1N2D Members “Oppose Joint Award” Past Broadcast Becomes Hot Topic

Just something interesting and one of the top news articles on nate today:

Remember the good old times?

This was right before the entertainment awards in 2008, and Park Chan Ho was about to make his first guest appearance on the show. The members started talking about the chance of HoDong winning Daesang that year. And the topic of ‘joint Daesang’ came up, and the members at the time were against it. [Well, I don’t remember the details, and I can’t confirm it since I’ve lost all my 1n2d files. So I’ll just take this reporter’s word for it.]

source: sports chosun via nate

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4 Responses to 1N2D Members “Oppose Joint Award” Past Broadcast Becomes Hot Topic

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    ah, i watch this ep again…they said, if Hodong win, its mean all of member win, so they said just need one person to win the Daesang
    but now, its really happened…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember this… Jiwon and Seunggi seems doesn’t like joint award.
    But this year comes with a lot of joint awards and even daesang award just the same.

  3. Mickuan says:

    I remember this as well!! But what can we said now? i can only said KBS is really good in manipulating viewers’ mind and heart!!

    Anyway, still feel happy for Seung gi as he is the youngest daesang winner ever!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this episode is way too old but of course they had to dig it up. lol Anyhow, congrats to the 1N2D Team. I believed they deserved the award! xD

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