12.01.20 Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

There was a special segment on Sketchbook today that ranked the best 5 handsome male singers. I think it was voted by KBS staff. Anyway, SeungGi came in at #5, and they finally aired the complete footage of SeungGi’s encore song from November, Because You’re My Woman.

credit: daum cafe

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6 Responses to 12.01.20 Sketchbook Cut – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Rolala says:

    I can’t believe Seung Gi only came in 5th! Who was 1st? Love this performance!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s supposed to be absurd and funny cause the 1st went to MC himself and other ones are also ‘far from handsome’ people. It’s intended to be just fun.^^

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    I think this list was meant to be a fun thing and not taken literally. Just look at the No. 1 spot – the witty host himself!
    During Seung Gi’s interview, YHY could not keep his hands to himself but had to touch SG’s face (to make sure what in front of him was not a mirage?!), He also said SG was the most entertainer-like among the guests to this program.
    In my heart I will always cherish that ep because that’s where SG ignited the whole studio with Slave!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I tend to not care about this kind of standing since it was just too much on fun purpose.
    But the main point is we able to watch his complete encore song.. 😆

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting, Tryp 🙂 His voice seems more mellow and deeper than he sang when he was 17. Of cause this handsome list is a joke. YHY is very funny and if he is a healthier person, he could have been in 1N2D, which I’d loved to see.. Na PD wanted him on 1N2D but because he is not healthy enough, Na PD had to give up on him when he met YHY personally.. YHY is number1 on the list… haha..

  5. gem8790 says:

    I think I like the husky voice more when he’s singing nae yeojaranikka. It’s more appealing for me, but I love his mellow voice for most of his songs ^^

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