11.12.18 1N2D Ep 234 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

Briefly summarized:

Midnight opening!
Members gather in the Happy Sunday office
“Honestly, this is not 1n2d, but 2n3d…”
“I would rather go to a training camp…”
The mission for the members, who are full of dissatisfaction and complaints?
Capture the most beautiful ‘moments’ in Korea!

No trembling hands! No blinking eyes!
The five moments that make the members nervous?
Sea of clouds!
Sunrise omega!
Rare 4-member red-crowned crane family!
Spectacled teals’ group dance!
And the most difficult mission, rainbow!

If the members successfully take the beautiful photos,
they’ll be given the most luxurious benefits to date!
So what are the benefits that make the members’ jaws drop?

Mobilizing the specialists in each field and special guests!
In order to capture the ‘moments’!
From the deputy director of KBS variety bureau, to SNSD…
With the best cameras that look like cannons…
Will the members be able to take the best pictures of their lives?

source: 1n2d
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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5 Responses to 11.12.18 1N2D Ep 234 Text Preview – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Wonny says:

    Can anyone tell me when is the broadcasting time for the show in malaysia please..need to know asap.. 🙂

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