12.01.15 1N2D Ep 238 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*10 clips + HD link of Ep 238*

SeungGi being amazed

poor SeungGi… 😦

???? 😆

1 bak~ 2 il~

SeungGi ya, it’s ok!

SeungGi making king-sized dumplings

timer cook

SeungGi pays the workers 😆

master of imitation

To SeungGi… From Art School Hyung, aka SeoJin Hyung

Indoors, no shoes. Soccer player Lee Dong Guk is 185cm tall. Does SeungGi look like he’s only 176cm tall?!

There really are no words to describe KBS’s incompetence. Now, I can’t wait for 1N2D to be over.

credit: dclsg


Ep 238 in HD

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23 Responses to 12.01.15 1N2D Ep 238 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    i am sorry but i was just curious.. what do you mean by KBS incompetence??

    • Wonny says:

      N who said seun gi is only 176 cm tall?

      • tryp96 says:

        The incompetent KBS staff, in the caption. And they should know that the correct height is a sensitive but very important issue in the entertainment industry.

        • ann says:

          they could atleast check on seunggi’s profile, I know he towers at 182cm right?
          did KBS say he was only 176?

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes, KBS did put the caption on SeungGI as 176cm 60 Kg. SeungGi’s fans are real mad at the moment. And some fans already have called KBS to complain. He is at least 182cm which he measured when he was in high school. He might have grown bit taller since then as he debuted when he was 17. I really want to believe it’s their caption error 😦 UTW is 181cm on his profile and as you all know SeungGi is taller than UTW! KHD’s 182 cm and SeungGi is taller than him!! In year 2010 With Viewer’s Tour, when the 1N2D members sang “Red Sunset”, they lined up by their height, and SeungGi was the last in line, after KHD.. I really want 1N2D to be over soon 😦

            • Ay says:

              I remember in the episdoe where seung gi and suguen had to make a 3- meter snowman in jeju, pd Na used seung gi’s height as a benchmark and he said seung gi is 182cm!

        • Wonny says:

          Did it sounds like in a joking manner or just that? Is there a snapshot of the caption somewhere? I didn’t watch the ep yet.. 😉

    • Anonymoose says:

      I think the blogger is referring to his height being listed incorrectly. It’s just a small mistake by someone on the crew. No need to take it personally. Hating a show because of a typo seems ka-razy, and LSG isn’t going to lose any fans over the mistake. Everyone can tell just by looking at him that he’s tall and good looking, so please don’t rage.

  2. leyzlie says:

    SEung Gi is like a kid in the first clip. So cute. ^^ Yes, i do agree with tryp, i just don’t feel 1n2d anymore and i want it to be over specially when i heard about their dirty news regarding Seung Gi as a traitor. I don’t know if it’s true though. But, it is not a good news.

  3. geeze says:

    hmmm…they are trying to lure seung gi to be back at the show…
    but that wouldn’t be possible because of his schedule….
    even eun ji won i heard he has conflict schedule…
    can they just let the actors go….they already have given too much for the station to be number 1
    on their timeslot….
    goodness gracious can they just give them a break to explore what they can do more as an actors…
    then decide later with so many rumors the show needs a break then they can do it again….
    whew….give them space to breath please….

    whew….they loose the footvolley…he he he…sleeping outside….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wa… I feel full of love when JiWon hugging Seunggi. 😀
    Thanks for Tryp hard works…

    • Anonymous says:

      I was real touched by JiWon too. These days, only JiWon looks after SeungGi in 1N2D, not like KimC, MC Mong or HoDong but in his own touching way… I know JongMin does too his own way, but you can tell SeungGi really likes JiWon as big hyoung and I am so glad JiWon really likes him back… Not like other hyoungs…

      • ilovemyself says:

        I also agree with you..when I watch 1N2D lately, am only root for LSG, EJW & KJM..am sorry for saying this but I don’t know why I can’t accept LSguen n UTW anymore especially after the Entertainment Award thingy. Its a good news LSG leave 1n2d (although I hope EJW & KJM will do so coz EJW doing well with come to play).
        -In case if KBS still want LSG to be with them, I hope it is not 1n2d. Suddenly am thinking of him becoming a member of Qualification of a Man or Happy Together or Dream Team.Or he can just joining Running Man team (since RM same airtime with 1n2d)
        -Now my love for Strong Heart is bigger than 1n2d although SH rating not as high as 1n2d.
        -although his doing his Japan debut, at least he got one TV program(no matter either KBS/SBS/MBC/Cable) coz I still love him as an MC beside Singer…waiting for his 2012 drama or wish he will do a film also this year(who know)
        -also wish he do a world tour after his successful in Japan.

        am sorry for such a long comment and expectation from him…hahahha…its just I love to see him active but at the same time stay healthy and happy

  5. geeze says:

    guys i need an update if the youtube link is out already…
    drat tudou not working again….

  6. tryp96 says:

    KBS, how about an apology?

    • Wonny says:

      But I remembers when they play the mini-olympic games a few months ago..his profile states 182cm too..why now its different?

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because Seung Gi will not join on season 2 >!<

      • Anonymous says:

        Seung Gi’s really at least 182cm tall. And I think today’s episode’s caption was not a mistake >!<
        See the caption on episode 228

    • Airen_小妍 says:

      if u look carefully.. u can find that seunggi’s height is guenho’s height… n his weight.. is suguen’s weight… meaning… both are wrong.. sigh..

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think today’s episode’s caption was not a mistake >!<
    Just see the caption on episode 228:

  8. Mickuan says:

    KBS sucksssssss

  9. fangirl says:

    thank you Tryp as always! xoxo 🙂

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