12.01.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

SeungGi’s official website in Japan is now open!



According to a dclsg fan, the Zipel fan signing on the 26th is open to 50 fans on a first-come-first-served basis.

Let’s hope everything will go well. No more cancellations due to crowd control problems!


Lee Seung Gi, Forbes #2 Most Powerful Kpop Star by kpopstarz

If anyone can found the original source, i.e. the Forbes article, please let me know.

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7 Responses to 12.01.24 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Gen Wong says:

    Omg if this is true…it’s just so amazing!!! He was #7 in 2009, and climbed to #4 last year…if he’s indeed #2 this time, it’s just wow!!! He deserves it…and I’m really excited for this year, seems like this is gonna be his best year ever! To start the year with two awards and a drama with Ha Ji Won, and a promising Japan debut is just DAEBAK! So happy to be an Airen!!! Things are looking good, Seunggi-ya!

  2. getgotgotten says:

    it’s so good that he can reach No.2
    SNSD and 2PM are the idol group that very in popular in many country
    This year LSG is just starting to promote his music in japan (and its hasn’t release yet)
    Look at how amazing of him!!
    He can reach no.2 eventhough he has hardly promoted in many country like the other idols does!!

  3. I’m going to Gwangju 2moro.i think most ppl are going down the day before and waiting…but it will all be worth it when Seung gi is there 🙂 I will update tryp on any news whilst I’m there 🙂

  4. AnnMichelle says:

    It’s wonderful news if it is true, but I can only find the old Forbes article dated April 11, 2011, about the 2010 ranking. Note that this recent news qualified the list carefully by using the term Kpop celebrity. So if you remove the two athletes (#2 Park Ji-Sung and #3 Kim Yuna) from the old list, you got the ranking reported here. Could it be the work of a bored publicist or a starving ‘journalist’ on a slow day?!

  5. ThePluieKiss says:

    I like Lee Seung Gi’s Picture they use for the Japanese Official’s site, he looks so handsome yet adorable ~♥~

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