TK2H: Bromance Is in the Air

source: nate

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11 Responses to TK2H: Bromance Is in the Air

  1. geeze says:

    love their bromance….

  2. Anonymous says:

    How I wish they are real brothers with shi kyung in there too. they’re are too lovable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank You tryp , you’ve made my day.. Hoping thurs will come sooner. Can’t wait for a family picture with 3 siblings together.. Is there any screencap for the part where Jaeshin and Jaeha watching the TV on Jaeha’s Bed? They look so good together too..

  4. N says:

    AWWWW! love it!

  5. thina koana says:

    Nice! Thank You Tryp! (*^^*)

  6. phuni says:

    I though I’ll cried so hard when big brohther died. I’m crying now just look at them T.T

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    I remember from one of the news clips Lee Sung Min (who plays Jae Kang) seemed to be asked about the experience of acting with his royal brother, and he said, “he’s Lee Seung Gi you know!”
    Apparently the brotherly affection extends to real life.
    Adore the Lee siblings!

  8. leogalsg says:

    The director choose the right actor to act as brothers…
    They really look the same together…
    Good chemistry…

  9. G says:

    I swear I will cry when Jae Kang dies

  10. Wood says:

    Amazing how things work out in the end isn’t it ? Seung Gi was probably the last to join the cast, so he had an older actress for his younger sister, and an much older actor as his older brother. But they have this wonderful dynamics in this loving family and their characters so well thought of. I wonder how much was adjusted to the character of Jae Ha after Seung Gi because those who were offered before him were much older than him. But now I can’t imagine anyone else to act as Jae Ha.

    Jae Ha is politically savvy, just like his sister, as they both are aware of public reactions and how this game works. But doesn’t mean they are interested in politics or have that idealism and love for people necessary to be a good king like Jae Kang.

    So they support him totally, Jae Ha would watch his brother’s back to protect him from outside harm. Just like Jae Kang would shield his younger brother from his parents reprimands.

    Often, when siblings age gap is close, there is bound to be some sibling rivalry or jealousy. But there is none here, helped by the age gap, that no matter what Jae Ha says or do, there is no doubt that he loves his brother and things he does is for his brother and to protect the king’s position, more than for himself .

    (Been watching reruns and reading all the recaps non stop. Decide to write this heart warming piece here, instead of next episode after, because who knows when tragedy strikes) ..


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