12.01.15 Stalking Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese MV Filming

SeungGi going clubbing?! 😛

A dclsg fan found this somewhere:

It looks like they were hiring extras for SeungGi’s MV. And it’s for January 16. So I guess there’s more filming tomorrow.

The locations are amusement park and Hongdae Club. And the extras are hired to be visitors of the amusement park and audience of SeungGi’s performance. So maybe SeungGi is going to the club to perform, as part of the MV story line?


Fans are really everywhere! 😛

SeungGi has been spotted filming at the hospital.

This fan doesn’t want her pictures posted elsewhere: dclsg


SeungGi has moved to a different location for the filming. According to the dclsg fans, the next location is the Veterans Hospital.

Before SeungGi left in his van, he rolled down the window and waved to the fans.


OMG, lucky fans!

The dclsg fan thought the filming was over, so she went to get some coffee and cake. Then she saw SeungGi passing by, right in front of her! She actually gave SeungGi her cake and wished him a happy birthday. 😛

Another fan said she got to hold SeungGi’s hand!


According to a dclsg fan, it seems like the filming has already ended.

A little before 2pm KST, SeungGi got into the taxi and just disappeared. 😦


Just a side note. SeungGi’s mini-live on January 29 in Japan has been sold out.


According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi played the guitar while singing the Japanese version of ‘Time for Love’.

Then he filmed a taxi scene.


It was a street performance of the Japanese version of ‘Time for Love’.


The MV concept seems to be a street performance.

And they’re filming the MV at the Marronnier Park in Seoul.


Someone tweeted at 11:20am KST that she saw SeungGi. And he was filming a music video with Park Shin Ae (but I think she meant Park Shin Hye)!!!

So I guess they went to learn cocktail show in preparations for the music video.

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19 Responses to 12.01.15 Stalking Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese MV Filming

  1. diahaksaeng says:

    Park Shin Hye? ah,,,i remember MGIG ep 6, miho will jealous hehehe,

  2. luv0488 says:

    woahh they’re close?? He also performed Will You Marry Me with her in MBC Awards Night last time right?

  3. geeze says:

    nice choice of leading lady coz i know park shin ye is also known in japan…
    hope the Japanese fans will like it…..

    • Anonymous says:

      ya…nice choice…they need someone who is known in japan & can speak japenese perhaps…to promote the video and song further…

  4. shunliwei says:


  5. Mickuan says:

    congratulation to Seung Gi as the tickets has been sold out!!!! Hurray!!!

  6. CRAZY_AIREN says:

    why Park Shin Hye? the MV for Time for Love is the Official MV that they filming? i thought it’s HHJ

  7. sara says:

    I don’t like Park Shin Hye・・・
    I hope that Seung Gi sings Love Time with HHJ!!
    They are so cute couple.

    • diahaksaeng says:

      personally, i dont have any problem with that choice. i dont like PSH, but i dont hate her either. i also hope it will be HHJ, but if he choose her, just support him….hope it will be great MV 😀

  8. deyani says:

    I love that Time of Love will be Seunggi’s first Japan MV. He wrote this song when he was in Japan, so it has a very special meaning for him =) Now I understand why he didn’t release Time of Love MV in Korea ^^ I wonder if they will release the teaser of this MV at his Japan fan meeting on the 29th. Congrats to Seunggi for his sold-out Japan fan meeting, what a nice start & great birthday present ^^

    Park Shin Hye is a great choice, I love her since she became his “bride” at SBS gayo in 2009, and she’s well known in Japan as well.

  9. Gen Wong says:

    Looks like they’re really working hard for Seunggi’s first Japan mv…really praying and hoping that Japan would love Seunggi as much as Korea does! Park Shin Hye is a good choice…I liked their chemistry in the SBS Gayo daejun in 2009, and as well as her cameo in MGIG. Seunggi-ya, we’re behind you and good luck!!!

  10. ST says:

    It was not a big deal who is the person collaborate with Seunggi for me.
    I’m fine with anyone at least she is person who suit to the MV and able to help Seunggi.
    I think Hook and Seunggi have consider a lot before they make the final decision. So we should respect their decision and PSH’s help as well.

  11. CRAZY_AIREN says:

    @ Tryp hehehehehe i think HHJ can’t speak english but why PSH? I hope that they make an MV Korean Version also and HHJ will be the girl 🙂 sorry for my english guys it’s too bad 😦

  12. ST says:

    Hi, Tryp.
    Have you ever check this out?

    I think this is photo of MV filming yesterday so I post it here.

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