11.12.29 Stalking Lee Seung Gi & SBS Music Festival

Lee Seung Gi’s killer smile with the heart of an emperor by kpopfever


OMG, I don’t know how true this is, but I just read on twitter that SeungGi and Yoona will have a joint stage at the Music Festival today. And it might be ‘Time for Love’.


SeungGi playing guitar?


The final red carpet rehearsal: (Red carpet starts at 6pm KST.)


I’ve been so distracted lately that I forgot there would be rehearsals! Oops… 😛

According to fan accounts, SeungGi has already rehearsed and pre-recorded ‘Tonight’. To perfection. He played guitar (during the 2nd part?). He wore black jacket, black necktie, and black skinny jean that’s ripped in the left knee area.

As one of the MCs, SeungGi probably has to walk the red carpet tonight. haha 😛

credit: nicoleko66, baidu tieba, as labeled, sbsnow, twitter

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48 Responses to 11.12.29 Stalking Lee Seung Gi & SBS Music Festival

  1. love0488 says:

    woahhhh from the info of his suit,, i feel that a hot Seung Gi will be conquering the stage later for the show hahah.. good for those who have seen it aredy^^

  2. shiyun says:

    What time will the music festival start and where can I watch it in Singapore?

  3. Anonymous says:

    OMG! He must be excited, haha. But I want to see Hyojoo more.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so cute of dclsg ladies fans,they want to change seung gi’s ideal girl(yoona) to a foreign girl hhaha.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder when will SBS stop this sick loveline?

      • Anonymous says:

        all SG is only doing his JOB and i think ideal type girl not always the right person, yeah totally agree w/ you please no love line anymore.

        and i believe SG has one girl in his heart ( just listen his song – Just You) girl with indicate : A high-bridged nose, An apple for breakfast, salad for lunch
        Always an americano for coffee, Designer wallet, designer bag. and i think i know who’s this girl 🙂 🙂

        seunggi ya…..I always pray, hope God will always with both of you till ……. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    and then as usual, Sones’ll say: “Seung Gi must be so happy like crazy”

    • Alexdhamp says:

      Stop.hating. There are those like myself that are fans of both. Do you think you’re doing LSG any justice to be hating on someone he’s amicable toward? It’s disrespectful to both him and Yoona…not to mention their fans.

      • yani says:

        lol Alexdhamp seems you are the one who still stuck on that moment. Most of Airens that I know already get used to with ANY female actress that being paired up with SeungGi and I proudly say that Airen respect all SeungGi’s female costar. Anyway, FYI you might missed the news that SeungGi’s ideal woman now already move to HaJiWoon noona. If you are still in digging OLD news mode on please find it!

        • Alexdhamp says:

          I know it changed(I really need to get around to watching The King 2 Hearts sometime…maybe when I’m done watching, the hate is still ridiculous, though, when I’m -still- seeing it around the net. As someone who’s a simultaneous fan of both LSG and SNSD equally, it becomes tiring to see fellow LSG fans hating like that.

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually hating other Idols or stars paired to your idol is not ridiculous at all. Not only fans of Seung Gi are like that there are even worst than that. 🙂 We are all entitled with our own opinion,and maybe some of us here are all fed up with Yoona Seung Gi thing not because they’re disrespectful. But for the fact that everytime Seung Gi and Yoona are in one show,people always tagged Seung Gi with Yoona simply because he just said she’s his ideal girl. Everyone needs to move on,as far as I know Seung Gi himself doesn’t want to be tag along because actually? it kinda annoying when people keep putting malice on everything. 🙂 Chill people here moved on already 2 years ago. 🙂

        • Alexdhamp says:

          …got ahead of myself… Forgot to type “maybe when I’m done watching Gu Family Book)” >.<

  6. Boo Jia Min says:

    I am sooo excited!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see Seung Gi oppa!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. SEUNGJOO says:

    Seung Gi & Yoona! No Way!!!!! i don’t want Yoona as HAn Hyo Joo!!!! to narrate Time For Love!!!!

  8. lin says:

    @anonymous, i’m an airen as well as sones. please don’t be bitter towards sones. not all sones are like tht. probably the fanboys :). i think yoona is happy too coz she respect and admire seung gi so much. as usual if the rumor is true yoona will get a lot of hates and comparisons to han hyo joo. and i admire her bravery.

    • Alexdhamp says:

      Hate toward from Airens toward Yoona is ridiculous. Personally, I feel it’s disrespectful toward Seung Gi, too.

  9. SEUNGJOO says:

    hate hate hate yoona!!!!!!!

    i don’t know why seung gi like yoona!@!!!!

    • Alexdhamp says:

      You call yourself a fan of Seung Gi, yet hate on someone he cares about who has done nothing to deserve said hate… Heh…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I know this is just an usual collaboration, just like Seunggi – park shin hye performance on 2009 (will u marry me), or like another duet…nothing special. But oh nooo…pliss not that song, that is SeungJoo’s private song…. T_T , SBS just way too much to enforce this duet just 4 their rating…

  11. tryp96 says:

    Everyone, let’s try not to make this joint stage too big a deal, and let’s please be civil. Yoona didn’t do anything wrong here. Everyone has his/her right to ship SeungGi with whoever s/he likes, but SeungGi has his own right to choose whomever he likes. Besides, SeungGi just picked Yoona as his ideal type. It’s not like he plans to date or marry her in real life. Even if he does, that’s his choice, and I think he deserves the fans’ blessing.

    • qee144 says:

      tryp96 i totally agreed with you…

    • sarah says:

      you said it so right Tryp! gals.. keep it cool.. ^^

    • limanh says:

      I soooo agree and maybe I’m one of those few shippers but I like this combo…*hides*…I think he deserves all the happiness of this world…I know what loneliness is and I wish him alooooot of love with whoever!…

      Besides from this I just wanna say that I’m soooo looking forward to this show… 😀

    • revolu says:

      Thats the right attitude to maintain. I personally ship the couple as I love SNSD, and as a male fanboy of Seung Gi lol. But really as fans its not in our place to decide who he should end up with. Yoona is a perfectly nice girl and Seung Gi is an awesome guy, so if they do decide to hook up one day, all the best cause Seung Gi deserves it.

    • Alexdhamp says:

      Thanks you! As I said above, I feel that this constant Yoona hate from his fans is disrespectful to Seung Gi, himself.

  12. Just come back home from another nightmare night…. Our Airen fans couldn’t even go in the studio even though we had fans seats. Incredible… Seung gi was the MC and singer too and we couldn’t even go in. We finally went in luckily after pushing through backstage but couldn’t even see anything. Airens all came out furious.

    I’m going to complain to hook about this. I went all the way to Incheon by taxi not to be late. Spent a lot of money and they can’t even sort out 50 fans for the main MC. SM had 500 fans seats and they seemed to enjoy the show fine.

    So unfair……. We couldn’t even watch the live show. We’re all downloading it now. Awful! treatment of fans!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That was really sad to hear…. even how hallyu star Seung Gi is, Hook cannot beat with SM… Hook have to do something for Seung Gi fans…otherwise this will happen again future…

    • macbonie says:

      Gosh, that really is unfair. Seung Gi is as big a star (or even bigger) as those under SM! Hook really needs to step their game!

    • tryp96 says:

      I don’t want to cause any trouble here, but I read on dclsg that for some reason (being pressured by SM or just to kiss up to them?), SBS changed one of the music festival MCs at the last minute. It was supposed to be IU with SeungGi and Song Ji Hyo, but they changed it to Yoona. IU was also going to have a duet with SeungGi, but that plan also got scratched after the MC changed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Could be rite…at first when I heard Yoona going to be the MC, i have big wonder coz she just MCing the KBS Entertainment awards last Friday, how come it’s Yoona again on the SBS Music…

      • Anonymous says:

        ohh.. too bad.. i would have wanted to see a seung gi – IU duet…. IU ended up doing a duet with a B2ST member instead…

        i guess that’s how the entertainment/showbiz industry works.. its all about the ratings and the money…

  13. Anonymous says:

    tyrp is right.. we have the right to ship whomever we like to be with seung gi, but we have to be civil about it.. in the end what matters anyway is the happiness of seung gi 🙂

    i actually like seung gi and hyo joo together especially after finding out that they are good friends.. when i read that seung gi and yoona would do the time for love song together, i got sad because i was thinking it was the only one thing that seung gi and hyo joo have to offer their fans after brilliant legacy.. but now its tainted 😦 after a while though… i told myself to get over it and just be happy for seung gi.. besides ideal girl doesn’t equate to dating or girlfriend right?

    but i think i need to prepare myself if ever i have to read articles that seung gi and yoona are dating… i don’t think i won’t be able to handle it right away, so i’m going to start preparing now.. just in case 🙂

    everyone, be happy and have a prosperous new year!!!

  14. Wonny says:

    Their stages looks like it came straight out of drama, the vibe, the feel, this is what it would look like if they both star in the same drama… :)~ anyway, the two did a good… 🙂

  15. wkwk says:

    are u know ? lee seunggi and seunggi become world trending topic in twitter ?

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