The very 1st 1N2D episode I watched

Just taking a trip down memory lane, before watching the final 1n2d episode… It was in August of 2009, when I became very curious of Lee Seung Gi the multi-entertainer after watching BL. I wasn’t into Korean variety shows at the time, but I decided to check out X-Man and 1N2D just to find out more about SeungGi. I picked this episode of 1n2d very randomly, but the heodang SeungGi left such a deep impression on me that I decided to backtrack all the way to the episode when SeungGi first joined 1n2d. And the rest is history. 😛

2009.07.05 Happiness of 100,000 won
Vodpod videos no longer available.

credit: tudou/宝baolovetvxq

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6 Responses to The very 1st 1N2D episode I watched

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lee Seung Gi left deep impresion to me after i watched My Girlfriend is Gumiho. I found this guy is not amazingly handsome but very adorable, charming, cute, and sweet. Whenever i see him, i smile peacefully. Really.
    I couldnt help falling in love with him.

    My curiosity led me to Briliant Legacy. I bought the DVD and i watched those 28-episodes drama in 7 days. I caught flu after that hahaha.

    And after watched that, i became more and more curious about this guy. I love Sun Woo-Hwan. His aura is great, he has a royalti family aura (ok this is too much kekeke), an exclusive model student.

    Then i searched anything related to him on twitter, google. I found the site :, and i knew that i was mistaken.
    I realized that : Lee Seunggi is HANDSOME!

    He really is GORGEOUS! I love his eyes and smile ah all about him!
    After that i followed this site (, i routinely check his tidbits information (thank you, tryp!), about his acting, CF, singing career, his variety show information, etc.
    I downloaded almost all 1n2d episode and Strong Heart in eng sub. Ah ya, and also his CFs! I believe that all Airens collect that too kekeke.

    But recently i did not follow his 1n2d activities since KBS Entertainment Awards 2012. The last episode i watched is episode 234.
    Idk but i became sensitive with the news about him (about him nominated in Daesang which for me it really absolutely deserves for Seunggi). The news not only made me sensitive, but it also made me cry, seriously no joke! I badly cried.

    I was so sad about 2-3 days after read the news.
    And now i am so afraid to see him on last episode of 1n2d. Maybe i am so coward to cry again. I am afraid to see Mr. Lee crying.
    I sometime rewatch old 1n2d episodes which also have Mong in it. I love SeopSeopDang chemistry, i can feel that Mong loves Seunggi so much! Do you agree?

    Ok, next!
    After knew that he is multitalented, i became more and more love him.
    Lee Seunggi is the first Korean celebrity that wows me MOST! I bought some of his albums by ordering online.
    I downloaded all songs of him too although i bought the CDs. I downloaded all the pictures of him. I DEDICATED my external Harddisk and iPod to him hahaha! Really it is all about him!

    He made me ‘single’ for about 7 months until now hahaha since i only kept my eyes to Lee Seunggi since August last year. The only man i love now is Lee Seunggi!
    I dont know whether this is good or bad. Kekeke

    I do really adore him. And i do really really hope that he will come to Indonesia.
    I def would run to him!
    Hope he will read this!
    Indonesia Airens love you Mr. Lee!
    I do!
    I hope Lee Seunggi will be success and happy forever! And have a very good life!
    And all Airens too!
    Let us all support our King!

    -Jakarta, 26 Feb 2012.

    A 24-year-old Indonesian Airen

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that episode, too Tryp!
    Episode 112-113.
    This episode showed much about Lee Seunggi! He is adorable in this episode.
    For some who havent watched this episode, i hoghly recommend this!
    Oppa is handsome in this episode!
    You will love him more!

  3. trish says:

    I am a relatively new fan of SG (less than a year) but his charm takes on me unexpectedly. Before SG, I was not into Korean music and variety shows at all. I was just randomly watching some K-dramas. As I’ve shared with Tryp before, I had quite a similar experience as her watching BL and thinking “what are they thinking to have a young singer taking the leading male role?” But I got so curious about SG. I checked out everything about him that I can get my hands on. After listening to his music and 1N2D, it’s a point of no return for me. 🙂

    I was not as “emotionally” involved as other long time fans of 1N2D back when the “old” members (especially the group with Mong and Kim C) and the current members were a hot topic of discussion. But since then I have backtracked a lot of the episodes (to the epeisode that SG first joined) and I can now understand the sentiments on the old group. I love 1N2D overall as a show but my focus has always been SG. SG’s charisma just oozes everywhere when he is in the show, no matter who the team memebers are, what missions they are on or how smart, warm, funny or heodang he can be. Just love him!

    1N2D is indeed special to SG and to me (to get me hooked on him!). I am glad that I discovered and followed the show for a while before it all ends today. Now we can all look forward to a new era. SG fighting!

  4. desklim says:

    The first 1n2d ep I’ve watched was actually cuts on YT where Hodong took revenge on Seunggi when KH draw on sg’s face using charcoal without subs.that was posted on our FB group last year, in fact I was clueless that it was that show. So I became interested and searched ep 27 and as tryp said,”the rest is history”

  5. elinor says:

    hi, there is a new episodes of 1night and 2 do you know where can i watch freely with english subs?no 1 fan of this show.

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