Lee Seung Gi Magazine Vol 1

Again, just a few selective scans:

credit: sunny/China Cafe

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13 Responses to Lee Seung Gi Magazine Vol 1

  1. airenyamyam says:

    X _ X I died … Why do I have to see this in the middle of the night (PH) ? OMG this is just to beautiful to resist… thanks tryp! 😀

  2. E! says:

    OMG, This Magazine is more than beautiful, Seunggi is super handsome and so cool, I definitely buy it if i know where and how can i buy one. Trully love this magazine so much!!! envy anyone already had it TT

  3. gem8790 says:

    I need that magazine! Haha ♥

  4. Eri-sshi says:

    I died. X_X Hahahaha he’s sooooo handsome!

  5. airen09 says:

    how i wish Santa Clause’s gift to me this year is SeungGi Lee…he’s driving me crazy!!!

  6. leyzlie says:

    amazing shots as always.. thanks for sharing tryp ^^

  7. I need that Magazine RIGHT NOOW!! X_x OOOOH? I love hiiiiiiim ❤

  8. trish says:

    Is there anyway to get this magazine?

  9. judep says:

    love to have this mag. tryp if ever you’ll have an idea if Hook will have a plan to release & be avail in market please update us..Im dying to have one!!1 please

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