11.12.25 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

1N2D, Na PD drops to his knees in front of Lee Seung Gi by kpopfever

1N2D, Lee Seung Gi the Emperor of tricks introduces Sic Ba mountain by kpopfever


Reading pages and pages of articles like these is giving me a bad headache…

1N2D wins KBS Entertainment Daesang, meaningless nominations
1N2D candidacy controversy… Daesang? If it was going to be like this, why announce nominees in the first place?
Nomination-less 1N2D team, Entertainment Daesang controversy
Candidacy controversy over 1N2D team winning Daesang… Viewers enraged
1N2D wins Daesang without even being nominated… Netizens “It’s absurd”

But at least KBS got the ratings they wanted:

11.12.24 Nielsen ratings: #5 KBS Ent Awards 16.8 (Seoul 17.3)

11.12.24 TNS ratings: #2 KBS Ent Awards Part 2 18.1 (Seoul 19.6); #8 KBS Ent Awards Part 1 12.2 (Seoul 13.9)

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12 Responses to 11.12.25 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. getgotgotten says:

    KBS shouldn’t have done this.
    They should have gave The best teamwork to 1N2D team.
    Did they ever thought its gonna turn out like this??

    But i’m still glad that 1n2d won the award
    Because at least i felt that If LSG won the award He might felf a bit uneasy about it
    Although, he deserves it . (what the humble and nice person!!)

    All KBS would have done is not announced the nominated at first place
    All i need to do now is looking forward to SBS Award!!
    At least SBS never let me down

  2. Gen Wong says:

    I really feel sorry for Seunggi and the 1n2d team…I hope the mess that is totally KBS’ fault will not affect them. I hope everything will return to normal soon, especially since the show is gonna end real soon…what a year-ender for our favorite variety show…MC Mong’s controversy, Kim C’s departure, Hodong’s sudden departure, Seunggi got embroiled in a controversy too…I hope we will all see a beautiful ending and an honorable exit for this show. It gave us laughter for the past 5 years, and that’s we should remember more than the negatives. Most of all, I hope this will not put Seunggi in another compromising situation. Seunggi needs to grow, he did his best. I will always be proud to be a fan!

  3. luv0488 says:

    awwww,, i dunn want to read any articles bout that controversy if possible,, the 1n2d team has nothing to do with the KBS’ decision.. Their names should not be dragged there like they were the reason of the misconception of the viewers…. KBS should clear all these mess,, It’ll ruin the names of the members and the show itself,,, Arggg how frustrating Y_Y

  4. Anonymous says:

    Poor seng gi. His goody two shoes image is totally flipped. Korean netizens are flipping out and there blaming it on kbs, but seung gi and 1n2d gets all the blame. I’m sure he’s having a great Christmas break now that seung gi haters have formed……

  5. ayu says:

    dear airens, let us not to be sad because of the bad news. I will always hope and pray for Seunggi happiness and success. Amen. Let us not hear badmouth about him out there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, I agreed that it is not the 1N2D Team’s fault at all! There is no need for KBS to announce the nominees beforehand but once they did, they gonna have to stick with it. Just blame it on KBS. 1N2D Team has nothing to do with this because they aren’t the ones that messed up.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what SeungGi is facing. Even though whole team won but still they target him alone. Why? Because they know he deserved it. Don’t worry too much, it’s all done by some people who are fans of YJS or the fans of other rival programs on the net, plus some silly reporters who don’t search their writing materials in real life but look at on line replies and think that’s what real people think. (I always thought higly of reporters but not these days, these reporters can’t be called reportes..) Do you know how many articles coming out, even before 1N2D even finishes mainly about SeungGi? For exmple, when SeungGi made a hatrick (3 goals) in the soccer game against staff in NamHae, there were articles about SeungGi scored 2 goals! They could not even wait till the program finises as if 1N2D was a live show.. Think of this way and hope you agree with me.. SeungGi is happy that he shared the honour with his hyoungs who have been with him for 5 years (whether they deserved this or not) and his profile always will contain that he has won the Daesang this year. Everyone knows he deserved to win. Main MC for the most watched program of the year, who askes for more?

      He is too hot for them to handle as they’ve never met a rival(?) like SeungGi, tall, handsome, smart, sings, acts and most of all, well loved by everyone for his personality… After yesterday’s 1N2D, LeeSeungGi was the number 1 most searched in top portal sites, even SicBa San. Also after the GagConert, GagConcert Lee SeungGi was number 1 on the list, even though he was on the show about 2 minutes. This is SeungGI power. There never has been so hot star in variety programs before. So you can understand (?) why these so called anti SeungGi are on the net trying to harm him, trying to see if they make a bad comment, hoping to see their star gets higher ratings(?). I am not sure why exactly but to me, it just shows they are not confident about their star’s ability or poplularity. So hope all of you are not so upset about these articles and if there is any chance, let’s show some support 🙂

      • AnnMichelle says:

        I used to think my view of Seung Gi was biased, because I was (am) a huge fan of his, and that my admiration of him sort of colored my judgement, whether it’s about his accomplishments or other entertainers who were ‘competing’ with him. Now I don’t think that anymore. Seung Gi is truly unique and brilliant, so much so that, like you said, he puts people in awe (remember KHD once said, while co-hosting SH, that Seung Gi was getting scary, i.e. his mc skills). I am not upset about malicious rumors/opinions from fans of others. (Like you said, those just reflected how insecure they were about their stars.) What still upsets me is the action of those in power or in position to impact on his career negatively. I cheer when Seung Gi overcomes one obstacle after another. I am so proud to be his fan.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks, AnnMichelle. I am glad you feel the same way I do.. KBS started their media play again like in Feb, now because SeungGi said he won’t join season 2, it also seems to be the reason SeungGi didn’t get solo Daesang, so typical… And now he is nominated for SBS Daesang as well, so we will see more of media play again. Even if marginaly higher, but still SeungGi is the MC of Strong Heart, the highest rated at SBS. Also the highest profitable program, which earns them 80% of their entertainmet section income 🙂 As 1N2D earned more then enough to cover whole entertaining section of KBS 🙂 So let’s wait and see SBS does it different from KBS. Even SBS guards thinks SeunGi is the face of SBS… (which I read when SeungGall event team provided lunch for InGiGaYo – music program… That they were allowed to bring in hot soup when normally not allowed…Because it was for SeungGi..) I really hope he wins this time, if he gets blamed for being too young or non-Comedian, it’s better for him to win than not winning 🙂

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