TK2H Ep 6 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won

OMG OMG!!!!!!

credit: imbc

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10 Responses to TK2H Ep 6 BTS Video – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won

  1. Arhazivory says:

    Seung-Gi is so bold. lol. He totally went right for it and she’s the one who pulled away and laughed.


  2. m2 says:

    guess Seung Gi really enjoy kissing Ha Jiwon noona’s lips…is it yum Seung Gi Ah?? LOL

  3. qy says:

    omg!!! i want a hot passionate kiss!!!! and is tt the bedroom!? they have a fridge in the bedroom!? anyway, cant wait for tonight’s ep!!!!

  4. G says:

    I almost had a heart attack lol

  5. sarah says:

    OMG!! I dunno how many times I’ve said that.. but all these bts vids / phtos makes me really wah!!goo crazy!! only a few hours to go till we witness this epic first kiss!!:D

    now I really believe SeungGi is getting bolder and bold..^^as HJiwonshi have said it before.. He’s so into with his character.. now the SunWooHwan shy and nervous unexperienced kisser is totally erased. wah!cant wait to watch this tonight.. 🙂

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    This did it! Crazy buffering or not, I am watching the broadcast real time tonight!!!

  7. kimchi says:

    looks like daddy and big bro will spoil the fun. kekekeke! ^_^

  8. meliejoo says:

    aww!!!!!!! Seung gi is so GOOD at kissing!!!!!!!!
    Ha ji won is shy.. !! T_T

  9. Fai says:

    heart attack! *die*

  10. M says:

    I want the bts longer!!!! 🙂

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