Happy New Year 2012!

I still have a few more hours left in 2011 to enjoy, but it’s time to look forward. 😛 And we have so much to look forward to, all thanks to the hardest-working all-around entertainer in the world, Lee Seung Gi. A new drama, a Japanese single/mini album for his Japan debut, more CFs, maybe a new variety show or talk show, and who knows how many more new challenges SeungGi will take on… Let’s hope 2012 will be another daebak year for SeungGi as he continues to bring more joy and happiness to Airens all over the world! 😀

credit: the saem

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12 Responses to Happy New Year 2012!

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy 2012 too tryp. Thanks for having such a wonderful & daebak blog, sharing Seung-gi’s news & photos & everything related at the fastest time 😀 Thank you for all the effort & hard work you put in, we really appreciate it alot! Have a great & blessed year, wishing you happiness all year round (:

  2. trish says:

    Happy New Year to you too tryp! Thanks for this fantastic blog about Seung Gi.

  3. sarah says:

    Happy New Year Tryp! and to all Airens all over the world! All the best to you and to our SeungGi..!! Thanks for this wonderful blog!!^^

  4. iGo says:

    새해 복 많이 받으삼^^
    Happy New Year to Airens all around the world!
    Special thanks to Tryp! Thanks for all your dedications to woori Seunggi 🙂
    You are truly the best!!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and I wish you have a daebak in year 2012!!

  5. Diaz says:

    Happy New Year. .Happy 2012 to Airens 🙂
    let’s we continues our support to our lovely SeungGi oppa. .
    Hope all will be better. . .

  6. deyani says:

    Happy New Year 2012 to Airens from around the world, and especially for you Tryp. Thank you so much for this blog, for always keeping us updated about Seunggi and for all your hard work. May you’ll have a blessed, prosperous and more successful 2012.

  7. luv0488 says:

    새해 복 많이 받으세요 Tryp ssi^__^ 2011 has been a very memorable year to all of us,, mixed emotions,,, but the same love for our one and only EMPEROR SEUNG GI,, wishing you all a very happy 2012 ahead.. GODBLESS YOU ALL AIRENS all over the World…

  8. singar77@yahoo.com says:

    Dear Tryp,
    Happy New Year to you too! Thank you very much for all these fantastic blog about Seung Gi.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy new year tryp and to all airens all over the world!

  10. sikin says:

    happy new year to seung gi uppa! .I hope that some day,i will get the chance to meet u ..saranghe uppa! 🙂

  11. getgotgotten says:

    Happy New Year 2012
    Seung gi oppa and Airen

    especially you Tryp !!
    Thank you for your hardwork I’m very appreciate that.

    You and Seung gi oppa made my day!!

    For all the Airen I wanna say I love you
    Let’s love and support Seung gi more in this year and forever!!

  12. leogal says:

    Happy New Year to Tryp , Seung gi-ssi and Airens around the world.
    I hope this blog will be more successful and more fans will support this blog
    Love you all

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