12.02.10 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi says goodbye to Two Days and One Night by korea.com


Captain Hook’s tweet #2:

Thank you for the support. ㅎㅎ It’s a battle to choose the songs and arrange the music. I’d like to pay my respects to the great mentor, Madam Lee Sun Hee.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Captain Hook’s tweet:

Madam Lee called from the rehearsal for Star Audition’s live broadcast. She asked me to make sure to vote in the live broadcast later… ㅎㅎ Lee Jae Ha His Highness said he would definitely vote even in the midst of his final trip… Everyone, please give us a lot of help. Thank you.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Lee Seung Gi Expresses His Gratitude to ′1N2D′ by enewsworld
Lee Seung Gi, “’1N2D’s 6 years, my life shined along with it” by kpopfever
Lee Seung Gi says goodbye to ’1 Night 2 Days’ on his official website by allkpop


The final 1n2d filming is in progress. But where are the spoilers? 😛

According to a dclsg fan, K2H will be filming at Gwanghwamun tomorrow. And it’s reported that both SeungGi and Ha Ji Won will be there.

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5 Responses to 12.02.10 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. nomoyepo says:

    hi tryp! some press release now during their opening segment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The day finally came. Wish the staffs n members all the best in whatever they are doing after this program. !! Fighting !!!

  3. Hi everyone! This is Rachel (Korea)^^ As captain hook has just tweeted, Star audition 2’s live show starts tonight. Hope anyone who is able to vote can help out Sunhee teacher and get her two mentee’s go far in the show^^

    It’s number 1 for Bae Soo Jung and number 11 for Goo Ja Myung 😉 I can imagine our Prince Jae Ha will be probably voting too and waiting for good news 😉 (I hope not sleeping outside though!) Lol

    I’m at KBS for the laughter dubbing on this week’s 1N2D broadcast. Hope for some heodang Seung gi moments 🙂 Take care everyone~Thanks~

    • sarah says:

      Hi Rachel.. 🙂 How can we vote?! Or it is only exclusive for korean nationals?

      • Hi~I’m afraid you need a Korean cell phone to send in a text during the live shows in order to vote. They don’t have any online voting for the series.
        As for 1N2D…I went to the dubbing…. just be prepared for some serious Seung gi cuteness 🙂 I think I couldn’t stop smiling!

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