11.12.30 SBS Entertainment Awards Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*6 clips + tudou links + brief translation in the comment*

Netizens’ Popularity Award

Top Excellence Award in Talk Show

Closing (combined 4 cuts)

Park PD praises SeungGi while receiving the Best Talk Show Award

credit: dclsg

SeungGi presenting Program Excellence awards

SeungGi’s solo shots

credit: seungsunlove cafe

Part 1


Part 2


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21 Responses to 11.12.30 SBS Entertainment Awards Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. getgotgotten says:

    Our Emperor, way too adorable!!

  2. revolu says:

    Congrats to Seung Gi Hyung, I’m pretty satisified with the result, got both the popularity award AND the top excellence award. Better luck next time with the daesang XD.

  3. Gen Wong says:

    He seemed like he wanted to cry especially when he mentioned Hodong’s name…Seunggi-ya, you may be alone in hosting the show…but you have the hearts of people cheering you on…you have won people’s respect and admiration…your credibility is second to none…I feel like crying…
    It has not been easy, but it was all worth it…what can be greater than even your sunbaenims are singing you praises…you have affected our lives in a good way…you have come a long way, Seunggi, and we know your star will shine even brighter, Seunggi fighting!

    • myseunggiya says:

      I shed a tear watching him give his speech in accepting the Top Excellence Award, even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I can feel his sincerity. Especially that part when he mentioned Kang Hodong”s name, he felt like crying. Aww I wanna give him a hug for everything he did. Congratulations SeungGi-ya! You deserve it. Always remember you have us, your Airens.

  4. Ay says:

    Tryp, thanks so much for your prompt updates from both KBS and SBS. You had a busy night! I agree with you. He was looking right into the camera instead at the audience, which he ususally does, when he was talking about Hodong as if he was talking to him face to face. Although i did not really know what he was talking about, i could feel the sincerity there.
    And once again, thanks for working wholeheartedly for LSG and his fans. Happy new year and wishing you a fantastic 2012!

  5. ST says:

    OMG…I almost teary when he talks about his hyung nim (Kang Ho Dong) even I just roughly know the meaning what he said. I could feel how desire he is to attend this entertainment award together with his hyung nim.
    Poor Seunggi… I saw him also almost teary when he talks about that..
    Fighting Seunggi! You are not alone. We’ll always supporting you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m so agree,,me either almost cry even I don’t understand exactly what his saying but I feel his sincerity talking about KHD…..we love and proud of you EMPEROR LEE…fighting seung gi…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Almost forget. Tryp good job…and thanks a lot for updating lee seung gi even….bcuz here in middle east there is SBS channel…thanks a lot again.

  8. Roshi says:

    Tryp! Tq for the fast updates! Uri seunggi..Daebak!

    Love him more coz he never forgot his Hodong hyung.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He is a Total Package! there are some idols or celebrities who are popular in singing or acting or entertainment! But him? He could do all of that in Top Excellence for a very young age! He really deserves the Emperor of entertainment! Really Daebak! congratulations Emperor LEE SEUNG GI!

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is a very short version of translation, I did almost full version but by entering a wrong key, it’s all gone… 😦
    Top Excellence Award:
    He is grateful to be working with good people who have warm hearts. He thanked Park PD who leads SH encourage him saying he is doing good who is young and first time MC. Thanked main writer and all writers. Thanked each Daesang Nominees who he wishes all of them to lead hubaes for long long time as he is learning a lot from them and appreciates them. Thanked Boom-Teuk Academy, YoungChul & Kim HyoJin), and Park Juri. And KHD hyoung who has been always there for him and supported him. He didn’t feel much pressure before, as there always was KHD hyoung next to him but today, here, he feels the emptiness next to him. He wanted to say that he misses hyoung and wants to see his big laugh… And he will try his best in variety as an entertainer as he loves variety (genre).

    Popularity Award (won 3 years in a raw):
    He thanked all netizens (all primary/middle school/high school students and all adults- he particularly mentioned each that’s why people laughed) who voted for him and all audiences who love SH. He feels hyoung’s emptiness but still thanked all the guests who trusted 24 years old MC and came to the SH.

    Park PD’s:
    I will never forget 22nd of Sept when we filmed MC SeungGi alone. Thanks to MC SeungGi who led brilliantly through the most difficult time. People think MC SeungGI does everything well but they don’t know how much SeungGi tries to achieve to that level. Because I know how much he tries so I want to say thanks to him again…

    Hope this short version helps some to understand what kind of person SeungGi is. He is a rare person who can express himself so candidly with most touching way, so people who hear him can agree and feel the same.. He is really gifted. I was almost in tears when he mentioned KHD hyoung and saw his eyes… Thanks, Tryp for the postings. And Happy New Year to you, my best wishes for you and all SeungGi’s fans 🙂 And ofcause SeungGi Sshi too 🙂

    • thanks for make me cry in the morning..hehe..Congrats Seunggi..

    • tryp96 says:

      Thank you so much for the translation and for enlightening us (as always)! Happy New Year to you too! 😀 I’m really sorry to hear about you losing the full translation; computers can really be evil sometimes. 😛

      I was so touched by SeungGi’s speech, especially when he mentioned his HoDong hyung. You can really see, hear, and feel his sincerity through and through. He doesn’t say or do things just for show. This is why I am so proud to be his fan. He really is a rare gem that makes the world shine brighter.

    • ST says:

      Thanks for your translation. 😀
      What a heartwarming speech from Park PD especially the sentence “People think MC SeungGI does everything well but they don’t know how much SeungGi tries to achieve to that level”. That’s totally touching me!
      And Seunggi…You can see what kind of person he is from his speech. He always full of heart warm, polite, humble and always appreciate to everyone beside him. How can someone not liking this guy?

    • leyzlie says:

      thank you so much for the translation.. i almost cry. His words are full of warmth and love.

  11. SLTeh says:

    All above comments says it all. How can someone (especially we Airens) not loving him?
    Our Seunggi is such a beautiful, humble & kind-hearted guy!

    Happy New Year to Seunggi, Tryp & Airens!
    Be Happy & Stay Healthy!

  12. ara says:

    Congratulations LEE SEUNG GI !!! A good way to end the year!!!

  13. seunggicharm says:

    Such an amazing year for Seung Gi.I agree with tryp,you an really feel his sincerity.There’s just no air of pretense whatsoever whenever he than the people around him.He’s the kind of person who knows whom to be thankful for.I really hope KHD will get out of his room soon and be with his dongsaengs..^_^

    Congrats again Seung Gi!♥

  14. leogal says:

    Firstly, thank you for the translation.
    Congrats to Seunggi-ssi for the awards. All ur hardwork is paid off.
    Your sincere speech touch my heart although i dont understand but thru ur expression i can feel ur sincerity.
    Continue to be humble,sincere and kind , i will always support u from where i am.
    Lastly Happy New Year to Seunggi-ssi and Airens.
    Love ya…

  15. gaboci5 says:

    Thank you for Tryp’s work and wish you the best for 2018

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