12.01.02 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

A dclsg fan read an interview with Danone Korea’s female CEO in the morning newspaper.

Two years ago, sales were about 20 billion won. And last year, sales approached 33 billion won.
While there are all kinds of stories on what influenced the sales increase, she said, “Star Lee Seung Gi’s endorsement had a really great effect.”


No matter how we feel about the current team of 1n2d, the show is really coming to an end in just 2 months. According to Na PD’s most recent interview, there are only 3 recordings left, 2 in January and 1 in February. There are still no plans made for those recordings yet. But the final broadcast is scheduled for February 26.

Just a side note, Na PD got a special promotion on December 30.


12.01.01 1N2D single rating: 28.7% (Nielsen)


12.01.01 Nielsen ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 20.8 (Seoul 21.6), #13 1N2D Rerun 11.2 (Seoul 12)

12.01.01 TNS ratings: #3 Happy Sunday 19.4 (Seoul 19.7), #11 1N2D Rerun 10.4 (Seoul 10.5)

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15 Responses to 12.01.02 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow…The single rating was DAEBAK!
    “Best Friend’s Special” effect… 😀

  2. Yon says:

    I guess they are trying to get Na PD to stay in KBS or even for Season 2?

  3. geeze says:

    whew….it would be probably big pressure for 2nd season….
    but any news for PD Na new show ….

  4. getgotgotten says:

    kinda feel little sad that 1n2d gonna end soon.
    I think Na PD very love LSG and wanna work with him
    I wish they have a new show together again
    and in the future i wish LSG could do some collaborate Jiwon and Jongmin

  5. Wonny says:

    The current 1n2d is a hit because of its members…I cannot see how its gonna be any good without them in the next 1n2d, hope they think of another show, or is it already too late…

    If the 2nd season flop, then it would tarnish the show reputation, like forever, just like fo2..but I’m being too negative here..hope they do good…so sad that its ending.. 😦

  6. Jia Min says:

    I really hope there is no season 2… at least no season 2 with different members…
    Do you think they might be wishing for Hodong to come back and do season 2?

    Anyway, since Seung Gi oppa is not in season 2 for sure, I don’t think I would watch it… sorry…

  7. shiyun says:

    I’ll miss them if they leave 😦 and without SeungGi oppa, I guess I won’t watch it either 😦

  8. geeze says:

    without the original team (including the before and after members)….
    it would be hard to watch it….
    sigh sigh sigh sigh….
    and as they say variety show is really hard…
    i really wish they would just make another title for the next batch…
    even if it means the same format…but there would be a lot of changes i think…
    since even the writers of the show is leaving..

  9. Gen Wong says:

    It’s just so amazing to read that Seunggi’s endorsement of a certain product is always successful. To read that sales increased by more than 50% is just incredible! It just goes to show how much people trust Seunggi, and how loved he is…hope to see new product endorsements this year, so excited to see what Heritory has in store…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lee Seung Gi effect 🙂
    Is this news?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lee Seung Gi effect 🙂
    Is this news?

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