11.12.21 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Some people seem to be questioning why SuGeun wasn’t nominated for the KBS Entertainment Daesang while SeungGi was. This is what I read from an article:

A source from the KBS Variety Bureau explained, “These Entertainment Daesang candidates were voted by the PDs in the variety bureau. Out of a total of 87 PDs, 84 PDs participated in the vote. It was a decision made by the producers.”

source: joynews
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Lee Seung Gi & ‘Strong Heart’ staff yearn for Kang Ho Dong’s return by allkpop


11.12.20 Nielsen ratings: #10 Strong Heart 12 (Seoul 13.8)

11.12.20 TNS ratings: #15 Strong Heart 10.6 (Seoul 13.6)

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28 Responses to 11.12.21 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    That rival show, 승승장구, only showed up in TNS Seoul area, at No. 20 (7.9%), while Strong Heart is No. 6 (13.6%).
    For some reason, this gives me great satisfaction.
    Seung Gi is getting better and better of course, but the line-up of guests is ever so important too.

    • Lyn says:

      I’m a very big fan of 1n2d especially of lee seung gi,and I really believe he deserve the nomination infact he deserve to win,and I hope people would see why.?we love soguen to but sense kang hodong leave I think lee seung gi did the hard work to void the place of kang hodong.I’m not Korean but i didn’t mess to watch this program…..hope and wish lee seung gi win…

  2. Yon says:

    Tryp, thanks for the article on why Sgeun was not nominated. At least that will silent those who think SGi should not be nominated. only the PDs know what SGi has done behind the screen(which viewers do not see on the broadcast) for the programme.

    • ryuu99 says:

      even then, Sugeun still deserves the nomination. the guy is hard-working. Gag Concert earlier this year, then Win Win, 1N2D plus now Invincible Youth 2. not saying Seunggi does not deserve the nomination, but you can’t fault people for asking why Sugeun is not nominated.

      • diahaksaeng says:

        well, i don’t know about other show. i just watch 1n2d. in my opinion (just my personal opinion, so no offense) especially on recent ep of 1n2d, u can see who did better? i didnt mean that Sugeun not do his best, but on recent ep without Hodong, i can tell that Seunggi was lead the show..
        I also watch some ep of Win WIn (just 2 ep), and i dont know why, maybe because of the concept or what, but i found that show a bit boring…
        and some people also asking why Kang Hodong is not nominated…???

      • tryp96 says:

        I thought your name looked a little familiar. Would you happen to be the same person who left this comment on allkpop?

        Ryuu99 2 hours ago
        come on KBS. Lee Sugeun should get the nomination, not Seunggi. this is becomeing a popularity contest, i see.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        If you want to debate, and for that you picked a very strange place to do it as this is a clearly marked LSG fan site, which show should Su Geun be nominated for? 1N2D? Any body with an ounce of sense can see who performs better in 1N2D. Win Win? I only saw a little of the show and Su Geun does not make any lasting impression at all.
        And remember 1N2D is THE show of all variety shows. Why should they pick a lesser show to nominate MC from? When it’s 1N2D, it’s Seung Gi.

        • ryuu99 says:

          except this isn’t the 1N2D Daesang, but the KBS Daesang. it’s not limited to one show per person. which show Sugeun will be nominated for? Win Win, 1N2D, Gag Concert, Invincible Youth 2. so you only saw a little of Win Win yet somehow with that one show you conclude that Sugeun does not deserve the nomination? you must be kidding me. why should they pick a ‘lesser’ show? use your head. Shin Dong Yeop’s ‘Hello’ and ‘Immortal Song’ both don’t have the ratings, Kim Byung Man in ‘Birth of a Family’ also do not have ratings, yet both are nominated for a Daesang. the ratings do not affect which show will have a nomination. i’m only saying this because even if Seunggi worked his butt off 1N2D, Sugeun worked his butt off on 1N2D + 3 other shows on KBS and since this is the KBS Daesang, at least KBS should have recognized the hard work Sugeun has put in 4 KBS programs. have you ever even seen Sugeun slack off in 1N2D in his 4 years? he does the driving, he does the ‘fun’ in the games, he does the punishments, he does the jokes, he even takes his shirt off completely just for the sake of entertainment. what a blind fangirl you are to say that Sugeun does not deserve a nomination at all. if Seunggi truly 100% deserves the nomination, then why is it that an article came out and the PDs have to explain themselves? oh, right, because everyone just hates Seunggi. rrrriiiight.

          • Anonymous says:

            an u clearly are a sugeun fanboy/girl since you’re only speaking in behalf of him/ think its unfair on his part…one would greatly question why khd was not nominated compared to sugeun not being nominated…especially if ur basing it on hard work, etc., khd deserves it so much more…and also the number of programs he has on a network doesn’t necessarily mean that he should be nominated since its the PDs that decide and most of his shows are with co-hosts and maybe he doesn’t shine out as much(?) plus more doesn’t equal great in everything…maybe due to the amount of shows (or personal problems at home), he was unable to showcase most of what he had to offer…we know he’s deserving, who in the 1n2d family is not?, and kbs has consistently nominated and awarded him with different awards the past years…maybe this isn’t his year…

          • tryp96 says:


            The only ones who don’t think SeungGi deserve the nomination are biased or ignorant people like yourself. Have you even read the Korean news articles or the netizens’ comments? They are full of praises for SeungGi, even though some think he probably won’t win just because of his young age and relatively short career as an entertainer/MC. There are articles questioning why SuGeun was not nominated, but NONE of them is saying SeungGi doesn’t deserve to be nominated. I only said that some people seemed to be questioning SeungGi’s nomination because of the comments I read in allkpop, from people like you. [And I know who you really are, even though you went to the trouble of changing your id. Seriously, how many times do I have to say this? If you are not a real fan of SeungGi, why bother coming to a SeungGi fan site?]

            I do like SuGeun, and I thought he would be nominated based on how much work he has done for KBS. BUT, the producers have spoken. They are the ones who really know what goes on behind the scenes. Obviously, they know how much SeungGi has contributed and that he deserves to be nominated. But for whatever reason, not that many of them are impressed by SuGeun enough to vote for him. That’s something between SuGeun and the producers. But why does SeungGi have to get the blame from people like you for SuGeun not being nominated? How is that his fault?

          • AnnMichelle says:

            So it’s you, RUMBALUMBA!
            Come here to try to agitate again?
            Why don’t you just go somewhere else to spread your Su Geun love and spare us of your tirade?

            • Anonymous says:

              I too got a hunch it’s ‘that person, RUMBA! from the very first comment up there. Same critique style as usual.

          • ayu says:

            hei ryu, why are you being so mean..? That’s not Seunggi Oppa’s fault 😦 please be nice. If you dont agree with the nomination, please do whatever you can, do not blame on Seunggi 😦 are you an antis of Seunggi ? 😦 may i know why? Please be nice.. Seunggi Oppa deserves our love.. If you think others will do better. You should cheer them, not blame on Seunggi. Please learn more about golden rules.. Please be nice..

          • ara says:

            Ehemm… hello, are you sure you’re in the right place? Shouldn’t you vent your anger at kbs website instead of here. You’re clearly out of place. Or is it because no one listen to you there that you have to come here. I don’t like this. I admit maybe I’m a little bias ‘coz I’m Seung Gi’s fan but I like Suguen too and I’m pretty sure Suguen would be happy for Seung Gi’s nomination too. I think everyone of them work hard, who doesn’t? It’s not Seung Gi’s fault if those PD’s want to nominate him. Tell KBS about your frustration. You losing your temper here is not going to change anything. Plus, you should know anything related to Lee Seung Gi’s name is bound to come out in articles because he’s so popular. It looks to me you’re just looking for a fight here. If you’re really going to fight for Suguen go to the right channel. Go tell kbs. I don’t want people to hate Suguen because of you. Why? Because Seung Gi is really close to Suguen. They play soccer together for goodness sake.So let me tell you this, go to kbs website and tell them. You’re in the wrong place.

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you have all the rights to question why Sugeun didn’t get nominated, but this is not the place, this blog is for Seunggi fans. If you are so angry, you can go to KBS board or some other places to do so, it is not nice to go to other people’s place and argue something they have no impact on.

          • Anonymous says:

            By the way, nobody can please everybody, Seunggi doesn’t need 100% approval by 100% people. Nobody can get that achievement.

          • Anonymous says:

            You’re that person ‘Rumbalumba’! Same critique style.

      • Yon says:

        I posted my comments towards the question mark on some people mind on why SGi was nominated but you are the one who wants to compare the 2. I’m very sure most of the SGi fans likes Su Geun as well. But Daesang can only allow 4-5nominees only and that is where the PD has to decide who should be given the final spot. Who knows, SGi votes might be 1 of the top & no matter how did not threaten Su Geun’s non-nominated status.

        If you think the PDs who voted him in are in the wrong, I would recommend that you learn your Korean, find a job in the tv station & see why SGi gets all the praise & nominations from the PD.

  3. getgotgotten says:

    of couse!! SGu deserves it too
    I’m sure if you asked Airen, most of all would said that SGu deserves it too

    But the voting is not from us right!! It’s from the producers which we all don’t know the reason why SGu wasn’t nominated.

    The producer’s point of view is different from us because they knew the all the system.
    I think this is the reason

  4. fangirl says:

    Congratulations to Seunggi!!!! Just to be nominated by the PDs is an honor. He doesn’t have to win right now. Wish Sugeun was nominated too. He deserves the nom. In the same way, if Seunggi wasn’t nominated, I’d be upset. But I wouldn’t try to bring the others nominees into the mix either. hope the entire 1n2d members win the team prize!

  5. ILoveMyself says:

    My comment… I think Suguen was nominated for BEST MC…then settle….Like last year, Best MC nominees are Suguen n SeungGi while Hodong on Daesang…So this Year for BEST MC maybe Seunggi will not being nominate under that category…

  6. shiyun says:

    Erm ryuu, this is where all seung gi fans gather together. Please don’t make insults about seung gi because you’ll get a lot of haters. He’s not as bad as you think. Yes, sugeun is good, but probably he’s not as good as seung gi? a lot of people knew how hard seung gi had worked hard. What’s done is already done. Just respect their decisions and stop all your nonsense. thanks.

  7. shiyun says:

    Erm ryuu, this is where all seung gi fans gather together. Please don’t make insults about seung gi because you’ll get a lot of haters. And it’s really very unfair to seung gi. He’s not as bad as you think. Yes, sugeun is good, but probably he’s not as good as seung gi? a lot of people knew how hard seung gi had worked hard. What’s done is already done. Just respect their decisions okay?

  8. shiyun says:

    Sorry please ignore the first comment of mine. I sounded so mean and I accidentally pressed “post comment”. no offence!!

  9. Congratulations to Seung Gi 🙂 Let’s don’t mind people who talk nonsense and cheer for Seung Gi

  10. Anonymous says:

    Being nominated is already an honour. Congrats to SeungGi-ssi. Pls dont fight coz of this award. I think SeungGi was suprised too that he been nominated and it is not his fault rite . He will feel disappointed if he read all your comment and this might caused a rift between him and suguen-hyung. Just pray and support for them.


  11. kim1317 says:

    Seung gi works so hard for 1n2d so whoever thinks he doesn’t deserve this just simply means jealousy. Seriously he has put so much effort being a great entertainer caring burdens & judgement from ppl since the absent of Kang Ho Dong from both strong heart and 1n2d so there is no doubt for this nomination. Those who doesn’t like this fact then pls go else where to discuss as this blog is for Airen only. Seung Gi hwaiting!!!!

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