12.02.26 1N2D Final Episode Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*18 clips + HD link of Ep 244*


“Now I know!”

Zombie game

sharing love

light bulb

piggie slide

SeungGi’s finger injury

friendship ring bokbulbok: 5k gold

our 5 years

sleeping outdoors for the last time

washing up

taking a picture with PD Na

It doesn’t feel real

SeungGi’s 20s with 1n2d


the final closing

final goodbye

SeungGi crying alone

credit: dclsg


Ep 244 in HD

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36 Responses to 12.02.26 1N2D Final Episode Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Claudia says:

    miss him so much

  2. monza says:

    i’m gonna miss this show. it’s like a routine for me :’)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can I know what they said in the vid of seunggi finger injury??? I just wanna say thank you in advance if u could translate it for me and for this lovely videos…

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to see heodang Seunggi at the final episode.The video cut that he been frightened by the light bulb is totally cute. 😀
    I think the production team tries to prevent the final episode full of separate sadness. But I still shed tears when I watching it. Proud of Seunggi and thank you for gives us so uncountable laughs and many lovely memories in this few years.

  5. AnnMichelle says:

    Good bye, 1N2D! Thank you for everything! Most of all, thank you for letting me see our lovely Seung Gi have fun, be himself, share, and grow up.
    Forever indebted,

  6. leogalsg says:

    Seeing tears in his eyes make me cry too…
    Watching him grew in 1n2d, really is a gd memories
    I will miss mr helpless so much…esp on sunday
    But life had to go on…will wait for his drama…
    *sob*sob* tears flowing down while typing this….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you 1N2D for bringing Seung Gi on board, where I get to know his lovely guy.
    Watching him every Sunday turning from boyhood to manhood, having fun and loved by many. There isn’t a variety program that can catch my attention for straight 5 years.
    A good variety show will need a devoted production crew, hardworking MCs and not to forget faithful viewers.I felt it as much as the crew and the members of the show when SG and JW left,
    Together with Seung Gi, this entertainment has keep me going for weeks, months, years.
    Now back to reality, What will be my weekend like?
    Probably re-watch every episode of 1N2D? Follows by Seung Gi’s previous dramas..
    P.S. Thanks to tryp96 for every updated news of Mr Lee.

  8. Jia Min says:

    Seung Gi oppa, you have done well!
    Love 2d1n!
    FIGHTING!!! 🙂

  9. SL Teh says:

    Gonna miss you in this show… & thanks for your hard work & those memories…
    Goodbye, 1n2d!

  10. Jia Min says:


    Hope that by repeating it will ease the pain in your heart!
    Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

  11. Nichiyon says:

    oh my god, this really make me cry alot..
    seunggi-ya,,i’ll miss u T_T
    we love u seung giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii T_T

  12. luv0488 says:

    can’t even watch all the clips,,, T_T i dunn wanna ruin my make up haha,, seeing these clips makes me feel so sad to the extent that i can’t really finish them all yet,, my heart’s not yet ready,,,, huhuhu,,,, SeungGi yah~~ im goin to miss you so much,, i was able to know him deeply and intimately because of this show,,, I still look forward to his upcoming shows,, FIGHTING,,,,,

  13. djl says:

    Thank you so much for LSG stuff!!! I wouldnt have seen as much without you.

    This last ep made me tear. I’m going to miss LSG!! 1n2d made me fell in love with him more and more!!! I’ll look forward to whats next for him.

  14. ara says:

    Lee Seung Gi fighting!!!

  15. shiyun says:

    Omg. when I see the screencaps I felt like crying already. I think I will cry even more when I watch this episode. Is there any link for me to watch this episode with ny Chinese subtitles/English subtitles?

    Btw, million thanks to SeungGi and 1n2d members for bringing us such joy in 1n2d. Of course not forgetting pd na too ^^ I will miss 1n2d a lot. 1n2d is the best! ^^

  16. koreancraze says:

    thank you for these clips and for episode link tyrp!!! i was crying like a baby while watching this episode… my eyes hurt 😦

    seunggi-ya… thank you for all of your hardwork and sacrifices… you truly made 1n2d enjoyable!!! i’m missing you and jiwon and na pd already 😦

    i can’t wait for king2hearts!!! march, please come soon!!!

  17. XD says:

    that swing part was kind of for show. i mean, even a 3rd grader knows how to do that. i get that it’s for entertainment, but it’s just unrealistic.

    • tryp96 says:

      Aww, thank you for thinking so highly of heodang SeungGi, ryuu or rumbalumba? But do those 3rd graders have to swing while standing up?

    • koreancraze says:

      hahaha!!! you’re the best tyrp!!! 🙂 im in my late twenties and i can’t swing standing up… i guess those 3rd graders are better than me too 🙂

      @XD… its actually harder than you thought!!

      • Anonymous says:

        The last time I stood swinging on the swing, I actually fell backward and landed on my butt on the ground and worse still the swing swung back and hit my forehead. Hmmm….about the same age as Seungi then.

    • ara says:

      shoo… shoo… go away….

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Hahaha, I know!
        Hopefully this is the LAST appearance as that person should be following his precious SGuen and stop bothering us.

  18. Sarah says:

    Thank you for the ep cuts Tyrp..^^
    before watching I promised to myself that I will not cry.. I want to enjoy the last ep with laughters and happy memories.. but until the last part, I cant hold it anymore.. This is the show where i love SeungGi the most.. really will miss variety SeungGi.. ;(

  19. Anonymous says:

    I laugh so hard watching their clips from their top rating episodes. I cired when Seung Gi starts to tear up and couldn’t say a word then Jiwon and the rest starts to cry. I’m going to miss them,actually 7 of them from Kang Hodong,Lee Seuguen,Eun Jiwon,Kim C,MC Mong,Kim Jongmin and Lee Sueng Gi. Their time spent together from 2007 to 2011 are irreplaceable,uncomperable,hilarious,notorius,loveable,cute,reality. These are their best years as for my opinion. Im going to miss them not because I wont be able to see them again,Im going to miss them because only in 1N2D you can see the real Heodang,innocent,witty,smart Seung Gi. Loud,big eater,bossy Hodong. Choding,sleepy,picky Jiwon. Affectionate,mother of all Kim C. Mr complain,disappointed MC Mong. They dont have to act,they just need to be themselves. They can be annoying sometimes,narcissistic,hot tempered,playful,deceitful but still they are true to themselves and to their brothers. Now that they are gone my 1N2D will never be the same again. It feels like I lost a big part of me.

    • SLTeh says:

      Yes, i just love to see them while they are in 1N2D! They are just true to themselves…… Really miss their brotherly LOVE! Miss PD Na too!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Bye! 1n2d, Seung Gi, Jiwon & PD Na missed you all very much! Thanks for everything and those lovely memories! LOVE ALL OF YOU! “FIGHTING”

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Tryp very much! So sad we won’t see Mr Heodang every weekend. My 2 sisters said she’s lovesick because not seeing Seunggi everyweek, i too. I really want to cry when to think about that. I’ll miss him but wish he’s always the best in everything he do.
    Seunggi fighting!!!
    Love you so much.

  22. trish says:

    Adieu, 1N2D! Thank you for allowing me to see SG being himself, witty yet innocent and all the fun watching the guys enjoying the brotherhood and having a great time!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Seeing LSGeun Birthday celebrated with surprise cake, wish they could do the same to Seung Gi. They can do that to LSGeun and KHD before, but not to Seung Gi…. why? why? why? it’s really time Seung Gi to go off from KBS right…

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the same feeling at that scene, SGi didn’t even have a piece of birthday cake, sigh… but whatever, SGi doesn’t mind so I don’t mind too. He surely received more love from family, true friends and fans

    • j100788 says:

      that cake was from international fans. And it’s to celebrate the end of 1N2D, not just for LSGn birthday. it’s just a coincidence that their recording was at the same time with LSGn birthday.

  24. trish says:

    No matter how many times I watched this episode, I can’t stop the tears from flowing…goodbye is hard even more so after you spent so much time together in such an intimate and enjoyable way. SG practically grow up with 1N2D. Now it is time to move on to a new era. SG fighting!

  25. Anonymous says:

    hate to see you cry Seung Gi… tears flowing from my eyes too.. wahh Gonna miss 1N&2D…. really makes my Sunday evening great its so much fun and laughter…

  26. jn91 says:

    I’m getting scared to watch the last episode, so I put a hold on watching him. 😀
    1N2D, thanks for letting me all sides of Seung Gi! I’m very grateful to you!
    Sayonara, 1N2D~! Lee Seung Gi fighting! :*)

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