11.12.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

More pleasant news: 😛

2011 10Awards – Top 10 Entertainers of the Year by 10asia


I was so ready to move on from this KBS mess, but then I read something that made me ROFL. I guess the BS of KBS will just keep going and going…

According to him (the KBS variety bureau chief), the KBS Entertainment Daesang nominee Lee Seung Gi is not the Lee Seung Gi who appears on 1N2D, but the Lee Seung Gi who represents the 1N2D team…

source: tv report via nate


Lee Seung Gi & Song Joong Ki come in #1 and 2 on a tight yearend survey by kpopfever

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16 Responses to 11.12.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ♥ nicoleko66 says:

    is he trying to get lotsa attention? he seem to be acting like a clown. hahaha!
    Lee Seung Gi is Lee Seung Gi. There is no version A or B.

  2. ay says:

    ???????? Is someone going insane or what?

  3. geeze says:

    maybe they are using the whole cast for the promotion of the so called season 2 if there is really 1n2d season 2…
    apparently the show would never be the same from the 1st season if it would have 2nd season…
    lol… KBS you cannot correct a mistake with another one…..he he he he….
    they just have to do another program that will likely be loved like 1n2d….if not…
    not a word please…..lol

  4. Mickuan says:

    Really speechless by reading this article!!!! They have nothing better to say then please just keep the mouth shut!!!! Why must use Lee Seung gi to represent the 2D1N team? Lee Seung Gi is the youngest in the team!!! I am so fed up with KBS!!! Anti KBS to the max now!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a fan, I totally feel not right for Seung Gi. He has done and sacrifice a lot for 1n2d. I don’t think 1n2d still on the top ratings if Sgi not there…. didn’t Sgi feel KBS is so unfair to him?… i love 1n2d but i hate KBS…. for many years already… let’s pray the best for him!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think the behind meaning of the statement they clarified just same like this…
    KBS:”We trick eveyone and we purposely to use Lee Seung Gi’s fame to boost the viewer’s rating and produce enough of the Daesang topic. We just regard him as the object of public criticism regardless he want or not.”
    wtf KBS is?
    I hope you’ll be fine after Seung Gi leave. I’m anticipate your great performance. (loathe + vomit!)

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    Hahahahaha! After the great laugh, I think the guy needs to seek professional help. He is certainly not right in the head or mind, high chance eyes are bad too.
    I think it’s a guilt complex. They know they did something wrong, and now just ended up digging a deeper and deeper hole.
    Or they wanted to use Seung Gi’s name one more time. Squeeze, squeeze, and squeeze some more.
    Good riddance, KXX!

  8. Eva says:

    OMG! I laughed so hard when I read this!!! made my day! And yes, KBS just got diagnosed as positive INSANE! LMAO! 😀

  9. min says:

    What it means that represent the whole team, it is just an excuse!!! I totally don’t understand the intention of KBS for doing that, Seung Gi is not an object you can make use!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Although I first love 1n2d first but LSG has long replaced that position. Good luck for them for Season 2. Without LSG I am never gonna watch 1n2d ever and without LSG there is no reason to watch KBS at all!!

  11. jude says:

    WTH??? they should keep their mouth shout if they have nothing good to say. they just making the things worst.. Why use Lee Seunggi’s name.. Im sick & tired..

  12. tryp96 says:

    Oh, has anyone seen this news?

    MBC to present top year-end awards to project not individual

    I’m thinking that if YJS can’t get Daesang at MBC, SBS would probably have to give him the Daesang. And there goes SeungGi’s chance. 😦

    • sam says:

      what’s up with the awards this year? and argh tryp, if that’s the case. sigh and this is the one award i hope he ends this turbulent year with.
      by the way, KBS should just issue a gag order for that guy.

  13. cher says:

    hate kbs to d max!!

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