11.12.26 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Now I know what the ‘BS’ in ‘KBS’ stands for.

On December 26, the KBS Variety Production Bureau Chief said, “It’s true that the 5 nominees announced originally led to an eye-opening outcome, but each of them was somewhat lacking as a sole Daesang winner.”

[Since it’s all BS, I’m not going to translate the rest.]

source: mbn news


11.12.25 1N2D single rating: 25.9% (Nielsen)


Gag Concert had the highest viewership ratings in its history yesterday. But I wonder how much of that could be contributed to SeungGi. 😛

11.12.25 Nielsen ratings: #2 Gag Concert 27.9 (Seoul 29.8), #3 Happy Sunday 20 (Seoul 20.4), #11 1N2D Rerun 11.9 (Seoul 11.9)

11.12.25 TNS ratings: #2 Gag Concert 26.5 (Seoul 29.4), #3 Happy Sunday 19.7 (Seoul 20.7), #8 1N2D Rerun 12.5 (Seoul 12.3)

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54 Responses to 11.12.26 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    wow…gag concert’s viewer rating even higher than 1n2d…
    positive thinking, its because Seunggi also in there hehehe lol

    • tryp96 says:

      Before the show aired, there were lots of articles talking about SeungGi’s guest appearance. And I’m sure SeungGi fans all tuned in to the entire show just waiting for SeungGi’s part (which came on near the end); I know I did. And as an anonymous fan pointed out in an earlier post, ‘Lee Seung Gi Gag Concert’ was the #1 searched term after the show. So there’s really no denying that SeungGi had contributed to Gag Concert’s record-high ratings. 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. At least Seunggi appeared on 2nd and 3rd highest viewer rating shows yesterday.
    I think he normally can boost 2~3% of the show’s viewer rating if he appeared on other show.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. Daebak..Seunggi was too cute in gag concert… I like it. 🙂 but
    I am curious, is seunggi the only guest for gag concert Xmas special??

  4. diahaksaeng says:

    OMG…lacking for sole Daesang winner??? so why the lacking people must be nominated for Daesang???

  5. KeunyangSeunggiyah says:

    I agree. Utter BS. Even when they’re trying to find a way out from the mad decision there’s no way he can belittle the nominees’ abilities. No rightful solo winner, they say? Next time just refrain from releasing news without calculating the outcome. God I’m so angry.

  6. airen zu says:

    LOL at first i dont understand what BS is all about..to think bout it, i got the answer already..there is one guy commented at allkpop KBS= Korean B******t System..hahaha

  7. Anonymous says:

    Haha bs indeed…2 out of the 5 nominees had been nominated before for the daesang…why nominate yoo jaesuk and lee kyungkyu if they are ‘lacking’ year after year? and they have been nominees in other stations daesangs too! kbs not only screwed this one up, now they are insulting the mcs?

  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG…my heartbroken by this BS clarify statement!
    I have to ANTI this broadcast system from now on

  9. Yon says:

    I had a good laugh when u said u understand what the BS stands for..

    Now want to cover their backside by belittling all the nominees, why ask the PDs to vote in the 1st place? Crap!

    I hope the nominees know what they should do next year..

  10. Anonymous says:

    What a serious insult to 5 Daesang nominees – the best MCs of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wonny says:

    I hope the *bs for SBS stands for something else this upcoming award…:)

  12. ara says:

    kbs is digging a bigger hole for themselves. What a mess….. No wonder the staff always go on strike. Kbs need to appreciate and respect the people slaving away for them!

  13. Ay says:

    Agree with everyone’s comments above. I laughed when i read the announcement. Who, in the right frame of mind, can come up with something like that? And who, in the right frame of mind, would believe them? Why do they think people would accpet this illogical, lame excuse? As i commented last night, they have lost all credibility and prove, once again, that they are not a Tv station worth working your butt off for. I am glad seung gi is leaving in Feb.

  14. AnnMichelle says:

    Hahaha, this is damage control at its worst! BS all the way indeed! By that statement, they belittle two (?) past Daeseng winners and piss off who-knows-how-many future ones. It all shows what an utter nonsense this whole thing is. Crazy!

  15. kimchi says:

    Damage control that makes more damages. hahaha! I’m really new at these things..before I was “Don’t let 1n2D to end” or “please let Seung gi stay 1N2D forever” -type-of-a-fan. Wow I’m being enlighten with all these issues. I didn’t know that there’s too much politicking on Korean Entertainment.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Tryp.

    Can I add this to your mum’s comment? Because I liked what your mum said… 🙂

    All SeungGi’s fans were hurt by comments made by LSuG in the award ceremony, when he has been with SeungGi for 5 years because he was not nominated for Daesang so abviously.

    There were two entertianment programs featured the KBS ceremony today. And when Boom was asked who would win, he said “SeungGi” as he really tries his hardest. And when JongMin was asked the same question, he said “SeungGi” and UTW clapped next to him. But when SuG was asked, he didn’t answer but said, “I wish UTW wins New Comer award” It just shows how shallow he is, in my opnion. Today, I was watching DC1N2D site (today’s Boxing Day holiday ^^), even they all said the same thing – even though it gets deleted soon after :), that he is not the daesang material because of his shallowness, that’s why he only can be 2nd when he had a chance in 1N2D after KHD left, that’s why he ended so many programs, age doesn’t make a better person that SeungGi is a bigger person than he is. They were not impressed that he was against SeungGi in front of WIn Win MC when he was in 1N2D for 5 years and Win Win for few months – because 1N2D will end soon and WinWin won’t close soon… And they give blessings for SeungGi and JiWon for leaving 1N2D this time even though season2 coming up (in Feb, they were not…) Sorry, if I offended anyone here.. I just wanted to point out that, Tryp, maybe your mum’s wise words will be coming true sooner than you think… I am sure KBS knows this and that’s why they don’t want to lose SeungGi even by playing dirty tricks….

    • betty says:

      Suguen is a sour loser !!!

    • AnnMichelle says:

      That beloved hyung of Seung Gi’s always has an inferior complex againt Seung Gi. I really don’t know why – personality? a chip on his shoulder? an overblown sense of unfairness (against him and for talented, good looking people like Seung Gi)? I’ve observed his underhand behavior over and over but did not have the heart to say too much (because Seung Gi shows so much love for him). This is really sad – for him and for Seung Gi as well. Sigh…Some friendships are not meant to be.

    • Bess says:

      I didn’t know Sugeun said stuff like this. I thought he was close to Seunggi? I mean, they always play soccer together right? Anyway, (just my opinion) I don’t think Sugeun is being a sore loser or anything, i think the reason why he said that is because so many people are already giving Seunggi the recognition and he probably thinks that perhaps he should give taewoong some recognition too? I think he just didn’t mean it in a i’m-a-sore-loser-so-i-ain’t-gonna-support-him way. Just saying.

    • Anonymous says:

      did he just said that ??
      poor Seung gi T_T He loves and admire SuGuen very much
      i mean they even play football together once a week
      He seems to be the one in 1n2d member that closest to Seunggi in real life
      (after KHD retired)

      PS. would you mind telling me where can i watch this clip

    • CanYouHandleTheTruth? says:

      Exactly, what a hyung! That’s why I said he is the biggest two-face in 1n2d history. He had the chance to shine after Kang Ho Dong left, but he blew it himself. So why can’t he just accept the fact that the maknae is doing better than him and is more deserving of the Daesang nomination? I heard from a reliable source that at the 1n2d after party (which LSGi did not attend), Lee Su Geun got drunk and bad-mouthed LSGi. In public. For everyone (including other 1n2d members, staff, and innocent bystanders) to hear. What a class act! I feel so bad for LSGi that he has to work with people like this.

      Kang Ho Dong, please come back soon!

      • Ayu says:

        at 1n2d program too, sometimes i feel Lee Sugeun was being so jealous and rude to Seunggi.
        it hurts my heart soo reading this fact (About him badmouth LSG), airens T_T

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, I really should not have mentoned this here.. I can see I offended few.. I thought this was known factor here in one of the translated articles as I don’t really need to read translation version, since I am a Korean, so I just wanted to share some insights from not only SeungGi fans point of view but from the program fans… Because I was real hurt by SuG’s comments than what KBS did. Sorry, I won’t mention anything which might offend anyone from now on or even write… 🙂

      • Bess says:

        Don’t worry. You didn’t offend anybody. You just told us what you know and what we believe is up to us to decide.

      • tryp96 says:

        There is really no need for you to apologize. I, for one, really appreciate what you have enlightened us with. And I believe that most of the SeungGi fans here would prefer knowing the truth, even if it hurts.

      • ST says:

        Would you mind to let me know the original source about these?
        I would like to know the truth behind.

      • Anonymous says:

        If your comment is true, thanks for sharing although it hurts …
        But if it’s a rumor, let say until you find the evidence

        • Any says:

          The evidence is KBS Awards show itself. During a presentation segment, Win Win’s MC, with LSuG standing by, said why wasn’t LSuG nominated, meaning LSGi shouldn’t have been. LSuG did not say a word in support of LSGi, but stood by and let his co-MC denigrate LSGi to his face. What a mensch.

    • riean says:

      Could u please verify the video u were talking about? I think that video was posted by tryp yesterday? Check under Entertainment News-Lee Seung Gi (the 1st video) posted on 11.12.26.
      Take a second look again and observe closely please.

  17. sarah says:

    what an illogical statement.. 😦 thet just make it worst.. I feel for other nominees.. 😦 and now Im agreeing that its great that my beloved show will end soon.. and SeungGi please no more stepping on KBS.. total dissapointment.. but what can you expect..?its all about dirty business.. :O

  18. seunggilover says:

    LSuG didn’t curse at all.
    But Kim seung Woo mouth is BAD!
    I bet he is an anti of kang ho dong and seung gi..

  19. Anonymous says:

    did u guys ever think, it was scripted? maybe kbs knows LSGi can bring in good rating. and since LSGi is not signing on to 1n2d season 2? or the new show they r making after 1n2d is over. so they badmouth LSGi? i don;t know . i just hope kbs entertainment award is different from drama award. bc i want lsgi to act in one of kbs drama(eng sub purpose fromn kbs world)

    • seunggilover says:

      Many people curse seung gi from art program..
      I wish he is leaving strong heart sooner..
      Do drama is better because no one curse seung gi at the drama award;;
      I hate it when art program compare him 유재석 fans..
      Let’s pray for him leaving 2 art program and do drama!!!
      I am tired of reading anti writing..

  20. sam says:

    is there any link to the video about LSug interview who he wants to win the Daesang?

    • seunggilover says:

      I felt disappinted at the winning award..
      LSuG won an award that mention kang ho dong’s name..
      right now kang ho dong’s fans likes LSuG more.. T_T
      I wish seung gi would mention ho dong’s name soon..

  21. Ayu says:

    Dear Airens,
    Let us just believe in KARMA.
    Seunggi our pride is always nice to all people.
    He will get all the goodness in return.
    If he experienced his bad hyungs like this, just think that it is a temptation / test.
    Seems like “they” needs to learn golden rule.
    Sorry for my inappropriate words.

  22. samantha says:

    This reminds me of an episode in 1n2d ( Kang Ho Dong’s wife delivery ), somebody asked KHD whom does he want his son to be like, he chose Lee Seung gi, and whom does he do not want his son to be like, he chose Lee Suguen. I guess back then, KHD knows better.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You mean the awkward faces of some people after kjm said sg’s name?

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