12.04.07 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Great news! Looks like the negotiations worked:

So Ep 7 will air at 9:55pm KST on Thursday, and Ep 8 will air at 11:15pm KST on Thursday as well.

credit: dclsg

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19 Responses to 12.04.07 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. jennguyen168 says:

    thanks Tryp! Best news everrrrrrrr

  2. yeahhh … 2 eps on one day

  3. phuni says:

    Thanks Tryp, u’re rock!!!
    Best a news in my early day 😀

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. momo says:

    OMO, 2 eps on one day…
    I’m in heaven 🙂
    Btw, thanks tryp.

  6. manassuper says:

    HELLO TRYP96, i wonder what strategy SBS will adopt.how will it handle the rooftop prince. just curious to know is SBS not airing 8th episode of RTP this week or there will be changes in SBS schedule as well.IS bact to back episodes good for the ratings Shake and more importantly airing at 11:15pm KST means it ends around 12:15 don’t know how it will work with korean viewers. I know i am being skeptical but i am worried about our seunggi and don’t want him to lose in raings game which i am sure he won’t this time around. HOPE TRYP96.YOU CAN SHARE SOME INFO ON THIS ANYWAYS IT GREAT NEWS FOR US THAT IT WILL BE AIRING.TK2H FIGHTING!

  7. blank says:

    Thanks tryp.
    Wait for next thursday is sooooo looooooong….*aaagghhhh stress!!!

  8. meliejoo says:

    ep. 8 will air that late at ngiht??
    do you think that people will watch at that late at night.. T_T
    DAEBAK RATING !!!!!!!!!!!! wish!! T_T

  9. Anonymous says:


    People who worry too much will not be able to watch TK2H!!
    Aiiiishhh! MBC will rethink it again and might as well consider your thoughts and decide not to air the two episodes at all. Now we are all doomed NO LEE JAE HA for a week. Can you bare that?Aigoo…Aigoo… Andemida! Daeng!

    😀 as I always says don’t you guys worry too much. It will be Ok.

  10. meliejoo says:

    ep. 8 will be better than ep. 7.. ep. 8 seens everything scary
    why does it appear at late at night? T_T

  11. He3una says:

    yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi tryp it’s me again :). Here’s the vimeo version of the video I made for you and the airens. unfortunately youtube blocked it in US. Obviously I don’t know how to use youtube or any site like this. It was my first time to make something like that. Sorry if I keep on bragging about the clip. hope you like it and airens too. thanks alot.

    • tryp96 says:

      Wow, this is your first time making a video?! It’s really nice. Thank you for sharing it with us! 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        yes 🙂 and I’m like ahhh stress!
        Hope you like it. It’s for everyone. A simple thank you gift for your hardwork. 🙂

  13. sarah says:

    Our Thursday will be TheKing2Herts filled night..yay! Cant wait.. 😀

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