12.01.24 Strong Heart Ep 114 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*7 clips + HD link of Ep 114*

SeungGi the thoughtful MC

You’re bragging, right?


SeungGi talking about his siter

There’s no SeungGi…

Because You’re My Woman

SeungGi’s popularity

credit: dclsg


Ep 114 in HD

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16 Responses to 12.01.24 Strong Heart Ep 114 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ann says:

    i hope someone can translate or explain the part where seunggi talks about his sister

    • aniven says:

      that was what first came in my mind as well… really curious as his private life is not so much of a common knowledge to everyone 🙂

    • djl says:

      i thought he was an only child?

      • aniven says:

        he has a sister, not sure though how old she is now 🙂 there were photos of his whole family circulating around in the past…

        i’m also curious on how well he treats his dongsaeng and how they bond with each other ^^

    • yaleeh says:

      Seunggi said that he and his sister get along very well and they always hug each other when they are at home,,,but they pretend not know each other outside,,,that they make sure that they go outside one at a time….and nobody knows that she is her sister except her close friends of course….i saw this part with eng-sub once in you tube but i cant find it again…..i watched this episode with chinese sub,,,thats why i know what he said…thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    i don’t undestand at all.. but i am laughing so hard.. 😀

  3. Jia Min says:

    Sooo cute~ when he tried to hide behind the desk~

  4. Anonymous says:

    seung-gi yah… master imitating…

  5. Ayu says:

    his sister now is in Seoul..?

  6. airen zu says:

    the moment seunggi sings because you’re my woman, the studio turns to concert stadium..LOLS but im curious to know what eunhyuk said to seunggi..anyone has idea on it??

  7. ichaairen says:

    seunggi so humble when talking about his popularity…
    his dimple and his killer smile is so lovely (^ v ^)

  8. leogal says:

    Although I dont understand, I love the show.it was so funny.
    When he sing the song, it really melt my heart with his soothing voice .
    It keep repeating in my head.
    N yes that killer n cute smile , I cant describe how I feel.
    Love the dimple.
    Dream of him always

  9. ilovemyself says:

    Hahaha..He’s so sweet…
    I love when he pop-out from his hiding place when the guest sing his “Because You’re My Women”, so cute..
    what more sweet is when the guest hand in the Mic to him, the music continue (I guess he thought the music will stop) … and amazingly he still can sing it LIVE with a nice voice…

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