11.12.24 KBS Entertainment Awards Photos II – Lee Seung Gi

*20 pics*

credit: as labeled

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67 Responses to 11.12.24 KBS Entertainment Awards Photos II – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Faith@hope says:

    Did he win or what? ???

    • tryp96 says:

      The Daesang SeungGi was nominated for went to the entire 1n2d team instead.

      • Faith@hope says:

        Really????I already know kbs is worst but I did not imagine this it more worst like this….

      • Eva says:

        I see…I was wondering about that…it looks like they’re all surprise too based from their reactions…that’s just weird since they made an early announcement on who are the candidates for daesang award then suddenly they’ll give this out…anyways…I’m still happy that they won the grand price 😀 Merry Christmas Tryp and thanks for the updates ^^

  2. Lyn says:

    Not bcuz he doesn’t mention name of KHD it doesn’t mean he really forget him we how much he love KHD…..

  3. samantha says:

    The KBS Grand Award goes to 1n2d.

  4. Anonymous says:

    as much as i love that the whole 1n2d team won the daesang… i wish that seunggi would have won an individual award.. he deserves it.. i think one of the reason that he was the one nominated for the daesang is so that sugeun could be nominated and win the best excellence award (which he deserves as well)… seunggi could have easily won the excellence award… great sacrifice on his part… he’s such a team player!!

  5. Seunggiloverforever says:

    All I can is congrats to emperor lee seung gi and to all the cast of 1n2d….and thanks GOD for looking out to our lee seung gi….

  6. getgotgotten says:

    When I watched it
    I was surprised by that. But I think it’s still great
    when they announced Daesang , 1n2d team seems surprise too. (I wonder if I was the only one who felf that??)

  7. Seunggiloverforever says:

    Hope lee seung gi doesn’t work anymore on k bs…..it’s so dissapionting…..

  8. yon says:

    i was speechless by the results… I’m not against 1N2D or SGi, but it’s unfair to the other nominees when they are aware that they are 1 of the nominees.

    Imagine each nominee has a 20% (based on 5 nominees) chance of winning but in the end, it was 0% because they want to award to 1N2D, is it fair to them? If they did not announce the nominees for the Daesang award, i will be very happy for 1N2D.

    Since they have announced it, i would have preferred them award 1N2D for their great work and effort by giving a special award instead.

    • Eva says:

      LOL! I thought I was the only one got confused at the end. I even tweeted Tryp just to find out what’s going on because I didn’t get it…I think I have the same reactions as the 1n2d members…hehehe…
      However, since they’ll end the show next year, I guess it’s great for all of them that they got the grand award for the last time…great Christmas present for all of them and even though KHD wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure he’s proud of them too 😀

      • choelyn lee says:

        Hi 5, eva! I was confused too. Lol.. my expression was.. huh? did it just end like this. It’s really confusing. ><

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with you! I was speechless too.
      Poor for Seunggi! He got a ton of criticisms about him in Daesang nominee list but he didn’t get any truly deserved reciprocation.
      Can I said the final result is consolation prize!? Thanks, no way!
      KBS releases the daesang nominee list is just kind of used him for sensationalizing the daesang’s topic and threw him away after that. It’s even putting him in such a awkward situation.
      Honestly, I would be happy that 1n2d team won the award if I don’t know the who is daesang nominees. why don’t putting it in the nominee list if they really want to grant this award to 1n2d team?
      KBS always did things that makes me loathe!

  9. humankind says:

    I hope SBS done a better job…..

  10. AnnMichelle says:

    Look at it this way – Seung Gi personifies 1N2D. He is the representative of 1N2D. And there is no denying great teamwork makes the show what it is today. So, okay, I can live with KBS’s sneaky way out.

    Seung Gi, alone or in a team, award or not, you’ve done an excellent job! Congratulations!

  11. ILoveMyself says:

    Congratz to 1n2d team…I wish LSG will win the award individually but nevermind, I still accept the result…because a day before there are article mentioning LSG treat his friends like King & Queen. so, by sharing the award that was nominated to him alone with all the team it proves how everyone shine together with him.
    My assumption for the surprise announcement(I just want to keep my thought positive of not blaming KBS for the surprise result)
    1. Maybe LSG itself told the crew that if he wins, he wants the announcer to announce the winner is the whole 1n2d team
    2. Actually am glad hearing the whole team win. If he wins it alone, people might talk bad about him since he is still young while the other candidates are more experience & senior than him

    • getgotgotten says:

      Couldn’t agree more !!
      I thought of that too.
      If it’s true LSG is just too good!!!
      can’t find of the word to describe

      He’s real Emperor

    • deyani says:

      100% agree with you. Just from his speech, I also got the impression that he has told them in advanced to award his hyungs the daesang award too.

      Honestly, when I read an article (http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=2322) about why he’s nominated instead of sugeun, I was really upset. They mentioned that KBS nominated him as they have thought that if Seunggi win, they can use it as a form of leverage to put him in a new show after 1n2d ends. After everything that Lee Seung Gi’s done in the show, KBS is still trying to pressure him to stay in KBS after 1n2d ends. 80+ PDs nominated him because he’s truly deserve it! This is the reason why I hate politic… there are so many things that happen behind the scenes.

      I’m glad that the award went to the entire 1n2d members. I hope KBS now will not have any other reason to keep Seunggi there after 1n2d ends. And I do believe, sooner or later, Seunggi will get the Daesang award.

  12. Hoihoilover says:

    poor SEUNGGI sacrifice tell the end…..People badmouth him for being nominee but look what happen?…seung gi never mind them just think we are here always just for you…..

  13. sugar and spice says:

    It’s so surprising how KBS pulled this off. Personally, I wished that they didn’t announce the nominees earlier if they were already planning to do this. I may be off the mark but since it’s 1n2d’s last entertainment award show, this is probably their way of saying thank you for all the revenue and recognition that 1n2d gave to KBS through the years. Much as I’m sad that Seung Gi wasn’t able to take home an individual award (but I’m sure he will take a Daesang home sooner or later) I’m still happy 1n2d went out with a bang.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone and let’s wish LSGi will have the Daesang soon 🙂

    • yon says:

      agree with you.. if they wanted to thank 1N2D and the members, they should not annouce the nominees at all. Imagine if SGi was 1 of the nominees and the tv station award to another team for the Daesang award, how would we feel? i’m sure all of us will be writing in to complain, isn’t it?

      Anyway, KBS screw up some of the results tonight, i shouldn’t be surprise by their action. haha.

      I’m hoping the other tv station will award the right winner and not turn the table like KBS. (i’m still 100% a SGi supporter)

      • Eva says:

        also, I realize that Lee Seung Gi was the only one not nominated for any category!!! Kim Jong Min and Uhm Tae Woong were nominated, in which UTW won the award; then Eun Ji Won & Lee Su Geun, but neither got the award; then Lee Su Geun won one of the awards…what kind of c$%^ is that? we’re all expecting that he’s nominated for the daesang award but in the end the entire 1n2d received the grand award, in which I’m happy but not 100% satisfied. oh well, like you all said, let’s hope that LSG will have better luck with SBS next week.

  14. tryp96 says:

    Can I just say that I’m sooooo glad that this would probably be the last time I have to watch KBS Entertainment Awards? Hook, please get SeungGi as far away from KBS as possible after 1n2d ends. Everything is too political!

    • kr4ever says:

      100% agree with you.

    • yon says:

      yes man..after 1N2D, i don’t think there are any programme for me to watch on KBSWorld…haha….unless SGi is on some of the programmes for his drama/album promotions…

    • AnnMichelle says:

      Me three!

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who is upset over how KBS went about this. If they wanted to recognized the whole cast of 1N2D’s, then shouldn’t the cast be given the Best Program or the Best Team Work award instead? What is the point of announcing SG Daesang nomination ahead of time only to end up awarding it to the whole team?

    • samarendra says:

      this is absurd. i hate kbs .what is this drama for.first you don’t nominate him for any other award and then you give kbs desang to all members,.plz i want lee sung gi fans to stop watching kbs.plz try 96 p send ourmessage to lee sung gi and leave kbs

    • flvwl says:

      Hello Tryp. After having read all the comments on this article, I feel sad for Seung Gi.because he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. Although he was smiling, I somehow i feel that he’s hurting inside too ‘coz of the notion that some people think that he doesn’t deserve the award. As I’ve commented before, Seung Gi might be young but he’s on a par with these veteran hosts.
      To all Airens and Seung Gi’s fans, have a glorious Christmas and be strong ‘coz Seung Gi definitely our support.

  15. Ay says:

    I like 1n2d and of course, i like seung gi even more. I am surprised by the result but not unhappy about it. Actually, by giving the award to 1n2d, they are implying that seung gi won as he was nominated based on that show. If Seung gi won, he would be under a lot more pressure in the dyas ahead and knowing how much he likes his hyungs and the crew, I think he would be happy with the aarnagements. While i would like to see Seung gi wins, i think this is a good ‘arrangment’. However, I don’t think KBS handled it very well because they gave the award to ‘someone’ who was not on the nomination list.

  16. choelyn lee says:

    I was really surprised by the result. (I’m not saying that other members of 1n2d shouldn’t get the award) They shouldn’t put Seung Gi’s name on the DaeSang nomination list but should put 1N2D instead if KBS wanted it to turn out this way. This is so disappointing as many people do have the thought that Seung Gi might won the Daesang and might be the youngest entertainer to win the Daesang in history. However, why did things turned out like this? KBS should really give proper credit and be responsible to Seung Gi for putting his name on the list and scooping up people’s expectation on him! 😦 Fortunately, they mentioned Seung Gi’s name first before everyone else and passed him the trophy. (I am still upset by the sharing of the award but since this is the last time 1n2d members took an award together, I will still congratulate them. Seung Gi oppa~~~!!! We knew that you’ve done your best and have given your utmost effort! you are the best in our heart! The daesang winner in our heart will be YOU forever!!!! <3)

  17. Macy says:

    No wonder kbs employee strike! Bcuz kbs is sooo twisted,I feel so sorry for LEE SEUNG GI….however maybe our kind,loving emperor is happy of what happen of the result..”….at least now he more comfortable to his hyungs and no pressure at all…..but it’s really disapointing…..

  18. kim1317 says:

    I’m happy that 1N2D won something but this is really weird!!! After all the controversy Seung Gi went through being nominated then it turner out all the members won instead. Since it the last year if 1N2D why can’t the member won the team work award since they have being working really hard together after the absent of Kang Ho Dong and give Seung gi Daeseng award instead??

    • supportamillion says:

      Agree a million times….poor seung gi.I don’t understand?theres a lot of question of him for being a nominee but what just happen?really poor him.I hope kbs not look for being young,look for how hard working he is,I feel like LEE SEUNG GI is being USE”…..

  19. samarendra says:

    this is absurd. i hate kbs .what is this drama for.first you don’t nominate him for any other award and then you give kbs desang to all members,.plz i want lee sung gi fans to stop watching kbs.plz trp send ourmessage to lee sung gi and leave kbs

  20. diahaksaeng says:

    best entertainer award went to Uhm @#$%$@^%@&???? are u kidding me? what an absurb result.
    Poor Seunggi…Hope SBS will do a better job

    • Anonymous says:

      KJM deserve that award than UTW. I don’t hate UTW, but KJM was way entertaining and funnier than UTW!

      I think that UTW is still a bit awkward in 1n2d. I don’t get it why he won that award!

      • diahaksaeng says:

        totally agree with you. thats why for me not all 1n2d member shouldn’t win daesang, because there is someone that still dont do his best (bit awkward……..???)
        if KBS want to give the daesang to more that one, just give it to Seunggi, Sugeun and Jiwon, Off course Sugeun and jiwon must be nominated at first, not like this

        • kim1317 says:

          Me too. Totally argeed! Sugeun & Jiwon are more well deserved! I mean Sugeun always being great and Jiwon really step up this year. You can see he has put a lot of effort. To me the best 1N2D team members are Seung Gi, Ho Dong, MC Mong, Kim C, Jiwon, and Suguen.

      • kr4ever says:

        UTW wins, lol he doesn’t even do much on the show. KJM deserved it more than him…

  21. kimchi says:

    what? isn’t daesang for individual nomination only? don’t get me wrong..i love 1n2d but this is so weird..they are not even nominated as a team. i think its unfair for the other nominees but nonetheless congrats 1n2d! Oh crap, I don’t even want 1N2D to end but with all these happenings….hmmm. if its only possible to transfer the program to other stations I would be very happy!

    • kimchi says:

      By the way, didn’t he say that he will retire if he will receive the award? since he didn’t win it alone its no use to keep his word….but i think it would be better if he’ll just retire from working with kbs. hihihi!

  22. ryuu99 says:

    oh hoh. so apparently i’m not the only ignorant one thinking Sugeun should have been nominated for the Daesang. first off, Sugeun’s co-MC on Win Win Kim Seung Woo even made a statement live on the awards show that it was unfortunate that Sugeun didn’t get nominated, and a girl announcer even nodded in agreement. and then what, KBS changes Lee Seunggi’s name into 1N2D? if anything, it is much more unfair to the other nominees. you’re nominated thinking you’re going against Lee Seunggi yet somehow you lost to the 1N2D team? if Seunggi sooooo rightly deserved to be nominated above Sugeun for the Daesang, none of this would have happened and it wouldn’t have been complicated. why couldn’t just KBS give it to Lee Seunggi? why the last-minute change in the nominees? this is not fantasy land where people hate Seunggi just for the lulz. there would have been a big backlash if Seunggi won the Daesang. in fact, the response against Seunggi being nominated above Sugeun made an issue that KBS had to change the nominees. they went out and announced Seunggi as the nominee, people responded to it, and at the last minute they changed it to ‘1N2D team’. do you fans have any other reason why KBS suddenly decided to change it? ‘oh oh oh because KBS hates Lee Seunggi’. bleh. and again, look at an article published days ago saying KBS wanted to leverage Seunggi’s name by nominating him.

    also, to the girl who said UTW did not deserve an award, just get real. Jongmin joined in 2009 and was pretty much non-existent all throughout. even today he tries too hard to be funny. that diction/pronunciation game he tries too hard to ‘make mistakes’ it’s so obvious. at least Seunggi and Jiwon knows how to fake making mistakes for the sake of entertainment. Jongmin’s way of making it too obvious is just cringe-worthy to watch.

    among the original nominees, i figured Kim Byung Man of Gag Concert would have won the Daesang (it’s about damn time he did anyways), but when they changed it to 1N2D team, i mean of course 1N2D team would have won.

    • kim1317 says:

      If nominating Seung Gi was an issue thus they can’t let him win, they can just give it too other nominees. Why the whole group. And if u really have issue abt Seung Gi for being nominating or winning why come to his fan page to blab on? All of us here have no issue of who been nominated or who won, we did not think though it was handle right so I don’t understand why u made such a big deal abt this. Getting all defensive?

      And its true that UTW should win best entertainer because really there are many truely amazing entertainer are more well deserved. Everyone has their own opinion & if u dont like it u shouldn’t be mean like this. I really do think u just wanna be here to start a fight with us Airens.

      • ryuu99 says:

        im a fan of Seunggi as well, but then again just because i’m a fan doesn’t mean i blindly support him being nominated on things where i (and apparently more than ‘some’ people) feel other people deserve to be nominated in. i would have said the same exact things if Taewoong, Jongmin, or Jiwon were nominated for the Daesang. i am not saying Seunggi or Jiwon or Taewoong do not deserve being nominated. what i have been saying is Sugeun deserves the nomination more so than any of the other four boys. as this was the KBS Daesang, i felt that Sugeun’s work in Gag Concert, Win Win, Invincible Youth 2, Order Received, and 1 Night 2 Days has earned him not only the nomination, but also the award. even if Kang Hodong did not retire, i would have had the same sentiments that Sugeun should have won the Daesang. yes, even against Kang Hodong.

        also, i would have rather Taewoong win the Best Newcomer Award since frankly he’s better than any of the nominees and even the winner (the baseball guy from 1N2D and QoM). BUT, i still feel Taewoong has performed and improved better than Jongmin. looking at it, Jongmin was already a variety star for years before 1N2D. after he came back, his performance just wasn’t as good as before. i too was very disappointed. it was slow progress, but he has been on the show since 2009 so he ought to get progress. Taewoong has had the same progress as Jongmin in just his first year as a 1n2d member and as a variety star. so of course i’d go for the man who improved so much given very little time. that also happened to Seunggi and Sugeun as well. Seunggi improved under a year, Sugeun too by 2008 these two guys were at the very top for me in terms of variety talent.

        • Harr says:

          Please don’t pretend you like Seung Gi. No one believes you. You support Su Geun, that’s it. You did not answer the question of why you come here. Really, why? Go bother other 1N2D sites. Build a Su Geun site. Do something positive. Don’t take cheap shots.

          • ryuu99 says:

            yeah because clearly if i like Seunggi but i feel that his hyung should have been nominated on something that his hyung deserves more, apparently my “like” suddenly turns into “pretending to like”. get real. i am not the kind of fan where everything has to go to my star, every nomination and win should be won by my star, and that he is the center of the world. oh please. i’m just saying that Sugeun deserved it more than Seunggi. was that a crime or a sin that i feel that way? am i not allowed to like Seunggi and at the same time be labelled as a hater because i feel that his hyung deserves the nomination more than him? i would gladly give Seunggi the Daesang for SBS (and i think he deserves it too), but certainly not KBS. i’m a fan but not a blind one because following blindly is just ridiculous it’s not even funny. i just said Sugeun deserved the nomination more and people jumped on me like a cursed Seunggi. i go here because i am a fan of Seunggi and 1N2D and this blog (among other blogs too) deliver the news faster. in fact, tryp posts faster 1N2D stuff than the peeps from soompi and other blogs. and Strong Heart too i follow it as well.

    • Andy says:

      You must be kidding me! You think this is a ku-do to Sugeun? Wake up! It’s politics. KBS has no credit. How can they face the public and the other nominates? You don’t read Korean but just look at the titles of Korean articles Tryp has nicely translated in the twitter update.
      UTW is doing more than KJM? Again, you must be kidding me. All he did was saying “where are we going today” a beat earlier (and the others just tolerate that) and bragging about himself in front of ajumas.

      • ryuu99 says:

        and what has Jongmin done besides faking the diction game and playing the “aw poor me” card over and over? every comment he says it’s like it’s him against the world. dude needs to get over it and gain some confidence. you guys are only made at Taewoong for spraying water on Seunggi’s face, but that’s just blind hate that it’s ridiculous. you discredit someone’s performance becasue ‘he’s hurting your precious star’? you’re the one that must be kidding. Taewoong had the funnier moments in 1N2D the past year, and he overall performed better than Jongmin. if not, he wouldn’t have won over Jongmin. let the award speak for itself.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’m just going to say my piece and that’s it because i think its useless to reason with you because you could be so irrational… i don’t want to be mean or start any fight but i hope that you be more careful and tactful with your words…

      i think that kbs had already decided to give the daesang to the whole 1n2d team beforehand because they rightfully deserve to get it especially after KHD left.. now i think they put seunggi’s name on the nomination list for the daesang because just like what the article you mentioned said, they could only put one person from each show… if they had put lee suguen’s name as a nominee, he wouldn’t have won the best excellence award.. doing that, he actually won two awards… did you see lee seunggi win any individual award (which btw, i think he truly deserves).. now do you see the logic and reasoning in that?

      and we are all entitled to our opinions, so most of us here just thought that KJM actually deserve to get the award because he was actually more entertaining and funnier than UTW.. we didn’t actually say that we don’t like UTW… but with the way you said things, it seemed like you actually don’t like some of the 1n2d members…

      anyway, it was a good win for all the members and they truly deserve it!!

      • ryuu99 says:

        if i truly didn’t like all the members, i would not be the one saying ‘UTW didn’t deserve the award!’. so-called “fans” could have just said “i was hoping Jongmin won” or something like that instead all i see here are people whining “Uhm Taewoong does not deserve the award” flatout and straightforward. there is a difference and the hate here is so strong on UTW. so tell me, who doesn’t like who?

        • Anonymous says:

          But the fact remains that UTW does not deserve the award. (And here, I emphasise that NO ONE (we) have not said that we hate UTW) There is no need to beat around the bush and say it in a roundabout way, a style which you seem to favour just because its easier on the ears than the cold truth.

    • Ayu says:

      you, again..?
      Please get a life.. 😦

  23. kim1317 says:


  24. Ayu says:

    hehehe what i love from the photos is Lee Seung Gi goes well with Yuri.
    Look like a couple ❤

  25. diahaksaeng says:

    @Ryuu99 : I dont know why you always said that we are blind fans, but now i know what a blind people are you. You said UTW funnier than JongMin, and even better dan Best Newcomer Award Winner Yang Jun Hyuk??? OMG,,,where are your eyes? Can’t you see it in 1n2d?
    You said that we dont like him because of spraying water to Seunggi’s Face? NO…you wrong. I dont like him because of he didnt do anything on the show, whenerer the guys talk about anything, even Jongmin can join the conversation, but all you can see he just do nothing (silently)., ah…you cant see it, right???
    Even my sister who is not Seunggi’s Fans also said like that, but you who said you are Seunggi’s fans but can’t see it. so strange…

  26. CanYouHandleTheTruth? says:

    Sometimes I feel so sorry for international fans like this ryuu person. Can’t read Korean and has to be fed whatever crap that people bother to translate. It’s really time for you to wake up and learn some Korean, so that you don’t act and sound so ignorant!!!!
    Uhm Force is the biggest freeloader in history, and he doesn’t even feel slightly ashamed for single-handedly ending the 1n2d reign. If you want the truth, just go ask Kang Ho Dong why he wanted to quit 1N2D before his unfortunate tax scandal.
    LSGn is the biggest two-face, at least in 1n2d history. He can diss LSGi all he wants to, so that he can make up for his inferiority complex. But anyone who has half a brain will see through his pretense. Once a stooge, always a stooge. You can root for him all you want, but he is not main MC material. That’s why he was NOT nominated. He and his dimwitted agency knows that very well, yet they still put out those stupid articles. It’s purely pathetic. And oh yeah, 승승장구 team will get what they deserve. Believe in karma!

    • AnnMichelle says:

      So so happy to hear someone speak the truth as it is.
      I am not Korean. I feel the same way about all the things you wrote.
      No matter. Seung Gi will not be burdened by that bunch too long now.

  27. macbonie says:

    I do not hate or dislike UTW, and he can win whichever award for all I care.. But Best ENTERTAINER Award??! You’ve got to be kiddin’.

  28. nsaliza says:

    no matter what happen, i will always n always support Lee Seung Gi oppa.. LSG, hwaiting!!!!

  29. kim1317 says:

    I think we should all ignore Ryuu because we are better people who doesn’t seek attention. No point to be reasonable with people who seek attention. Let’s have a good Christmas and wish Seung Gi all the best for 2012 with all his projects. Airens hwaiting! Seung Gi hwaiting!!!!

  30. Leogal says:

    Ladies , Look on the bright side…KBS awards is over. Let support SeungGi-ssi for SBS awards.
    I was surprised too and Seung gi looked surprised too. But we cant change anything even if you give bad comments here rite.
    Let hope he brings something back for himself this week.

    Vote for him and Fighting Seung gi -ssi

    Love you

  31. Anonymous says:

    I know this is kinda late… but can anyone explain how or why did UTW get the entertainment award from KBS? Are KBS shows so short on talent? Objectively, this feels like an insult to the other entertainers from all the other shows.

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