12.04.09 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

This is probably just one of many reasons for the unfortunate drop in TK2H ratings. But it’s interesting to see it brought up by the press.

Apparently, there is a mutual agreement of “72-minute broadcast” for dramas among the 3 broadcast stations. For some unfathomable reason, MBC ended the broadcast early on both Wednesday and Thursday last week, not fulfilling the 72-minute broadcast time. On the other hand though, SBS was very close to breaking the 72-minute agreement. So the way it played out last week was that when MBC started running commercials, KBS was rolling the ending credits, and SBS was still showing preview for the next episode, which explained its sharp rise in the real-time rating during the last few minutes.

source: hankooki

[Please note that this is not intended to bash anyone; I’m merely translating what’s in the news. And honestly, I couldn’t care less about what other stations are doing as long as MBC/TK2H (namely the editing team) can get its act together. Please!]


Looks like SeungGi might be taking a short break from TK2H filming this week. Hook updated the April schedule, and SeungGi has a photoshoot for Heritory today (April 9), and both a photoshoot and a CF filming for Pizza Hut tomorrow (April 10).

Interestingly, they also revealed SeungGi’s TK2H filming location for this Wednesday and Thursday. He will be in Gyeongju.


‘The King 2 Hearts’ cast Lee Seung Gi, Ha Ji Won, and Lee Sung Min pose for royal family photos by allkpop
‘Royal Family Pictures’ From ‘The King 2Hearts’ Revealed by enewsworld
Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won pose like a family by korea.com
Lee Seung Gi – Crown Prince with Two Hearts by AsianDrama

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15 Responses to 12.04.09 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought he is taking a rest..instead he is doing much work. How can you not like this person,who is awesome in every way he does.

  2. Anonymous says:

    it’s make angry of the TK2H staff! can they do a better job????the actors and actress is doing all there BEST at least do a proper and right EDITING…

  3. SLTeh says:

    Seung Gi-ya, we always love the way you are!
    Take care!

  4. Ay says:

    That is the irony of having all the ads sold out. Probably, during the 72 min, MBC has longer commercial breaks than the other channels, which causes people to change channels……
    And now, it seems that North Korea will launch their rocket this week. In the past, they had preempted regular programs with reports on North Korea’s activities. Will TK2Hs be preempted? Will this sensitise people (positivley or negatively) to a drama that is centered on the North/South conflict, albeit humourously? Can some Korean fans shed light on this? I am a worrier. Ahhhhh stress…….

  5. Yon says:

    Tryp, thanks for the translation. At least we have the media pointing out what is the real reason behind the sharp rise or sharp drop in real time rating for all the dramas showing at the same timeslot.

  6. manassuper says:

    does mbc is aware of this facts about ratings. i hope it is more aware now becoz of the press reports. and do something about it. TK2H FIGHTING!

  7. Wood says:

    So much said about the ratings by so many of us already. It’s unfortunate in the timing that we facing the real life tension now too.

    I love the cast so much, every one of them, they have such great chemistry together and bring in such good energy to the set. They took a huge leap of faith to join TK2H, knowing very well it may not as popular, or top rating, but perhaps for an idealism, like minded people coming together for a never before ambitious project. So I only wish please don’t disappoint the cast by compromising the story and pace, and please please put in more love on the editing after all their hard work.

    To us the viewers, it is a drama that can be enjoyed at so many levels. It is entertaining, but it also make us think. How many dramas can do that ?


  8. Wood says:

    And oh, thanks Tryp for all the updates. ^^

  9. Mich says:

    And please no more 1+ minute recap at the beginning! Even me as a die hard Seunggi fan got annoyed by that! Keep on fighting Seunggi and all the cast and crew!!

  10. meliejoo says:

    i don’t like when PD show every ep. of the beginning again and again..
    i wanna see the new sence instead of wasting of time showing the back ep. 1-6

  11. joingen says:

    Even from the beginning, when I heard that Seunggi was doing a drama dealing with North and South…I was worried already. But I know that Seunggi went ahead and did the project because it’s with Ha Ji Won, and it’s a dream project for him. True, it is an excellent production. The cast, the big budget, the PD. But unfortunately, North and South related stuff are very sensitive topics and REALLY risky to do. I now fully understand why a lot of actors passed on this project, despite the fact that Ha Ji Won signed up first for this.
    If there’s one good thing about it all though, it’s that I know there’s newfound respect for Seunggi’s acting capabilities. He’s gained new fans (international mostly). Whenever I see BTS photos of them having so much fun, that’s enough for me. I know Seunggi will never regret doing this project. He is intelligent and smart.
    We can’t change the minds of Koreans, but what we can do is continue to show love for this great drama and our beloved Seunggi!

    • Anonymous says:

      S korean are weary about the rocket flying over their TV set while watching TK2H.. .. no offence.. 🙂

  12. Pete says:

    I hope the political issues will not provoke North Korea! Anyway, good job by pretty cutie Jiwonie and LSG❤❤❤sweet honey bees❤❤❤…Cheers! I love those kisses….Keep going…Yay!!!

  13. lee seung gi oppa says:

    lee seung gi rest so much please be careful your health

  14. Seunggi love says:

    TK2H fighting!!! Seunggi Fighting!!! We’re always love and support you forever. Lee Seunggi is always the best in everything. Thanks you work hard. Fighting Seunggi, fighting TK2H., fighting Tryp, fighting all airen…Seunggi forever…

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