12.01.29 Lee Seung Gi New Year Live in Japan Videos

*updated – 2 clips so far*

credit: KOARI

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12 Responses to 12.01.29 Lee Seung Gi New Year Live in Japan Videos

  1. AnnMichelle says:

    Seung Gi was in tip top shape here. The body, the clothes, the voice, the songs, the expressions…All of a sudden I had this urge to go to that June concert…

  2. leogalsg says:

    Agreed with u ann. If this concert is good, he goin to do even better at budukon.
    im sure he goin to do a lot of planning n surprises.
    With his vocal, just listening it bit by bit , melt my heart.
    I wish I was there.:-P

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    Forgot to ask our Korean experts here, could you please translate the short interview about KING in the first clip? Seung Gi was so proud to be the king in KING, it’s just too adorable. Love to know what he had to say about the show. A romantic comedy I heard??? And the prince / king’s personality???

    • Jasmine MK Goh says:

      I will briefly translate based on the Japanese subtitle:

      Seung Gi told the MC that he is the King of the drama. He explained to her that in the set up of the drama, South Korea has a King. The North & South has a tense relationship, and it is a romantic comedy story. MC asks him the King has what type of personality? Seung Gi says that his character is a very stress King with “very bad” personality/character. So the MC asks is it difficult to play such a role that is different from him? But Seung Gi laughs, he says that his actual personality is not so good so he thinks that there is some similarity between him and the King…

      Seung Gi is so cute, he’s till trying to protray “bad guy” image…

      • tryp96 says:

        Thank you so much for the translation! 😀

        • Jasmine MK Goh says:

          You are welcome! I would like to thank you too! Thanks for your hard work of updating us Seung Gi’s news…

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Thank you so much. Very happy to hear that as far as Seung Gi is concerned, his part is a romantic comedy in a “black comedy.” All the expectations of depth and profoundness aside, I just want a happy ending for him!

        • Can someone explain to me what a “black comedy” means in this context? I don’t really understand it.

          • AnnMichelle says:

            A black comedy is where the humor arises from or responds to some difficult situations. In this case, and I am only guessing, we have a conflict between North and South Korea, murder or assassination (the prince’s older brother), and possibly betrayal of all kinds. If the writers can still make jokes under the circumstances, it’s definitely a ‘black comedy.’

      • Jasmine MK Goh says:

        Oh i think i must be half-sleeping when i am typing the message…

        Minor Correction:
        Seung Gi says that his character is a very straight King (i.e. straightforward type) with “very bad” personality/character.

        Looking forward to see this drama…

  4. shiyun says:

    SeungGi is so cute and handsome and hot!! he’s so awesome!!! ❤

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