Random Picture of the Day – Lee Seung Gi

Ah, I miss the DDAENG couple…

credit: dclsg

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6 Responses to Random Picture of the Day – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Eevies says:

    Me too! 

  2. SLTeh says:

    me three!

  3. ara says:

    I really miss Seung Gi in variety show!!! It feels really quiet without him on tv. I kind of dreaded the day when TK2H drama ended. Aaghhh!!!

  4. leogalsg says:

    Although I continue watching 2d1n, it seem that there is something missing
    I miss all the cast closeness n pd na….
    Miss their jokes n laughs…

    • SARAH says:

      I feel the same way. 😦
      there´s still lot of eps I haven´t watch but since after the show end( its ending for me without SeungGi) its not the same feeling as before. I laugh out loud in the old ep´s but at the end be saddened and realize, ah the bromance end there. ;( haizt.

  5. THREI says:

    I miss Seung Gi’s Genuine smile! I miss him at Strong Heart with Kang Hodong. The way they laugh at each others jokes. I miss the SEOPSEOPDANG Brothers! I miss everything about those 8 ( Lee Seung Gi,Le Soo Geun,Eun Ji Won,Kang Hodong,MC Mong,Kim C,Kim Jongmin,Na Yeonseuk ) people.

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