyone also, when I said that, I was referring to what SeungGi himself said, the translation of which I attach below :
    “Thinking about it now, I feel there are stuff I won’t want to see online. Please stop yourselves.”

    I never had the intention of judging SeungGi’s character because it is not my place to do so. I was commenting on what SeungGi said – that is all. And I was simply stating my sadness and disappointment because SeungGi was pushed to say what he said because of his bitter experience with ill-mannered Airens who blatantly spread photos and videos on-line without regard of the law. Because of such black sheeps, even well-mannered Airens who had never done anything to offend SeungGi had to hear SeungGi say those words.

    As for the intellectual/copyright issues, I am well aware of it because I work in my country’s police force but my comment above was not questioning this issue because the copyright issue is a black and white one and thus needs no debating.

    As for “if there is a will, there is a way” when it comes to wanting to achieve something, I absolutely agree BUT if the choice is between my loved ones and SeungGi, then the choice is clear. There are respondents who said that they would move heaven and earth to attend SeungGi’s concert. That is great for them and I respect their choice and effort. But I would not do the same for SeungGi and I do not apologise for it. I would move heaven and earth, and more, for my loved ones but not for SeungGi but does that mean that I am not as good a fan as those who are willing to move heaven and earth to be at SeungGi’s concert? The same goes for HOW I show my support and love for SeungGi. It is a personal choice and no one else’s business HOW I do it. 😉

    Once again, thank you to all respondents, whether your comment was given in a kind and respectful manner or otherwise. 😉

    • tryp96 says:

      Kay, I’m probably not reading your comments carefully enough. My apologies if there’s any misunderstanding here. From your 1st comment, I thought you felt SeungGi shouldn’t have requested fans not to spread pictures/videos from the concert because the fans would know what to share and what not to share in order to protect SeungGi’s image. But in your 2nd comment, you’re calling those of us who did share pictures/videos (regardless they are flattering or not) ‘black sheep’ and ‘ill-mannered Airens’. So are you actually disappointed by those of us who shared pictures/videos or by SeungGi making the request not to share them???

  9. Anonymous says:

    This IS a purely SEUNGGI fan-site. Fans and Airen come together to this site to share their love, admiration and respect for Seunggi. I’m sure each and every one of us have our own ‘loved ones’ site tucked away.

  10. sweetspring says:

    my 2 cents- I’ve been to other concerts where they literally take away cameras & are very strict with sneaky handphone photo/videotaping so I actually was abit surprised with LSG concert that didn’t happen so much but there was a very clear warning at the start that no taping of any sort or eating was allowed, both of which I saw happening all around me. So I guess LSG & his management know this can’t be helped but at least LSG said we can appreciate what we took without putting it on the net & for the fans who couldn’t make it there are the press photos & videos which would be better quality & nearest to the stage anyway.
    its a shame LSG personal note to his fans caused such a ruckus, I mean lets not get over-sensitive about this, especially if you made comments that invited people to disagree with you. Just accept that people have different opinions like LSG accepts people will take photos & post them on the net however much it annoys him!

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