11.12.24 KBS Entertainment Awards Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*4 clips + tudou links*

SeungGi’s Daesang acceptance speech

SeungGi presenting the MC Excellence Awards

“Thank You” parody (SeungGi is thankful that PD Na got eliminated during the 5th round on ‘1 vs 100’ :lol:)

credit: dclsg

SeungGi cut

credit: seungsunlove cafe

Part 1


Part 2


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21 Responses to 11.12.24 KBS Entertainment Awards Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. sarah says:

    Thanks Tryp for all the updates.. its Christmas.. but still you manage to update Us with all these clips.. and I am in JOY ^^ because SeunNgi won the Daesang Award!Im soo proud of him..truly He deserved it!!
    Merry Christmas to you!!and to ur whole family!^^ cheers..^^

    • sarah says:

      oh.. I just read all the articles.. so theres some turmoil with the Daesang Award winner.. really thought SGi won it alone..? 😦

  2. Gen Wong says:

    Seunggi is just too adorable in the last clip…love love love him in beanies! How I wish 1n2d would never end, because it’s the only place where we can see Seunggi having fun, playing around, eating, sleeping, waking up, being free around his hyungs, and being heodang!!!

    • sarah says:

      you said it Gen Wong..^^ the same way I will miss when 1n2d ends.. I truely love SGi on 1n2d because He is just SeungGi as he is.. the maknae and heodang.. not the celebrity with limitions and who think first before acting…^^

  3. supportamillion says:

    Just curious,why UTW win but not KJM?KJM deserve more than UTW…Why?it is because his younger than the other?WAKE UP KBS!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree.. i like UTW, but I think that KJM deserve the award than him.. KJM was way entertaining than UTW!

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s just say someone has mastered the art of freeloading (like how to make backroom deals with KBS)

    • Frankie says:

      Agree with you all. KJM is way more deserving! KBS is one crazy, messed up TV network!

    • deyani says:

      Totally agree… I honestly think UTW is more suited to win the rookie (new comer) award. KJM is way more deserving to win the great entertainer award. T.T

      • Anonymous says:

        KJM won the same award which UTW won already, I think it was in 2007? And I agree UTW does not deserve the award, MC Mong, KimC, JiWon and SeungGi never won anything till last year in fact! And all these four were way better than UTW. I feel sorry for JiWon specially, he never won anything till last year when he won what UTW won this year, after 4 years of 1N2D…

    • sarah says:

      really UTW wins?! thats absurd!! I think the others deserved it more(JM or Jiwon) i am new with these awrds and so.. but I think KBS do it not so good this year… politically played?!o_O

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hope 1N2D put those behind the scene clips on their show,like what they did before.
    Merry Christmas tryp and to all airens.

  5. deyani says:

    Thank you so much for uploading the clips and keeping us updated with the awards, Tryp. You’re the best!

    Merry Christmas Tryp and all Airens from around the world.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Tryp for postig these clips! The way he holds himself wherever and whenever, he is the person to be proud of. First clip, he said he didn’t want winning solo as he was against all four who have been in the business for long and great names but he is glad that he won it with hyoungs who have been together for 5 years.. Also he thanked Na PD, main writer and all the staff. His last sentence was till it’s last filiming, he will do his best.. Second clip, when he was asked whether he has any expectations, he said he is under a lot of pressure at the end of every year, and he wants to go thin and long in his career, so he does not want to win the honour.. I am really sorry that he had to feel that way because of all this hipocracy in Korean culture, put me in shame sometimes for being a Korean (no offence..) But isn’t he funny and cute in third clip? Love when SeungGi wears a binny. And Can’t wait till today’s 1N2D, heard it’s good 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas everyone 🙂

  7. ara says:

    Congratulation Seung Gi & 1n2d members!!!! Personally I wish Seung Gi would have won alone ‘coz he totally deserved it but I guess people will start questioning. Anyway I hope I can see Seung Gi win daesang solo. Congratulation again. Totally unexpected. They must be so surprised!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    my two cent. lee seung gi was nominated for daesang, while other was not, therefore to me he had won the prize. even though it was award toward the team. so to me the winners announcement should be “Lee seung gi AND 1n2d team members”, since he was nominate while others wasn’t. also, everyone is pointing to him to say the acceptance speech first. not the according to order (oldest to youngest). but i still wish he has won solo 🙂 yes the award is totally unexpected to them.. they look so shock and had to figure out whats going on, before they went up the stage. anyway we still had sbs award to look forward too. he was nominate last year, i am sure he will be too this year. look at strong heart, despite kong ho dong temporary retirement he still manage to maintain good ratings all by himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I didn’t want to mention this but as soon as KBS nominated SeungGi for Daesang, all SeungGi’s Korean fans went through so much turmoil, as people on the net really tried harm him for being young, non Gagman, and even why he was nominated when SuGeun wasn’t.. They were scared of SeungGi having more chance, because of what he achieved in 1N2D in the year plus his poplularity? Specially, people who are fan of nominated YJS or even from KBM’s management company, which is the same management with LSuG. I think that’s why SeungGi was also under a lot of pressure. But off line, people were vouching for SeungGi who have watched him in 1N2D for 5 years! KBS might have changed last minute to award the whole team as SeungGi didn’t want it alone. As there was only one throphy and his name was called out first and he was holding the throphy till the end..If KBS wanted to award the whole team they should not have nominated SeungGi only..

  9. leigh says:

    Im happy the award went to 1n2d 🙂 They all deserve the daesang. No matter who gives who. No question at all they are the best of the best. I’ll forever love 1n2d…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just my 2 cents,
    Just because of some articles digging that Lee Seung Gi is the youngest of the group and participates in only 1N2D show or because of another ridiculous reasons … that KBS gave the Grand prize for a group suddenly – while the Grand prize is an individual award!!!???!!!
    If not due to the press and netizens (or Seung Gi’s antifans?!?), tell me why KBS didn’t publish all members of 1N2D as a nominee (group) on December 21???!!!???
    Then, what’s the meaning of the Best show award – Gag concert ???
    And “the best excellence show MC award” suddenly becomes the highest individual award???

  11. Boo Jia Min says:

    Seung Gi oppa looks good with Yuri!!!

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