2012.01.13 Happy Birthday to Lee Seung Gi!

Our talented Singapore Airen Nicole made this very nice video to celebrate SeungGi’s birthday. So I’m just shamelessly ‘borrowing’ her video to send SeungGi my birthday wishes~~ 😛

SeungGi ya, I hope you’ll be happy today and everyday! Thank you for everything you do and for being everything you are! Airens will support you ’til the end!

credit: nicoleko66/leeseunggisingapore

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8 Responses to 2012.01.13 Happy Birthday to Lee Seung Gi!

  1. nicoleko66 says:

    hahaha! no worries, tryp!
    seriously there is room of improvement. this is my 1st attempt! =x

    • Fave says:

      Can’t believe it’s your first attempt, Nicole. Such a nice video, really love it. Happy Birthday to Seung Gi, may he be blessed with good health and luck and achieve even greater success in his career this year.

  2. geeze says:

    namu namu namu choa…komapsumnida..

  3. beedance07 says:

    Tryp, I have something, too. Hope that you and everyone will like it.
    It’s a present for Seung Gi’s birthday!

    (MIC full interview – Engsub)

  4. Wonny says:

    Happy birthday to seung gi x 100 🙂

    I’m curious to know who shares the same birthday with seung gi out there…anyone?

    N I just found out that goo hara of kara has the same birthday with SG…ha, relevant much?

  5. Leogal says:

    WOw…great job you ladies
    I really like the videos and i’m sure Seunggi -ssi will like it too.
    I hope he got time to watch them and appreciate the Airens hardwork.
    Figthing Airens…

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