12.01.21 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Another OMG! 😛 I just saw this at baidu tieba. Apparently, someone posted on DC MBC Drama on NOVEMBER 14 that Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won were confirmed for The King. So this could mean that SeungGi had been considering this drama for a long time now, and he might even be one of the first actors to receive the offer!


OMG, could this be real?!

Someone just tweeted this:

Lee Seung Gi’s Japan debut single ‘Time for Love’ will be released on March 6… Including the 2 first limited editions, the regular edition, and another 8 limited editions with different jackets, there will a total of 11 editions ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Kim Yu Sik is the founder and CEO of the DCinside gallery, and apparently he’s also a big fan of SeungGi. 😀

According to dclsg fans, he left comments in various drama galleries fanboying over SeungGi. 😆

SeungGi ya~~ You know you are adorable right? I’m embarrassed~ *^^*

I watched it because of Lee Seung Gi. Yesterday’s expression acting was really jjang! Super cute!

First, it’s because of his smile. Second, he’s natural like those specialized in acting. Third, is it the sense of closeness as the nation’s younger brother?

Brilliant Legacy is 80% Seung Gi, 10% Hyo Joo, 5% Chae Won, and the rest is 5%.

Actually I don’t even have time to watch dramas. But I had to watch it because of Lee Seung Gi.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Since we know there’s a child actor for SeungGi’s role in The King, some people are wondering how many episodes the childhood scenes will take up. But according to a dclsg fan, the child actor is only for flashback scenes. 😛


Lee Yoon Ji is Lee Seung Gi’s sister on ‘The King’ by kpopfever


Lee Yoon Ji, the actress who presented the Popularity Award to SeungGi at the Seoul Music Awards, will be playing SeungGi’s younger sister in the drama. She told the press that she had already received script for the first 10 episodes. That’s a pretty good start, isn’t it? 😛 Hopefully things won’t be as rushed and hectic as MGIG filmings.

source: newsen


According to a dclsg fan, this is the child actor who’ll play the young prince SeungGi. 😛 His name is Park Geon Tae.


Lee Seung Gi & Lee Juk selected as ‘best looking guests’ on YHY’s ‘Sketchbook’ by allkpop

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22 Responses to 12.01.21 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry if my question is ignorant but how Korean react with LSG – HJW ‘s The King because on another site, the reaction is very negative, some HJW’s fan, shipper,… really don’t like our Seung Gi, they even offend him that make me very upset. The first time I’ve seen a fierce fight between main actor and actress’s fans, kind of scary. Hopefully Seung Gi will be strong as he always be, I trust him.
    Ah, I’m confused about the storyline, I’ve read about 3 different ones, maybe it doesn’t finalize yes but it’s about politics kinda sensitive, hope the writers write well since I’m little worry.

    • n says:

      i know i’ve been hearing some bad things too…mean ppl

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry too much about the comments made by some silly people. I saw a lot of comments here liking HanHJ. But SeungGi’s Korean fans don’t like her much as when they did Brilliant Legacy, they were real hurt by her fans. Her fans always put SeungGi down and made bad comments. I guess it’s because SeungGi is the face of the drama not her.. (That’s why when Love Time came out, some fans reacted really badly.) Sorry about mentioning this, but my point is that most of HaJW’s fans seem delighted about she is doing the drama with SeungGi and wish them both the success. Few came to SeungGall and wish SeungGi and HaJW well. Ofcause SrungGi fans did the same. I keep mentioning this as a Korean, not all Koreans are nice like in any other countries 😦 So please don’t get hurt by these silly comments and I think I am immune to these silly comments now after last year’s Daesang… don’t know HaJW well as I never watched any of her dramas, so I cannot mention anything about her. But SeungGi mentioned he wants to work with her before so I am just excited for him. The story line of The King will be very different from any other dramas and the writers have good reputations, PD and supporting actors are really respected top classes, so all Korean SeungGi’s fans are really looking forward to it’s start. So let’s wait~~

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your reply, I’m sure you one of nice Korean 🙂 I will train to immune to silly comments from now on.

    • iheartseunggiya says:

      i think when they start filming and HJW starts complimenting on how respectful,intelligent,gentleman and professional Seunggi-ah is.’Im pretty sure those people saying bad things about him will have a change of heart and start falling in love with him..

      • samarendra says:

        a lot has been said about his acting ability which is ridiculous. for me considering his age and less amount of work he has done(3 dramas) and plus his multiple talents he is same league as won bin,hyun bin etc. the other only do acting and have done lots of work if you take everything into account he is in the same league as them. he feautered in top 10 actors lists in 2009,2010 in all surveys and magazine posts. in 2011 he also featured in top 10 actor list even though he didn’t appear in a drama ( you can check it on lsgfan posts). so that say lot about his popularity and star power. antis who don’t like seunggi are merely fans of other actors who can’t resist his popularity. i don’t think we need to answer them .

    • jn91 says:

      I’ve been there too, and they’re really bad!! I’m browsing at my college that time, and I vent my anger by a (little) scream and some pose like want to punch someone until my friends looking at me and asked, what’s wrong with me. 😛 But I don’t want to bother to reply there, since I’m lazy. After all, our Seung Gi will prove that they are wrong! Let’s believe in our Emperor’s ability! A little venting from anger will help though (it’s effective for me, just to mind do it in your room, not like me in my class :P)

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Very impressed by the fact that the script is half done. Can’t believe some actors have to wait for the shooting script as they film! That’s really crazy.
    Also that means the writers had in mind who the male lead would be for some time now? Just look at the names of previously rumored candidates, you would find they were a bunch of very different types.
    Really have high hopes for this one!
    Seung Gi, fighting!

  3. beks says:

    oh for heaven’s sake… i don’t know where to vent my frustration.. but i read this comment from the dramabeans 1n2d recap:

    ryuu99 January 20th, 2012 at 8:38 pm
    this was the episode where Seunggi “fans” were complaining about his height caption that didn’t even last for 3 seconds in a 1 1/2 hour show.
    see that? caption was not a mistake? KBS did that purposely because Seunggi is leaving? good gawd, conspiracy theorists much? the comments in this blog are downright embarrassing and atrocious.

    i couldn’t help but reply to this ryuu99 person… i know that i should have just ignored it.. but i’m so annoyed right now… i told that person that if he’s not a fan of seunggi.. he shouldn’t go on this site and why does he have to cause such a ruckus!! i wonder which actor/entertainer/singer this ryuu99 likes that makes him/her so jealous of seunggi and his fans!!!

    • tryp96 says:

      That’s someone you can totally ignore. S/he knows s/he doesn’t even have a leg to stand on when s/he comes to this blog, so s/he vents her/his frustrations elsewhere. But I wish s/he could just stop making ignorant and ridiculous comments.

      Yes, the caption error could very well be an innocent mistake (even though it’s hard to imagine them not knowing SeungGi’s height or weight after working together for 5 years!). But how hard is it for KBS to issue a correction and an apology? The fact they didn’t bother with that tells us they just don’t care anymore. And how would this make SeungGi fans conspiracy theorists?

    • Wonny says:

      I just dont get this ryuu99 guy/girl (it was previously yumiko right?)…Ive read some of his/her comment and sometimes he defended seung gi and sometimes he talks badly about him…a typical hypocrite I guess…

      but anyway, I hope the drama would be daebak and ultimately shut the haters out there when the drama airs…FIGHTING~!

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is just an advice from an older fan.. I know you guys love Seung Gi and will do everything for him. but,I hope that we should also calm down when answering or reacting to some others comment. i hope you dont argue with them,when you think its just a small or simple petty things just let it go. If their comments are offensive answer them in a very nice manner. because everything Seung Gi’s fans will say and react will reflect on our Seung Gi. So I hope we all keep our calm and just let it go. I also hate seeing bad comments about Seung Gi but theres nothing we can do about it,it is their opinion and we wont be gaining anything if we entertain them. Important thing is we keep our support to Seung Gi and promise him that we’ll never leave him even in his most tough times. thank you and please dont get offended. God Bless.

    • Diaz says:

      Totally agree with you. .
      Please calm down. .all we need just keep supporting Seung Gi oppa and others (the King’s ‘family’) . .if we getting angry when react that negative comments,, nothing happen except make the situation being hotter, hotter, and hotter. . .
      Honestly, i’m getting upset too, not only bcz that negative comments, but also bcz angry-comments from Seung Gi’s fans. .sorry 🙂

      We just need to copy-paste our Seung Gi manner : calm and smileeee. .hehe.

    • Fave says:

      You must have read my mind because these are my sentiments exactly. I know we all love SGi and dislike reading not so nice comments about him. However, by reacting (sometimes over-reacting) or replying to the rude and bad comments (esp from attention-seekers like ryuu99) we are stooping to these people’s level and falling into their “trap”. We are really not doing Seung Gi a favour by arguing or starting a war of words with these people, in fact, it will fuel the “anti” feeling even more. If we want, we can add our comments like how much we love and support SGi etc etc., however, we need not have to respond to the negative comments (just simply ignore them and they will die a natural death!).

      I hope all Airens stay united and will be well-mannered, sincere and respectful always like SGi himself. Airens and SGi fighting !

      • Anonymous says:

        I think some anger was due to the attack on this site from another site rather than just due to bad comments on Seunggi.

    • Eevies says:

      I agree, negative comments will spur a lot
      Of other negative backlash. We can’t be the cause of Seunggi’s having antifans. We want people to love and appreciate him as much as we does.. We know how great he is, even though it’s really hard too stomach when he is criticized, we really should not fall in to their trap!!

  5. leogal says:

    All of us have to calm down. This wont do us any gd as seunggi fan. Dont bother wat other people say. i think we knw who is right or wrong. For nw we have to continue fighting to support our King.
    Stay united airens n u never walk alone
    Love u all

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    I am not surprised at all regarding the November 14 news about The King casting. Exhibition no. 1: the script already done up for 10 episodes – very difficult to do unless you knew whom you were writing it for. And from The King himself – he mentioned HJW’s name as far back as the 2010 SBS Drama Awards, and then again in the MNET MIC interview November 2011. Reporter Lee is as faithful as ever – he just did not want to reveal any deal until the dotted line was signed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fans who know Chinese should checkout The King’s baidu tieba. Much happier place with both Seunggi and Ha Ji Won fans spazzing.

  8. ara says:

    To all Lee Seung Gi’s fans, just calm down and stop bothering about negative comments. I know all of you feel hurts, me too… but just ignore them and don’t read it. I think those comments came out of fear from Seung Gi popularity not to mention jealousy too. Seung Gi popularity sometimes overshadows others, for me as a fan, I like it ‘coz I can see more Seung Gi but to non-fan they probably don’t like it when their fave celebrity got overshadowed. Plus Seung Gi has been in this business for a long time there’s bound to be people who will try to push him down. Doesn’t Seung Gi once said he always try to think positively about other people. Let’s try to be like Seung Gi. Another thing, looks like this drama going to have high ratings due to all the attention. Even those negative comments going to make people more curious and wanting to know what’s all the commotion about, which of course increase anticipation for the drama.

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