12.04.06 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi


A dclsg fan contacted MBC regarding next week’s schedule (because of the election on April 11), and was given some bad news. TK2H will be preempted on Wednesday, and they will NOT air 2 episodes back to back on Thursday. So we’ll only get Ep 7 on Thursday.

UPDATE: There is still hope!

The same fan called the production company and was told that they were still discussing the Thursday broadcast issue (possibility of back to back episodes) with MBC and trying to work something out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


The King 2 Hearts: Episode 6 Recap by Dramabeans

“The King 2 Hearts” Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi share a kitchen kiss by hancinema
Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won in a sweet kiss scene in ‘The King Two Hearts’ by korea.com
Latest development between Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won on ‘The King 2 Hearts’ by allkpop
‘The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won Sweet Kiss by kpopstarz
The King Two Hearts: Jae Ha is outraged by Hang Ah’s rejection by korea.com


12.04.05 Nielsen ratings: #10 TK2H 12.1 (Seoul 14.3, #5)

12.04.05 TNS ratings: #12 TK2H 12.2 (Seoul 14.7, #6)

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31 Responses to 12.04.06 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    gosh! i donno what to do about this rating..
    it’s always going down now.. -_- gosh!!

    • Jia Min says:

      I don’t mind the ratings much anymore~!
      The drama itself is just too good but pity for people who didn’t watch it.

      Of course, it would be great if the ratings rise but…

      Anyway, I love TK2H and JaeHa~!

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s just one episode that the rating has gone down.otherwise it is very much on the top of the other two dramas.but i am sure the ratings will rise with the next big melo twist(i.e when the king dies) .the emotional draining content wll surely lead to rise in ratings.so don’t worry.TK2H FIGHTING!

  2. jennguyen168 says:

    Yesterday I got my answer and I will try not to care about the rating anymore. Well, sometimes good movie doesnt mean it’s everyone’s cup of tea. Cheer up! Ep 6 is awesome. Seung Gi has been changing alot in this drama: flirting, drinking, playing around, swearing, kissing fiercely, being a super duper jerk. That’s all we’re looking for^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    The drama is awesome. The actors,directors,writers are awesome. Ratings are ratings,but they can’t stop me from watching this drama.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Still loving it, and that’s all that matters. Until next week!

  5. meliejoo says:

    no matter how the rating is lower..
    I hope the reporter don’t compare to other drama..

  6. Anonymous says:

    They are pissed with Jae Ha they forgot that he is Lee Seung Gi. Seung Gi’s acting was so real people could have mistaken him as a real bad ass prince. That is why they don’t watch it? This is what is running in to my head right now. What can we do,Seung Gi is so good at it. Should we let him be the too goody,innocent boy again? No! Not anymore! Im having monologue inside my brain right now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is me again.. We have another NEWS FLASH:

    BTS kissing scene has more ratings than the broadcast episode. Why?? They edited it wy too badly!!!! 🙂

    Guys don’t be saddened by the ratings,I guess its better to feel the down now than later. I know its always better to have a good start. But after this people will regret not having the opportunity to watch it. This is only the beggining.

    • Anonymous says:

      I mean beginning* Im too obvious of begging for more ratings.

      • tryp96 says:

        LOL You’re such a riot! Thank you for cheering us up! 😀

        • Anonymous says:

          Aww tryp acknowledge me. Thank you. Thank you.:) Honestly,I don’t know what Seung Gi did to me? I’m going crazy right now. I need something to keep my mind off from him. Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have known him.. I’m losing my mind. 😀
          I’ll see you guys later. 🙂

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    Thanks so much, tryp. I know this is very stressful for all Airens.
    Love the drama and love Seung Gi’s performance. To me, that’s what matters.
    TK2H, fighting!

  9. revolu says:

    Hey i wouldnt worry too much about ratings. Even though this drama is the best thing since sliced bread, its pretty clear it isnt everyone’s cup of tea. Plus the other dramas i hear are top notch as well. So lets just sit back, and enjoy the awesome episodes.

  10. Michelle says:

    It’s okay, TK2H is daebak beyond ratings can describe. Love Jae-ha ❤ awesome muscles&abs + speak french&english + plays piano + eats donuts like a child + so so so so so good looking + napuen yet nomu kyeopta prince.. What more can we ask for 😀

  11. Ay says:

    Yes, very stressful. Seung gi has done everything that he did not do in the past–speaking French, English, baring his chest, kissing…. Yet the ratings are going down. I blame it on the editing and script. They need more gripping, heart-wrenching scenes. In the few episodes, they end at some very awkward moments– like Jaeha putting his arms around Hangah after they finished the overnight journey, or jaeha just putting his hands on his face after being rejected. I think they need to include more shock and tension to keep people chasing for what’s next. I look at the ratings for last year’s MBC popular drama like ‘best love’ and their ratings in the fianl episode was just around 16%. That’s where TK2H started. So maybe, we are worrying too much.
    I am still happy to see seung gi’s improvements as an actor and hopefully, when he becomes king and the storyline becomes more serious, the ratings will climb back up.

  12. Wood says:

    I’m sorry I have to picky here because I genuinely love the drama and want the best for them.

    The photos in the thumb drive and HangAh memory recall are simply the official photos released earlier ! Please, her memories should be what can be seen from her perspective, just like the photos should be what Jae Ha takes from his angle, and not as if he bribed the North Korean army for classified photos , eg shot of them running on the tread mill taken OUTSIDE the window, if they have a hidden camera outside in the first place.

    What a cop out ! I’m pissed because everyone is working so hard on the set, and only to be spoilt by the final editing touches. Please do your job properly.

  13. naturesky143 says:

    hello! this is my first time to post here. i like & love tk2h, my first kdrama that i started following since its pilot episode, even without eng sub, i used to wait the recap summary & read read read ahahah that’s how i so love this drama. Ratings are ratings and i don’t care, as long as tk2h gave me happiness it’s all that matters.

    i read this somewhere and i want to share this ‘coz it burst me into laughter about the ep 5: “All he needs is a rubber duck to go with his bubble bath and tantrum to make a full set!” lol

    cheers guys! tk2h all the way! 🙂

  14. ara says:

    I’m tired of this rating stuff. Who cares about ratings?!! I just want to enjoy the drama. King2hearts fighting!!! Lee Seung Gi Fightting!!!

  15. Fai says:

    so, we will have to wait for a week just to see 1 episode?!

  16. Anonymous says:

    AAHHHH STRESSSS. That further takes away momentum to build up a good run.

  17. TK2HLover says:

    what?? just one episode for next week? ottoekeeee! I don’t really get the viewers taste – how come a drama like this that is so awesome from music, editing, cinematography, directing, up to acting that are almost perfect doesn’t get the ratings that they deserve? Ugh! Fai is right ~ Aaaghhh STRESSSSS!!! TK2H Fighting!!!

    • Fai says:

      couldn’t agree more! they deserve above 20% if you ask me.
      i love their way to develop the story.
      all TK2H Lovers in stresssss mode now. kkk~
      TK2H Fighting! All Casts and Crew Fighting!

  18. Anonymous says:

    hi tryp,not yet confirm .MMMMBBBBBCCCCC ahhh stress

  19. midek says:

    i know this will sound silly, but nevertheless, i am so sad that there are so many negative news about who gonna overtake who.. arrggghhh… stress!!! i really like how TK2H progressing n develop their characters… but why??? it seems like this story is under appreciation.. i tried not to overly care about the ratings, yet it still bug me.. this driving me insane… 😦 anyway, TK2H fighting… seunggi oppa fighting!!! ha ji won unnie fighting!!! ^_^

  20. manassuper says:

    it’s just one episode rating that managed to get over the king2hearts. i am very sure with new huge melo twist around the corner(the king’s death) the ratings will rise again.this will emotionally captivate the audience which will reflect on ratings.so don’t worry with this big twist who knows it will be again on top and maybe cross the 20% barrier.TK2H FIGHTING!

  21. manassuper says:


  22. kiran says:

    ayooo truus smangat hwaiting KING 2 HEARTS FOR epi 7

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